April 1st, 2015 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “diverse”

  1. The diverse group of people that stood before me represented all aspects of the Earth. What is your opinion then, I ask them. Do you believe we should go upon with the plans or stop them to avoid the inevitable destruction the will cause to people of each of your lands. If we go along with it each will have to give up something, but if we stop, everyone will have to give up all.

    By Bridgette URL on 04.03.2015

  2. Racial slurs and combat scars
    twisting in my iris. Complicating
    existence, telling stories
    to my uncle john. And words they sing
    The words of kings. But hold your tongue
    you marter. For life exists in common twists
    of hollows in the water.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 04.03.2015

  3. hi I want to learn english quickly and I have time but . it is very dificult . maybe you can help me . But If you don’t want to help me , no problem . I’m studying english by myself.

    By coskun URL on 04.03.2015

  4. What is diverse????? there are diverse communities in the world. Everyone is different from one another. Being diverse is actually good cz if not then u would be so bored wid every people like u. It wont spice up life…. Unity in diversity.

    By Princess URL on 04.03.2015

  5. Her neck was starting to cramp and her eyelids grew heavy. But she can sleep when she’s dead. It’s time to write another treatise on the lack of diversity in our society. Tonight: tackling the realm of construction lawyers.

    By asavas URL on 04.03.2015

  6. Everyone has a common thought: “Everyone is different, or if they’re not, they should be, and we should celebrate the differences.”
    I wonder if the natives in South America are as thoughtful about diversity as we are…

    By Ike on 04.03.2015

  7. the world is a place where the people are of all sizes shapes and colors. The colors are all around us, red blue, green, and sliver. But sounds have the most beautiful diversity of all.

    By Gabe on 04.03.2015

  8. It is interesting how diverse the culture of a city can be within just a few blocks. The ability of people to adapt to their environment and bring their habits, traditions, and dynamics with them makes it a pleasure to find.

    By Juliette D. Marquis URL on 04.03.2015

  9. Never the same sight in one glance. Take another, and it’s changed more drastically than you may be able to perceive. In constant flux, yet always in the same position. Such juxtaposition. Such a confliction.

    By Joey A.M. URL on 04.03.2015