June 26th, 2012 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “distributor”

  1. You hand out smiles like payments. I would work on my hands and knees for eternity just for a single months wages from you.

    By Nikki on 06.27.2012

  2. what have i got to do to be a fucking distributor? havn’t i been doing that shit since i was a kid.
    as a kid and as a an adult now, distributing my life to all of those who don’t give as shit what has been distributed to them. a cake?

    By Bishal on 06.27.2012


    By Chris Vaughn on 06.27.2012

  4. Distributor is a person that takes an item that has been manufactured and sells it to someone at a certain price. That person is what gets the item out to the public.

    By Orion on 06.27.2012

  5. the clam distributor was making his usual rounds. door to door to door, peddling his rather odoriferous wares, wishing that for once someone would actually want to buy some.
    “why did I let my mother do this to me?” he would ask himself on a daily basis. “I didn’t want dad’s old business!”

    By Tess on 06.27.2012

  6. he holds out the cards and the mob glances at them, then back at him. he grins. there’s one for each of you, he says, take one. the crowd doesn’t move an inch. they know who he is. he’s the man who distributes death.

    By ji on 06.27.2012

  7. the creativity distributor sparkled and glowed. “Ohhhhh”and “Ahhhs” escaped from their mouths as they watched the machine spark and glow. colors swirled around them, surrounding them in bright light.

    By Isabela on 06.27.2012

  8. the distributor has been out of limelight for most part of economic academic literature. its not even the policy wonks that pay him much attention. the only ones that seem to care are the businessmen

    By art on 06.27.2012

  9. This word is the same as yesterday’s
    maybe this place doesn’t ever change, maybe
    we’re stuck in some sort of
    time vortex, maybe
    we’ll never escape, not until our skin is
    plastered to our bones,
    and then they’ll distribute our dreams to
    the more fortunate ones.

    By With Feeling on 06.27.2012

  10. I had to pack everything fast as I could. Her boss could be here any minute and if he found out that she was too sick to come to work again, it might be the end of her time here. But we need this job desperately, Molly is so sick.

    By Ruben URL on 06.27.2012

  11. “A distributor robot!” shouted the mad scientist.”Built for distributing all kinds of liquid, gasses, or matter! The scientist panel muttered nervously. An invention like that could rip a hole in the fabric of the universe.

    By Isabela on 06.27.2012

  12. paint

    By Lilia Julieta on 06.27.2012

  13. I was the paper distributor in band class. I sat right near the front, and each time our director had something to pass out, I was stuck doing the job. Why was I a trombone again? Really, I should have picked the tuba, they’re always in back!

    By Ireland on 06.27.2012

  14. “The company is spending too much on that distributor!” said the financial advisor.
    “But I like him so much!!!” the president said.
    Everyone in the meeting was baffled by this response. The company was in the brink of bankruptcy and the president had feelings for a distributor.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 06.27.2012

  15. You – get her body dressed; dress it right nice. Sickening that we respect the dead more than the living, ain’t it?

    You – get the ushers up to date with their schedules and their positions. No, keep your clothes off, bitch.

    You – rearrange that shelf; put the flowers at eye level. These lazy fuckers are too busy to raise their gaze.

    You – start on desserts; you – start on the mains; you can both work on starters closer to the time. Aprons off. Don’t let those fine tits go to waste.

    What’s that, girl? What will I do? What will I do?! I’ll do my job. I’m the distributor. I distribute the tasks. But you, you are not paid to think. You are paid to do. You will do what I say. You – shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. All right, I’ll show you what else I do; how I excel above and beyond in my role. Boom. There’s always got to be one. You – get her body dressed; dress it right nice. Sickening that we respect the dead more than the living, ain’t it?

    By innards on 06.27.2012

  16. a distributor is the one who distributes things . not only certain things but all in common .
    the word distributor can also be used in business

    By Eric Angus on 06.27.2012

  17. The little white boxes were stacked in neat rows on the table.

    “They’re guaranteed,” said the slick voice.

    “You promise it won’t hurt?”

    “Oh, no. It’ll be just like going to sleep.”

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 06.27.2012

  18. I don’t like distributors of pain. They plunge deep into the hearts of others to gather their innermost secrets; they tear, twist, transform, and manipulate in order to bring about heart ache and hurt. It angers me.

    By whitetealeaves on 06.27.2012

  19. A distributor has a defined and pertinent role in our society. It a central point of the food chain, for starters, and focal to any distribution among megalopolis.
    Once you`re part of any given chain, you woill soon discover that without this key element, no one does really get his hand into something without this operationg person

    By miprof on 06.27.2012

  20. the distributor was facinated. he had never seen beauty like this before.

    By Nicole on 06.27.2012

  21. distributoe. its an odd word when you think about it. dis-tri-bu-tor. its not pronounced in the way that you would think. instead its odd. somehow. i have absolutely no idea what im wriitng baout now, just trying to fill in the seconds until the end of the 60 seconds. but to be honest… i dont know what to do. so ill just ramble alpng here, and have people wondering what im talking about when ally, i know exactly.

    By Lindz Tan on 06.27.2012

  22. distributors send things to places, all around the world, i don’t know how it could be explained any better, but then again i don’t know what this task wants from me, just words, it says don’t think just type
    which is incredibly stupid.

    By Hersch on 06.27.2012

  23. a surprise gift, from a machine stranger, whenever you need it. money or food or drink your choice.

    By jacques on 06.27.2012

  24. In the night he alone will give you what you need. Medicine or comfort, food or blankets. Nobody else can help you. Only he, the distributor can.

    By Marianne Bowen URL on 06.27.2012

  25. Black market distributors profit the most, while the common people are forced to pay thirty times the legal price in attempts to keep their family fed.

    By rushtail on 06.27.2012

  26. never thought it would end up this way

    By Hodgekiss on 06.27.2012

  27. again? We have done the distributor excersice. He came, he knocked on my door, but I decided I don’t need any distribution. He was banging and banging and banging, and I was cursing him under my breath, what can I say

    By dolores on 06.27.2012