May 13th, 2012 | 160 Entries

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160 Entries for “disregard”

  1. Disregard me when I say I despise you. Not once did I mean it; never did I look at you and see red.

    I love you, and sometimes that is difficult. Sometimes it is a rocky, uphill climb, and I cannot hold on to all that you are. You are strong, overpowering like a wave.

    I am so small.

    By Georgina on 05.14.2012

  2. disregard anything i ever told you about happiness; it was a lie. things get messy and people get mean and no matter what you do, or who you fuck or how you go about trying to make things better, it won’t. life isn’t what you want it to be. you’re glorious and you deserve ebtter and i wish i could say it would happen but it won’t.
    i said “i will love you until i die” and that’s true, but time may be up quicker than we expected.

    By izzy on 05.14.2012

  3. Disregarding all warnings Steven proudly and bravely stepped over the large crack across the cavern only two feet in width. Before he could set his foot down on the other side a stream of screeching wombats with wings flew up at him with such velocity that he was torn apart. Everybody stepped back in horror, except for Sam. Sam stepped forward while the wombats were distracted, he managed set his foot on the other side and seemed home free. He carefully lifted his other foot from our side to the other side. A stream of oil sprayed directly under his foot, the chunk of what seemed to be solid rock tilted by some hidden hydraulics, sending Sam slipping to his his death of worse inside the cavern.

    By Nick F. on 05.14.2012

  4. Anything you wane disregard? Pain, unhappy past, unfortunate, wrong doing?
    If u could think what thing you want to disregard in 3mins, therefore, those thing are not easy to be disregard.
    Lucky to you, you have to face them and overcome that. And make the disregard with no regret.

    By Ceci on 05.14.2012

  5. Melody Amelia sat on her bed, disregarding the mess she’d made earlier. She was going to clean it up, but then she got distracted and started exploring the TARDIS again.


    “Yes, Mum?”

    River crossed her arms. “Didn’t I tell you clean your room?”


    By Damaris on 05.14.2012

  6. Throw away the keys, let it go, stay at home, go outside, kiss a stranger, hug a friend, tell your family you love them, play some games, write a poem, paint, draw, live.

    just disregard everything and have a life.

    By Sebastiaan Bonnarens URL on 05.14.2012

  7. Nowhere, not paying attention, ignore. She sat there totally ignoring the fact that he was telling her what happened. She didn’t want to hear. She didn’t want to acknowledge that this was real. She was disregarding him. She was trying to make the past disappear. Obviously it wasn’t working. Then it hit her. He was dead. Gone. FOR. EV. ER. No more. She couldn’t disregard this. It was there forever, and it was his fault. Why? Why, couldn’t he let her go on like she was. Numb. Just barely there. Wandering. It was easier this way. Much easier, but as he said, “To disregard would be to live in a LIE!!!!” So, no ignoring. No leaving. No disregard.

    By kayla on 05.14.2012

  8. I WILL DIS REGARD THIS PHONE CALL GOSH DANG IT!!!!!!!! disregard means to ignore someone or something.

    By loulou88888 URL on 05.14.2012

  9. I honestly have no idea what disregard means. :)

    By alliekaley URL on 05.14.2012

  10. disregard, deem unimportant ,ignore, throw away, get rid of

    By Amaryllis URL on 05.14.2012

  11. Disregard is a word that i do not know. The end……

    By Mario URL on 05.14.2012

  12. the old man disreadarded the stop sign and caused a major accident causing him to lose his life.

    By cougars8 URL on 05.14.2012

  13. When my mother to my sister not to go in to the woods,she disregaded her. The next day my sister went in to the woods…. And she never came out.

    By Bubbles on 05.14.2012

  14. disregard means to forget about or ignore. for example ”I had to disregard my teacher when he asked me for my homework.”

    By Bieberlover URL on 05.14.2012

  15. i don’t know what disregard means.

    By shayna URL on 05.14.2012

  16. to disregard is to ignore or not regard.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 05.14.2012

  17. Disregard
    Mom: “are u guys disregarding me!!!”
    Boys: ” Yes…
    Mom: ” Thats good”
    Boys: ” HOw is that good??””
    MOM: “Because u guys were telling the truth”

    By poseidon619 URL on 05.14.2012

  18. This is like to forget about or procrastinate.

    By butter URL on 05.14.2012

  19. He had disregarded her as some unholy peasant. There for she saw him commit the crime. He didn’t think that someone so small and insignificant could get him caught. What he didn’t realize though was that she was wife to the general of the army. His mistake, her reward.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 05.14.2012

  20. to ignore someone!!!!!!!!!!;)

    By Ivy URL on 05.14.2012

  21. its to like ignore someone

    By rainbow URL on 05.14.2012

  22. You know how it is when you are talking to someone and she seems to be listening but then she just disregards everything you have said, frustrating indeed!

