May 19th, 2011 | 817 Entries

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817 Entries for “domestic”

  1. Domestic would mean in my sense in the country. Like domestic is the opposite of international or foreign. Domestic affairs would mean affairs in the country as compared to international affairs. It can also mean pertaining to the home, like domestic help, meaning house help.

    By Quita on 05.20.2011

  2. domestic violence.
    domestic assault.
    domestic partnership.
    domestic policy.

    By Brooklyn URL on 05.20.2011

  3. product
    animal dog or
    cooking food

    By Amalia on 05.20.2011

  4. Okay, he thought. Domestic is a word in a foreign language. No idea, how to deal with this not to talk about what to write, to think, to feel. Masha was gone.

    By rosalie URL on 05.20.2011

  5. After years of believing that I would marry straight out of college and be a domestic wife, I have found that life in the 21st century is very different from when my parents grew up. Now a woman is no long expected to stay home and take care of the house.

    By jenn on 05.20.2011

  6. Domestic. A powerful word. Sadly all too often it comes before abuse. Somethign that many people have to deal with. It’s about the home and the pain that some people (men and women) have to endure.

    By Catrina on 05.20.2011

  7. The mercantile season was almost domestic in its atmosphere. People were always milling around, chatting here and there, buying and selling stuff nobody really needed. Wherever you went you were greeted with broad smiles and easy chatter. To me, knowing what the turn of the season would bring, it just looked ominous.

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 05.20.2011

  8. It’s nice to be appreciated even if all you can provide is that safe feeling only a mother can give her child or that freshy clean purity a housecleaner puts in the capet. At least it’s a nice thought even if it will never be true.

    By Jacqueline on 05.20.2011

  9. Had a little domestic, did you? No, not really. Domestic labour more like. Domestic incarceration. Domestic violence. Isn’t funny how not one good noun is connected to domestic? It seems that domus in Latin – home – dom in Russian – is a place of infinite misery. Maybe so. For teenagers and wives it’s especially bad.

    By Ia Sama URL on 05.20.2011

  10. housewifes. wild horses. freedom is the only thing that you have, and it’s just a word… freedom is in your mind and that makes it true. domestic is just another word for non-omestic f\reedom, nowadays, d

    By dasky on 05.20.2011

  11. they called the police, but they couldn’t come till there was a boat on the Monday, they said she was drunk and crazy, had embarrassed him by flirting with the womanizing yacht-y guy, they hid him in a big old cattle shed on the mountain while the police were on the island, it had mostly blown over by then, but the rozzers got a smooth crossing and a sunny junket out of it, trouble with a little place is everyone knows, in the city your next door neighbour wouldn’t have an inkling, all this air and sky and on another level so much suffocation, he’s kept his head down they said, I keep mine down constantly, metaphorically speaking

    By geraldine URL on 05.20.2011

  12. I think of violence, domestic violence and generally my maid gloria – because she is in fact a domestic worker who fled hear from zimbabwe and has experienced the optiome of the word domestic. Violence, worker, land, war – a lot for a young woman of 30.

    By Jenita on 05.20.2011

  13. I want to change the
    idea of domesticity
    because I want to
    stand stirring cookie batter
    without the further qualification
    of being barefoot, pregnant and
    strangled by my strong of pearls

    By SprawlingInk URL on 05.20.2011

  14. I don’t know what domestic is.

    By Charm on 05.20.2011

  15. beating beating beating………domestic the inquisisition brings a sorta new religion where these girls see a vision of getting hitting but there forgever forgiving like i see a blight maybe a bright light where maybe one day things would be right chnage the world befor

    By Corwin Rhynes on 05.20.2011

  16. being domesticated means being able to do things in the home such as cooking or cleaning. domestic animals like dogs are cute. domestic is the opposite of wild

    By kavita on 05.20.2011

  17. Domestic …reminds me of domestic voilence like the incidents with my friend and her boyfriend….she takes it and laughs about it when nothings funny…its annoying but i have to put up with it…kinda like how i put up with corwins crap ….imma slap the crap out of him one day

    By Jovanta Mixon URL on 05.20.2011

  18. It’s time to fly – not quite out of the country but far enough to change the scenery, change the environment, change your experience.

    By Travis on 05.20.2011

  19. Laughing and trying not to let the coffee come spraying out of my nose, ( not classy) he just sat there smiling. Domestic Goddess he had said! What does he know about anything related to being domestic? He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth!

    By Seansj URL on 05.20.2011

  20. domestic abuse. domesticated cats. i love my cats. i wish they got along. trinity, why you such an asshole? housewives need more cats. then they wouldn’t be so lonely. they’d have a dish cleaning sidekick to happily lap at the water and hiss angrily at stray soap bubbles. oh the simple joys of kittens and washing dishes.

    By juliana on 05.20.2011

  21. Domestic means home. Domestic beer is good, but sometimes you want to travel internationally and drink something else. Flavors of the world is what i am interested in. Animals that are domesticated are better than strays…to me anyway. They are all equal and yes some more equal than others. The fact is that my opinions originate from my dome stick!

