December 14th, 2008 | 357 Entries

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357 Entries for “dock”

  1. i don’t know what a dock is. I suppose it’s that wooden site at the banks of rivers, where people jump from. or lakes. here in portugal we don’t have many lakes.

    By joana on 12.16.2008


    By Liz on 12.16.2008

  3. Why is this the same word as yesterday??

    By Brittney on 12.16.2008

  4. dockarbeiter wasser sonnenuntergang schiff angeln schwimmen holzplanken algen, hohles ger

    By Carsten on 12.16.2008

  5. iPod. My god is that the generation/place I’m in now? At the back of my mind “harbour” was slow to answer. You are my dock. The place I go to when I need refuelling.

    By kuikoo on 12.16.2008

  6. where criminals await their sentences. or to have your salary cut a little for some transgression. or where boats come to berth. perhaps even the act of coming to into the harbor. so many meanings i don’t know what else to say

    By jermyn on 12.16.2008

  7. I think about boats and gently slapping waves. It’s sunny, the wood boards are old, there are sounds of water and wood. There aren’t people. I don’t know if I’m going anywhere, but I could.

    By Michelle on 12.16.2008

  8. Sittin on the dock of the bay, a song that can be sung only in the deep croon of a large man at ease, had always been her favorite song. She couldn’t hear it without thinking of him, and that was the way she liked it.

    By dinah on 12.16.2008

  9. Sitting on the dock of the bay
    Wondering why you went away
    Earth stations dock
    Computers have stations to dock
    Sounds like duck
    Leads to nip and tuck
    Please don’t dock my pay.

    By Miriam Cohen on 12.16.2008

  10. of the bay, isn’t it? Or the way a spaceship comes in to connect with the bigger one, the Mir or whatever, with its protruding corridor – how do they always know that they’ll fit? Ikea in space in the future or what?

    By andrew on 12.16.2008

  11. The gray water and taciturn gulls flew past the mast stuck into the boat that would soon take him to the island of Dr. Murder. When he gets there, he knows what he has to do: kill her and her lover, then turn the gun on himself. He strode over to the small blue boat, toed the decaying wood at the end of the dock, and stepped into the vessel that would carry him to his death.

    By David on 12.16.2008

  12. The dock swayed gently as the breeze ruffled the lake top. Joe squinted toward the island across the way. He thought he could dimly see a figure moving in the shadows. With a shrug, he cast his line again.

    By A. Tirey on 12.16.2008

  13. Sitting on the dock of the bay…I wasn’t letting time roll away. Instead I was watching the boats, the ships and dreams sail along. It was a beautiful day…thanks to the sun on the dock and blue skies above.

    By William on 12.16.2008

  14. the clock ticks the moments away….each precious second sliding into the past…..never to be seen again…Sometimes I wish they can be retrieved but no…perhaps it is best they stay in the past where they belong…they have had their day.

    By Sally Clarke on 12.16.2008

  15. A dock as in a place where to dock boats. ive never really been to a dock. isnt that sad? i wish it were warm out so it would make sense to go to a dock. somehthing seems calming about the word “dock”… i bet its nice to just sit and be free..

    By mia on 12.16.2008

  16. boats, romance, sitting on the dock with your partner holding hands; sharing and capturing peaceful moments; tranquility; pitter patter of water, creaking of the dock, smell of the sea, others fishing, perhaps sharing the same moment as you

    By Katharine on 12.16.2008

  17. dock -doc bleeding nausea hope and shame.
    furious and slow laughing at my own negligence because I cannot escape.

    By leah on 12.16.2008

  18. I was sitting on the dock thinking about where my life was going and what adventures might be in store. I did not hear the footsteps until they almost reached the edge of the shore. I felt him moving there before I heard him, and I was afraid of what our meeting would mean for him and for his family.

    By Mrs. WP on 12.16.2008

  19. on the dock the children play
    one falls of into the water
    the others never notice
    the skin which was rosy before is now turning a jaundice
    no even a struggle
    he never liked those neighbour kids anyway
    the mucky bottom envelopes him and he is warm and content and solitary and death is perfect

    By fran on 12.16.2008

  20. I remember the dock behind my old house in Maine. Led straight to the most gorgeous waters ever, to just sit there and think about everything and life and nothing all at once. I moved from that house. And I, unfortunately, never sat on that dock.