    By Robin on 05.14.2012

  23. Some people disregard the feelings of other people. I was once one of the people to get disregarded. It is not a nice feeling, if you get upset no one really cares. If you have a problem with someone no one cares. The teens of this time period are the ones that are the real problems

    By Orion on 05.14.2012

  24. “Didn’t you hear what I just said?”
    But he didn’t, he just kept rattling and rattling, explaining why he was right and I was wrong, why I made everything worse.
    “I could have married a different girl an

    By Calla URL on 05.14.2012

  25. To disregard something is to forget, and I have never been able to forget things that people have done to me. It’s extremely difficult to erase the scars and memories of another’s betrayal. I don’t know how, and I’m not sure I want to forget. What if I need to remember? What if there’s a secret in my scars?

    By Sister Ginger on 05.14.2012

  26. I hate you, to the point at which I no longer know you exist.
    Or rather,
    I try not to.


    By saffron on 05.14.2012

  27. i dont know what it means but i tkink it means you disshon somthing

    By cougars34 URL on 05.14.2012

  28. He looked at the city with disregard. That was his old life. His past self. Things were going to change dramatically. Things had to get better. That was the plan, right?

    By Brandon Adams URL on 05.14.2012

  29. There’s a loud humming.
    Ignore the daily crackle of conformity.
    Static split-screen.
    All we do is talk.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 05.14.2012

  30. it menes that do not wont to do it

    By cougar7 URL on 05.14.2012

  31. He’d plucked the two blue flowers with the delicate petals, carefully avoiding the thorns so that the hint of white in the center of the flower wouldn’t tear. He gave them to her with a quiet look, she smiled and went into the kitchen, leaving them on the sofa. When she returned, she didn’t notice she’d sat on them, sinking her teeth in the sweetness of a piece of plum cake.

    By Harvinder URL on 05.14.2012

  32. My brother has such disregard for my things.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.14.2012

  33. What I said about wanting to have lunch next week? Disregard that. And that committee I volunteered to chair? Please disregard that also. In fact, disregard anything I might have to say that even remotely sounds like a commitment.

    By Melissa on 05.14.2012

  34. To the three graces
    I knelt, prayed
    With a vigour
    That tilted
    My angles
    Like speed
    When you’re
    Already speeding

    How much salt
    In Sappho’s tear?
    Would she let me?

    They did not reply

    When you hold one
    To your body
    The strings sigh
    In the wind
    You feel
    The note
    Its glass bell peals
    From your fingertip
    Up your arm
    Into the thrum
    Of blood

    She is gone
    Snuff candles, cleanse
    With saltless tears
    Then sing

    By david URL on 05.14.2012

  35. Do not disregard children or pets.

    By Ben on 05.14.2012

  36. Please disregard this notice if your bill has been paid in full. Otherwise stay on the line and one of our associates will assist you in creating a payment plan.

    By marylee on 05.14.2012

  37. I’ll miss you always.
    But when hearts chill, they become
    the true disregard.

    By Catherine McClarin on 05.14.2012

  38. how simple it was for you to ignore my comments. Just typical. I always remember you telling me that you were always a phone call away whenever or if ever I should need you. At such a crucial tie in our friendship you disregard my feelings.

    By Yewande Ogunnaike on 05.14.2012

  39. “I’ll be here, waiting for you.” Avaciel disregarded this, striding out the door. There were more important things on her mind. She knew he was coming back. She knew he was coming back now. She raced down the hallway, ignoring the surprise of her subjects. When she reached the balcony, she was out of breath. But she disregarded this, because she could see him, heading in on the courtyard. Lan raised his head towards her, and a look of joy passed his head. Avaciel turned and ran. She had to see him.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 05.14.2012

  40. I disregard thE negativity yanking at my soul
    So I can look forward to the future
    With hopeful eyes
    I only have moments left to make my life count
    Tomorrow, always tomorrow I tell myself

    By Kidd on 05.14.2012