    By Erikkk on 05.20.2011

  22. I always believed I’d be a domestic goddess–a stay at home mom who ran her house in peace and harmony. Always keeping things in good order, never losing patience and revealing in the joy of having children. But now I realize that I can be a domestic goddess and have a career. I regret the judgement I caste, in my mind, on women who choose to work.

    By Tina URL on 05.20.2011

  23. I want to change the
    idea of domesticity
    because I want to
    stand stirring cookie batter
    without the further qualification
    of being barefoot, pregnant and
    strangled by my string of pearls

    By SprawlingInk URL on 05.20.2011

  24. hello.
    i am a woman of the 50s.
    my perfect pearls.
    my huge vacuum.
    my glossy magazines.
    my large skirts.
    my yummy cupcakes.
    my beautiful son.
    my overbearing husband.
    i am a woman of the 50s.

    By phoebe URL on 05.20.2011

  25. Homely and for personal use. Maid servant. Pets. Home made good food. Clean atmosphere. Life like heaven always.

    By Prakhar on 05.20.2011

  26. I’d like to fight these domestic tendencies; live freely. I’d like to do some things before being chained to a house and a home. Don’t get me wrong; I have the heart of a mother, the goals of a wife. But there’s so much more that needs to change in my feral soul before I become domesticated.

    By Aj URL on 05.20.2011

  27. Domestic. A word foreign to a house that produced scratches and bruises. Nothing comforting about the blood that showered the carpets or the death that rotted beneath the floorboards.

    By Bebe on 05.20.2011

  28. Last night my sister asked why I giggled when the guy next to me punched me. She made it sound like I like to be abused or something. Which I don’t. I mean, I’ve never been literally abused, but if I think about domestic abuse, it’s not something that sounds appealing. Even years of passionate violence on Buffy the Vampire Slayer doesn’t make me wish I were abused, necessarily. Abuse isn’t about passion, it’s about control.

    By Maria on 05.20.2011

  29. like a cat or dog. beer. has negative and positive connotations. For women, it’s negative, and implies that she’ll never excel at anything outside of the home. For animals, it’s that we, humans, have ruined all that is wild and instinctual in them. In beer, it just means local. None of these are exciting.

    By Ashley Berndt on 05.20.2011

  30. I haven’t seen much difference between exotic and domestic. There are some very vicious small dogs, and some very tame doves and iguanas. I sort of question my decision to be a “domestic” animal veterinarian, because the exotics that come in to the clinic are infinitely more interesting.

    By Is URL on 05.20.2011

  31. empleada doméstica: se dice de una mujer que ha sido contratada para cumplir por igual los deseos sexuales y los caprichos emotivos de un matrimonio de clase alta. A veces, sus obligaciones incluyen barrer la casa, trapear con los niños y usar calcetines de encaje con figurines de Elmo porque es lo que pone cachondo al señor.

    By m.Isaac.VR URL on 05.20.2011

  32. She was like a feral cat. Wild, ferocious, and the farthest from domestic that you could get. But whoever bothered to look close enough saw a scared little kitten underneath all those claws. Thankfully, someone did. If not, she may still be sleeping outside, fighting for her life every chance that she had.

    By Katie URL on 05.20.2011

  33. She always found it funny that though she had so many opinions on the subject and so many courses under her belt regarding gender studies and gender equality that at the end of a long day there was something so soothing about washing dishes by hand, so much so that at times she found herself looking forward to doing a sinkful.

    By anonymous URL on 05.20.2011

  34. domestic violence is something very common in developing countries. It comes in through culture and is something which should be discouraged by the state. Good home education can also avoid such practices. It puts a bad impression in front of children and persuades them to do the same.

    By Aun Maken URL on 05.20.2011

  35. domestic flights in the Philippines are really good. you can travel in up to a thousand domestic places. with many domestic birds flying around and really good local foods.

    By reas on 05.20.2011

  36. Ah, the ideal of domestic bliss! Very hard to get to in practice when you are subjected to all the pressures of modern life. Another view of ‘domestic’ is that you lead a boring life, even more boring than you see on the various soaps on the tv.

    By Mark URL on 05.20.2011

  37. Fearing god,
    calm safe place stunted growth,
    simply submissive,
    a good beer in the country.

    By heather on 05.20.2011

  38. “It was a real domestic!” Doug insisted, his eyes wide, his mouth set firmly as though to portray complete seriousness and honesty, “The dude full punched her in the face and then kneed her in the stomach”.
    It flipped my stomach to think of it.
    “Yeah well… that’s not very cool” I said lamely
    “Oh I know I know but… I was there! You don’t see that shit every day”.

    By prolli on 05.20.2011

  39. domestic life is very imporatant in human civilization. it helps us to be mopre human and live our life the way we want to also is an essential feature in leading a more pure and organic life;domestic is close to home .

    By yamini on 05.20.2011

  40. The home which normally seemed quite bright and welcoming throughout the day, seemed to engulf the young woman in darkness. The twenty year old looked towards her brother-in-law, unwanted tears sneaking into the corners of her eyes. Margarette longed for her husband to come and save her from this desperate situation, though she knew that there was no use in wishing or hoping. He would let his brother get away with anything; even this.

    By Val URL on 05.20.2011