May 19th, 2011 | 817 Entries

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817 Entries for “domestic”

  1. Sometimes I just feel so domestic. I come home, clean, empty dishes, do laundry, cook dinner, prepare lunch for the next day, sew costumes, get school work done, go to the gym, and just kind of stay home most of the time. I’m willing to be any guy would be lucky to have me for his wife… where is he? Goooood question.

    By Christine on 05.19.2011

  2. shit. I immediately think domestic abuse. I don’t know if that’s fucked up or what. I kind of like this. I don’t understand it though. I’m totally going off subject. This is what happens when i don’t think about what I’m writing… ahhhh. Well. ……. << those dots show my lack of typing. fuck. i'm dumb

    By Shayna on 05.19.2011

  3. I saw a video the other day that focused on a domestic Hippopotamus. Not a Pygmy Hippopotamus, or a small/deformed/pansy Hippopotamus, but a legit, fat, epic, amazing, ridonculous HIPPOPOTAMUS! It had a pink fuzzy blanket and I lawl’d. :3

    By Vanatron URL on 05.19.2011

  4. domesticated but fragmented
    docile underpressure
    deliverance ensues
    with a delicate fury

    By Carey on 05.19.2011

  5. that day in the summer with the barbeque grilling, wearing an apron listening to the wife call from the doorway as the puppy escapes through her ankles. giggling a small boy scurries after.

    By care URL on 05.19.2011

  6. wife. husband. band. around my leg. your leg. a chicken bone. the thin kind. that might snap if you use it too much. or abuse it too much. like we do. we starve. larva. sick. trees. dying. crying. need water. butter. my mother. her father. his sister. domestic. It sticks. These things do.

    By L on 05.19.2011

  7. domus. the home. what constitutes the home? would consumer culture have us believe this notion of the 50’s housewife? no, the home, is where you feel comfortable. where you decide, no one else. we crave inward looking greatly, but we are insecure in pop society to actually step in and do so. we want to know know know. Home, it ain’t where you know.

    By Lisa on 05.19.2011

  8. i could pay my rent for a while as an in-house domestic and i think that situation would be fantastic. i feel right at home in your home and i’d do anything i could for you, beaut.

    By hallucinatemma URL on 05.19.2011

  9. Domestic comes with the feeling of being trapped. Not allowed to express yourselves but being confined to the expectations of society and what people expect of you. It should not be something that people strive for.

    By AmyBeth on 05.19.2011

  10. i have never really been domestic, but then again i am not a dog and have never had the need to be domesticated. maybe if more people were domesticated we would have less wars and cleaner freeways, but i guess it is not a perfect world. Domestic flights though they are awesome.

    By kris on 05.19.2011

  11. Honestly I don’t feel like writing anything right now. I hate my thoughts. I hate what I say. I hate who I am. Sometimes I want to die, like now. I hate nighttime. I’m not even a morning person. I hate where I live. Sometimes when I’m walking outside I think of running away. Sometimes when we’re on the highway I think of opening my door and just unbuckling the seatbelt. Sometimes…. I don’t even know anymore. Nobody sees. Why should I make such a big deal out of this?

    By Mara URL on 05.19.2011

  12. She was as domestic as the common house cat, guaranteed to live her life confined to the four white walls that surrounded here. It was expected that she would be doting and perfect and that she would be everything that had ever been written in storybooks…

    By Emma URL on 05.19.2011

  13. At home, all alone. Silence pervades the air like a cloud of noxious gas. The girl sat alone in the twilight, thinking, feeling, hardly daring to breathe for fear of contamination. She held her knees to her chest, her back against the wall, an animal trapped by its predators.

    By Edward Stronsenmeier on 05.19.2011

  14. domestic is about family. its a family situation, its a partner ship that people share, whether it be because they love the person or because they were born into that family. kitties, animals, felines.

