April 3rd, 2015 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “airbag”

  1. He hadn’t even considered it previously. “Did 90 models even have airbags?” It was a question that, perhaps, he should’ve entertained long before now. It could have well spared him the whiplash and rampant coughing fits he would be hosting for the next six hours.

    By Brandon Steward on 04.03.2015

  2. We laid three feet from the car, covered in blood and shards of glass. I looked at the car, seeing the front window smashed and all the airbags deployed. This was not supposed to be happening on such a great first day of vacation.

    By Devon on 04.03.2015

  3. I looked up through the trees, the glinting moonlight beaming over the wreckage. I stand, mostly from the adrenaline, and wipe off blood, shards of glass, and rip off chunks of skin. I look at my brand new Chevy truck, seeing the broken front windshield, and deployed airbags.

    By Devon Palmer URL on 04.03.2015

  4. airbag

    By john URL on 04.03.2015

  5. The airbag did not deploy properly, and as a result, Eli was severely injured in the crash. We were told that he might be in a coma for days, maybe even weeks, so that the swelling in his brain could subside. In the meantime, Dad was already filing paperwork against both the car dealership and the manufacturer. To him, this was more than just a lawsuit – this was vengeance.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.03.2015

  6. cute carcrash
    my weakness
    an afterthought
    broken heart
    out of gas
    you said your love was lovely
    but i disagree
    you said your love dies slowly
    i say it’s disease.

    By matt on 04.03.2015

  7. I was driving one night with my family from the restaurant. Only God would be able to see what lied ahead. A drunk driver crashed into the side of the Toyota Camry, killing my wife and 3-year-old son. Even the airbags couldn’t save them, because those loose fucking seat belts that I refused to fix. Now I’m sitting an the hospital with no leg below my right mid-thigh, when I could be in the hospital with my family. I will never be able to forgive or forget myself for what I did, because I was the only intoxicated in that intersection.

    By Jonny X KNorr on 04.03.2015

  8. car, protection

    By joyce on 04.03.2015

  9. airbag is very important to safe
    my car has an airbag
    every should be have an airbag

    By sonhadora URL on 04.03.2015

  10. the airbags didn’t work taht day

    By sonhadora URL on 04.03.2015

  11. My chest rose and my lungs filled up like an airbag. Stretching almost to the point of bursting just to save me. To get me the oxygen I was so damn dependent on. My body, the traitor, forced it into me. Wouldn’t give even a second of blessed unconsciousness.

    By Lynnika URL on 04.03.2015

  12. …and his eyes burst from his head like airbags out of the dashboard of a BMW hitting a telegraph pole

    By Neil URL on 04.03.2015

  13. My 2007 Honda Piolet just got recalled because the airbag apparently shoots out metal fragments so now I have to drive extra careful until we can get it fixed.

    By Kendall M on 04.03.2015

  14. My 2007 Honda Piolet got recalled because the airbag apparently shoots out metal fragments that could be potentially fatal if there is a car crash.

    By Kendall M on 04.03.2015

  15. My body lurched forward like a rag doll, and i could see the light reflecting through the car windshield but my instincts told me i was about to shatter it. I was stopped short by the airbag that at the last second jutted into my rib cage, doing what seemed like sucking all the air out of my lungs, leaving me gasping ferociously.

    By Bella URL on 04.03.2015

  16. The airbag deployed at 2000 mph, knocking off the bulldog’s head and left shoulder. The head flew out the open back window, hitting a shopping cart, guided by one Adam Remer, who had just fininshed

    By Cindy on 04.03.2015

  17. I can’t breathe, he tells me, but instead of helping, I linger, confused, awestruck by the fine line between this world and the next.
    Have you ever been just blown away by the possibilities life holds and the impossibilities that death threatens?
    It strikes me now, and I, the quiet victim, let it sink its jaws in.

    By Shannon on 04.03.2015

  18. Protector of life, savior. Fills self with love to save lives of passengers. Reliable, sometimes painful.. always there. important, needed.

    By aisha on 04.03.2015

  19. The air is everywhere. But, when its inside an air-bag, it is even more life-saving. It can mean life and death in case of an emergency

    By naveen Tewari on 04.03.2015

  20. The airbag went off suddenly, as airbags do.
    He was thrown forwards, into the bag, then backwards, into his seat.
    She was thrown forwards, over the steering wheel, through the windshield.
    He lived.
    She didn’t.
    He wished he didn’t.
    He was sure she wished she did.

    By Tiger URL on 04.03.2015

  21. this is something that is used in the plane to protect passengers from accidentsin case they are lost. I do onot have an air bag because they are used in cars and I do not have a car. they may cause da

    By ola bakri on 04.04.2015

  22. air bag breathe car safety must be found in cars useful children

    By Eman on 04.04.2015

  23. it is found in any modern car to let drivers have more safety on their ways and to avoid injuries while accidents. It is useful for children and adults. it i

    By Eman URL on 04.04.2015

  24. Ushio’s cock was inflating like an airbag. The man grit his teeth as the heat pulled below his belly. Yusei was being such a bloody teasing bastard. He wanted the teen more with every second. “Shit!” One large hand pushed Yusei to arms length away. “Stop it! Just stop it! This isn’t you!”

    “Do you really know me, Officer Ushio?”

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 04.04.2015

  25. Our hearts twisted
    And mine began to tear
    At its fragile seams.

    And then he threw something at me
    A cloud, maybe.

    Deliciously pristine
    Crisp but soft
    Glowing white.

    I caught it
    Fingers closed
    This cloud.
    This hope.
    This new chance
    This new dream
    Of a life

    Except it wasn’t.

    It was a fucking airbag.




    I want a fucking divorce.

    By FrenchThePotato URL on 04.04.2015

  26. “It only has one airbag?” She said with a scowl and one brow raised.
    “Yeah, well. It’s a fixer upper.” He replied. She shook her head a little.
    “Not when it’s from the 90’s.”

    By A on 04.04.2015

  27. You forget I’m here. That is, until you need me. You’ll never even think about me most days, but that’s okay–I’ll be here. I might hurt you, sure, but it’s only to keep you safe. You’ll thank me afterward. Sorry about the steering wheel–it gets away from me, too, sometimes.

    By Brandon Steward on 04.04.2015

  28. An air bag am not sure but i think its that bag which u blow up and place on someones seat , when they sit it blow like a fart and embarrasses. , its a prank. Or maybe its those paper bags in Air plane in which you vomit.

    By fammo URL on 04.04.2015

  29. Small fingernails dug into her thigh as her arms instinctively shot out. Screeches on the pavement, loud horns blaring, and the sound of glass blared around her like a soundtrack to a Vin Diesel movie. She tried to open her eyes, but they were covered in dust and buried in a scratchy white pillow.

    By Soft URL on 04.04.2015

  30. When I see the word ‘airbag’, I think of all the farse scenes in comedies when someone is so scared that has to breathe in an airbag.

    By June URL on 04.04.2015

  31. safety feature used in modes of transportation to reduce serious injuries in cases of an accident.

    By toby on 04.04.2015

  32. I was about to park the car. I looked down at my phone as it rang and bam there went the airbag right in my face. I had hit a tree.

    By Alexandria on 04.04.2015

  33. The airbag encompassed her face. A moment of terror. Another of rippling pain. Then nothing.

    By khakicat URL on 04.04.2015