June 27th, 2012 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “configuration”

  1. it took a long time to figure out whether or not he was going to fit well

    turns out the configurations we made over a hear ago
    worked out

    it felt amazing — a perfect fit.

    By Someone Else URL on 06.28.2012

  2. The configuration of clouds in the sky slowly changed. So slowly I couldn’t watch it happen, but I noticed while I lay on the hill that their shapes shifted and grew more bulbous. The large clouds swallowed small clouds whole; by mid-noon, one had merged into a sun-strangling monstrosity.

    I closed my eyes and slept in the shade.

    By dan URL on 06.28.2012

  3. Oh it was a glorious configuration. It has an R in it. My ma always said that if a month had an R in it you could slip like hell.


    By the wiz that he waz URL on 06.28.2012

  4. Can you figure it? Can you configure it? I mean, I just sat there looking at the thing for what seemed like hours but must have been only a minute or two. The configuration was knotted, metallic, whorled, smooth, elegantly ugly.

    By Mike on 06.28.2012

  5. Its a load to take on but once it’s sorted it will mean the world to you and yours, so go now and configure!

    By Rory on 06.28.2012

  6. The configuration of today is less than fitting for the laws of physics. We argued that no one could be in two places at once, based upon that law. But that is the law within this own universe. Who’s to say that there are many of us in the same place at the same time, completely unaware of each other?

    By Flitting Sparrow on 06.28.2012

  7. “System configuration complete.”

    Alan sat back as the figures on the screen whirred away. He was now submerged in a world completely his own, where the laws of physics were of his creation, and every minute detail of every being was approved of by him.

    At last, this was home.

    By Elizabeth on 06.28.2012

  8. The glass pieces frozen in the poised configuration caught the sparkle of a sunbeam from the bay window. The lake beneath was placid and clear, the dock passively asserting it’s presence on the beach just below the house.

    By Natty Hope on 06.28.2012

  9. The configuration of the various aspects of my life is constantly changing—especially the parts related to my work and activities. The one constant: my family. My love for my husband and daughter will never change, except perhaps to grow.

    By Andie on 06.28.2012

  10. The configuration of the cheerleaders, was so the most popular of the group was towards the front, while just the pretty ones, the ones with good grades were at the back. It was a stupid test; a contest on who was the best in the school – I happened to be at the back.

    By Marie on 06.28.2012

  11. the stars in the sky had such a configuration that night, it amazes me to this day. Every time i look up into the gleaming night sky, i think of that one summer night in Southern California in July 1978.

    By emily on 06.28.2012

  12. They were set up in a row. Three tables put end to end at the back of the room. The presenter would stand in front, behind a rostrum – a word I recently learned. There would be a desk in the center where the projection would be placed. Behind the presenter was the screen.

    By meg on 06.28.2012

  13. The configuration of a snow flake is complex, like the configuration of emotions. Holy crap.. God or the Creator..whoever, came up with the most complex configuration of all.. human emotion. How did he do that?

    By Kate on 06.28.2012

  14. Configuration. Things are put together. sometimes not in the best ways. sometimes in the most unusual. All I know is that usually something good comes out of the way things are configured. like love, you meet the weirdest people and fall totally in love with them. configure that.

    By Kayla Breyers on 06.28.2012

  15. configuration is when everything is configured…… yeah, that’s it. to have everything cohesively interact. Or to make things work together in some manor.

    By Kelly on 06.28.2012

  16. I had to change the configuration of the body of my creation. It was perfect. It was thinking fine and working perfectly but for some reason, it had no feelings. I wanted to create a robot which can feel so that I could say that I had created life itself.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 06.28.2012

  17. All the way from our atoms down to our genetic makeup, we were all configured to be ourselves. It’s physically impossible to be anyone else, so just stay true to yourself.

    By Justkidding on 06.28.2012

  18. The configuration was a challenge for the 8 yr old. She was a brilliant child, but there were some things that just didn’t compute in her mind. She thought about it and then threw up her hands and said…” I am unable to tolerate the ridiculousness of this configuration!!”

    By coramie on 06.28.2012

  19. Configuration. Configuration. Do i even know what that means? I do a little, but im not quite sure if i have the right definition. I shall not go search it up because that will take too long. Oh well. is anyone reading this? If so… HIIIII!!! :) how are y

    By ngd123 on 06.28.2012

  20. Configuration is about customization, setting up devices to your own personal liking. It can also be applied to websites, how you want them to appear, or to your cell phone, or any other gadget you have.

    By Moe Love URL on 06.28.2012

  21. There are so many elements that you think need to be configured… is this true? Everything is happening all around, and they seem to configure themselves. Do we need order in life? Is it chaos? Is chaos configured – is chaos order? Life is weird. That’s configured for sure.

    By Maia on 06.28.2012

  22. Something was wrong with the configuration of the program. That much was clear. Because he was sprouting additional limbs. Hair was growing in places where there shouldn’t have been any. Just what exactly had gone wrong, he didn’t know. And there was no way of stopping it.

    By Lucie URL on 06.28.2012

  23. Everything was black. I felt the keys and began to type. I taxed the configuration of the locks and tried to escape. It didn’t work. I would never be free. The codes and doors and keys and guards….they were everywhere. It was too complicated. Then a shooting pain ran through me. I never got out.

    By BellaBella on 06.28.2012