    By kim conway on 05.19.2011

  15. What does this word mean? I think it means something with a cow. I’ve seen it on Doodle God, a game on Notdoppler.

    By cvhjhghjkh on 05.19.2011

  16. Domestic abuse is not always as clear as one might think. It does not necessarily occur in the Physical Abuse of hitting that people are accustomed to believe. Sexual domestic abuse and mental domestic abuse are two other forms it can occur in. Only until recently it was legal for a man to force her to have sexual relations with her. He could rape her at will as long as he felt the desire to. Mental domestic abuse can occur because of a significant others addiction to a substance or activity, and the neglect can cause a person to feel depressed. While the person may feel it is their own fault for feeling depressed, it really is not.

    An important fact for anyone (well at least in Oregon) if the cops are called because of what sounds like a domestic quarrel. It is required for at least one of the involved to be arrested on the spot. Therefore if while cleaning the dishes you are fighting with your wife/husband and a dish breaks while cleaning, a neighbor may decide to call the cops. While it may be normal for you two to quarrel, there may have not been any actual physical pain inflicted upon the other person, BUT the police officer still must arrest and remove one of the people from the situation.

    One might assume “domestic” seems to be a simple and almost calming term, but unfortunately the lives of others are far from the literal term of “domestic.” People begin to believe that the way they interact is normal, and because they love the other they will not accuse the other of treating them poorly. This is unfortunate. It is also unfortunate when a spouse does not realize it is happening to them and doesn’t seek further assistance even though [at times] it may be critical

    By Heather on 05.19.2011

  17. hands meet and rest between each other. are they in love? the dog yaps. the fence is starch white and the car is unstained by pigeon scat. dinner bakes in an oven. the child lays eight feet below.

    By Matea URL on 05.19.2011

  18. is not a word I would like to write about. I’d much rather write about clouds or water maybe tea or chips. Not domestic. Domestic reminds me of staying at home

    By tiffany on 05.19.2011

  19. everything i love, to make a beautiful place a home……serving and loving and accepted in a special place with loved ones… wow 60secs is long, haha

    By Pixi on 05.19.2011

  20. First thing in my head is abuse. What does that say?

    I ain’t never been abused. Not particularly. Not unless you’re particularly liberal with your definitions thereof.

    Second thing I think of is a cuppa tea anna cat. Cat onna couch with a cuppa tea on the armrest. Coffee table with a box-a kleenex.

    By Josef A URL on 05.19.2011

  21. Domesticated animals are ADORABLE! Especially little kitties. OMFG I LOVE CATS. ESPECIALLY MINE. THEY’RE SO CUTE. THEY SLEEP WITH ME. AND THEY’RE LIKE CUTE AND WHATNOT. THEY’RE FLUFFY. FLUFFAAAHHAHAHAHAHHHAAHFLUFFAH. This has been thoroughly pointless. Wow this is quite the exploit. I just went back and then went forward with a new time limit. I can write ANYTHING! I AM GOD. BWAHAHAHAH. It’s simple. Just finish writing, then don’t fill in the required fields, then when it says “go back and fill em”, you press back on the browser, and you can write again! It’s brilliant. :D KITTIE.

    By James on 05.19.2011

  22. A domestic pet is something that was once in a wild and then, over time, transformed into a pet. The dog is a good example of this. The dog started out as wolves and as people started to companionize with them they became a domesticated animal.

    By maggiek925 on 05.19.2011

  23. Sweet, short, small. Yellow and green everywhere. Tons of tiny patterns and designs littering every surface, spreading like a plague of kindness. There is wood, too, the fake kind. And chairs surrounding a round table, with place mats and mail on the table. A pitcher of lemonade.

    By Susanne on 05.19.2011

  24. such is life in a normal world. You circle your life around regular moments that come and go with rhythmic regularity. It ceases to be tedium and becomes comfort. Life is domestic.

    By eric on 05.19.2011

  25. The power of human upon other living things such as cattle and other animals and women SWAG

    By Max Russell on 05.19.2011

  26. violence, hatred, i don’t like it, it sounds negative, gives me a scared, frightened vibe, i like the way the characters form together and look combined, i think it’s a bad thing to provoke

    By lauren on 05.19.2011

  27. Domestic abuse is a very serious and growing problem america is facing in todays modern home, from the projects to lawyers there is some form of domestic abuse in every class and race.