    By Danielle. on 12.16.2008

  21. out on the lake where i used to go fishing with my family members that hate me because im not rich like them and i am loud and flamboyant and i am a bad influence well fuck those people all they do is ruin my life and i can do that just fine without their added nonsense.

    By sasha on 12.16.2008

  22. Johnny used to work on the docks. He worked nine to five every day to support his family. Johnny learned a lot of useful things and a lot of unuseful things. Once he left, he swore he would never go back. Now he works in an office. Sad Sad Johnny.

    By Zach on 12.16.2008

  23. A lone sail on the horizon, the people on the dock stop what they were doing to look. Maybe it is their loved ones, finally home from the long sea voyage they had begun almost a year ago. The sail nears and people squint. Is it them? Could it be? Everyone seems to be holding their breath, as if breathing too heavily will blow the sail back to where ever it came from. Slowly it nears, the people have crowded near the end of the dock now. Waiting. Hoping.

    By Bailie on 12.16.2008

  24. go is the imperative to life once life. I’m not english i’m italian so ..i musto go and live somewhere out of here where life is better. Life must be better somewhere else…
    It’s sad..i love my city but it’s dieing…i must go away

    By francesca on 12.16.2008

  25. Oh, I already did this one. Ill write about evil instead. Evil in a certain entity’s eyes is to commit an unmoral act, when morality is defined by that certain entity. Does that mean the evil person doesn’t think himself evil? That depends on whether he is part of that entity.

    By MoistureMan on 12.16.2008

  26. My perverted and tainted mind can only think of one thing when I see the word dock: Space Dock. Google it if you dare.

    By aaron p. on 12.16.2008

  27. i cant wait for the damn spaceship to dock with the mothership so my robots can get here and make me some dinner!

    By greg ng on 12.16.2008

  28. We slowly pulled the boat up to the dock. I was stretched out over the front to grab a post and tie us off when the guy behind me suddenly put the boat into reverse. Kersplash! I went flying off the front end of the boat and into the water missing the dock by only inches. Wait till I get my hands on that brother of mine!

    By Tim Childers on 12.16.2008

  29. Sitting on the dock of the bay is the obvious choice here, but I also think of computers – lame huh? But I think about the work that I’m not doing, the work I could take elsewhere by undocking and going, and the idea of undocking in general. I’d like to undock my life and go too.

    By lilah on 12.16.2008

  30. thats where i land. I see you standing at the edge. calling…. i walk towards you and fall straight in.
    Thats where I want to be – beneath the landing dock.

    By monica on 12.16.2008

  31. Dock. Coming in to interact with other people because we must. We have to as a principle of the dock. I have a little space just for me. A cute little extra special space that fits my boat. I can walk around. Enjoy the water.

    But sometimes I need a place with sand. To run aground with my canoe and leave for another beach later.

    By Jeff on 12.16.2008

  32. It is interesting that we all have different docking stations in our lives. Of course we wouldn’t call them that. In reality they are our friends, the places we go, and all of the emotions we have left behind. I miss him… he was my favorite place to dock.

    By Monica on 12.16.2008

  33. long and made of wood, so that you can walk out over the water. watch the sunset. family. when i was little, before the hurricane took away the old dock, we went fishing a lot. mullet, redfish, croaker.

    By don't know it on 12.16.2008

  34. When I think of the word dock I see visions of water, also songs about clocks and even porn. the one thing I don’t really think of is chicken. Oh the joys of a word.

    By Jerry on 12.16.2008

  35. it reminds me of water. floating air, wind, i don’t know… freedom, as a journey ready to begin. a ship ready to take off. a heart broken by the fact that a loved one will soon be gone to sea. it reminds me of summer, fresh air, fish, ships, and jumping in, soaking wet from head to toe. long dry hair, shaped with salt water and sun.

    By helene on 12.16.2008

  36. He pulled away from the dock, rowing more quickly as he reached the deeper water. He had to get away. From the land, from her, from everything that felt so confining back behind him. Here he was, now he was free. He could travel anywhere he wanted. Perhaps Brazil?

    By Kyle on 12.16.2008

  37. the dock was quite cold that morning. as is it always with it being so close to the water. i dipped my small toe into it to wake myself up. i felt like i had been sleeping for so long,, but at this point in my life it was time to wake. i loved you and i left.

    By michael on 12.16.2008