    By Luis URL on 05.19.2011

  28. my mother. what i do not want out of life. confined. dictated. what things are supposed to be. revolutionary road. domestic is docile, predictable, and so far from what is worth knowing.

    By Lauren on 05.19.2011

  29. They got me for domestic violence. Said when they saw the black eye and bruises on my spouse, when they heard the screams coming from my house there was no other charge to put on me. So I was put in the back of that car and booked. All because I beat up my husband. :)

    By Troi Nikki URL on 05.19.2011

  30. Reminds me of the airport. The domestic flights. That’s where you see a whole bunch of different versions of you waiting around to board some plane. They all seem familiar. That woman reminds me of my aunt Maureen, or that guy looks just like that asshole James I know, he’s probably a prick. He could be my distant cousin or that person reminds me of a friend of john’s. Canadians. Canadians all.

    By Samwell on 05.19.2011

  31. domestic cats are domesticated and awesome. you can get domestic long hair and domestic short hair cats. there are also some with in between kinds of fur. cats are pretty awesome generally, even if they’re not domesticated. big cats aren’t domesticated, but I still like them. yay domestic cats!

    By Test on 05.19.2011

  32. There is a domestic side of me I swear there is. I don’t know how it got in a vagabond like myself, a nomad, a wanderer. But it’s there and as much as I love the open road and the sense of adventure forcing the hair on my arms to grow stiff in the cold air, i will always love the quiet sense of home. The sense I felt from him before he left. I loved him.

    By Kayla on 05.19.2011

  33. Domesticity. The fifties. What crap. Women killed themselves out of boredom. I would kill myself out of boredom. There’s only so much cooking and cleaning and laundry and baking you can do before you want to rip out your hair, then the pubic hair of someone else and then possibly a few eyes.

    By Andrea URL on 05.19.2011

  34. Trying out this domestic writing thing on the iPad to see if it works. It seems to – I fact, it auto-punctuates, unlike my PC. The keyboard is so big it blocks the timer though. Auto-correct is pretty awesome too. I wonder if I can domesticate my iPad.

    It’s also true that if you don’t complete e required fields (below), then you are given error message when you submit. Then you hit the back button your browser and come back to fill them in… But the timer starts again and you can type more stuff in this field.

    Domestically awesome.

    By Test on 05.19.2011

  35. Slowly the eyes moved away from its own body and the orange mass began moving slowly around the room. It seemed to pause as the eyes rested upon a broom in the corner. To the scientist’s surprise, a tentacle of sorts began extending from the body and rested upon the broom’s handle, and soon it was holding the broom. It slowly swished the broom back and forth as if it were performing a simple domestic chore.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.19.2011

  36. Bam. Right in the face. It stings, but the pain fades quickly. It’s the shame and confusion that lingers. Never happened before, but will it happen again? Does this count? Are you a battered woman now? Is something broken that can’t be fixed? Surely not… right?

    By Sean on 05.19.2011

  37. at home. this also reminds me of flights and airports and all that. how i sometimes need my green card… even if i live here. weird. i feel uncreative.

    By ella URL on 05.19.2011

  38. I hate that I like the word, but I do. I like aprons, I like homes, I like cooking and baking. I also like thinking and being an intelligent woman and knowing what’s going on in the world and pursuing a career. I don’t always feel like the two worlds can go together.

    By Dani on 05.19.2011

  39. housewives, in the fifties, tied down to domestic life. Think aprons, red lipstick, spotless shoes and dresses at all times. What has domestic life become now? Dogs and cats lounging in houses?

    By Lina on 05.19.2011

  40. Women. Men. In a house they’re cleaning but the man is not the woman just stays at home to cook, vacuum, do laundry, clean house, take care of the kids. but it doesn’t have to be like that, why can’t men do it? or share? What a nice thought. My father was a stay-at-home dad for 9 years he was pretty damn domestic but he is one of the “manliest” guys I know. In fact, I think my mom is less domestic than my dad…

    By Madison on 05.19.2011