May 12th, 2012 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “lending”

  1. giving. not to worry if you get it back. being there for someone. supportive. caring. big. helpful.

    By Monica on 05.13.2012

  2. “Lending forty dollars to you was the worst decision I have ever made in my life,” Frank said softly, his voice a low whisper–deadly. “If I had not seen her yesterday, all of this wouldn’t have happened.” The man with the golden bowtie began shivering hysterically, and instant drops of water sprung to his eyes. “You said… you said you’d save her.”

    By Joanne on 05.13.2012

  3. i just got this word and i don’t want to write about it again because i want a new word but i guess i don’t have a choice. i’ll just write about how i don’t want to write about lending again. i still have like 20 seconds left and now its 10 and woo I’m almost done! here we go!

    By arissa on 05.13.2012

  4. In high school I used to lend pencils all the time. A lot of my pencils went missing that way. I instituted a sign-out sheet in my agenda book, and for fun, wrote up a “pencil-lending constitution.” Saying I could recall pencils anytime, could charge for overdue pencils, and could change any of the rules by whim. There were lots of funny things I wrote in my agenda book, back then. I don’t use my agenda book much now, only occasionally to make checklists of things I have to get done.

    By Holden URL on 05.13.2012

  5. She chokes, and he moves closer to her, supporting, lending a shoulder for her to lean on.

    ‘…did you hear that?’, she asks, still trembling, her hand fluttering by the side of her face like a skittish butterfly.

    By mazikeen on 05.13.2012

  6. Be not a lender or a borrower. Just give and take. Lending is for banks. They want it back and they want you to pay. Just give and take. And smile as you go.

    By Edward Buckbee on 05.13.2012

  7. “Just until we can get things figured out,” he promised.
    “You said that last time.”
    “I know I did, but this time I really mean it.” He gave her one last hug and walked out the door.
    “You said that last time, too,” she sighed. Down over twenty grand to her dead beat ex-boyfriend, Sierra had promised to put her foot down the next time he asked for money. But his pleading eyes and persuasive confidence forced her to yield.

    By Calla URL on 05.13.2012

  8. Better a lender than a borrower. My mother always told me when I asked her for another cookie as she was packing my lunch into a brown paper bag. I’d carry a bag she’d packed for me every day from kindergarten until the day I graduated.

    By Miss Ink Stains on 05.13.2012

  9. Joan didn’t know why she was friends with Bree anymore. Since the beginning there were little things that Bree did that irked her, pet peeves if you will. Like, why was she so stingy with lending anything, and yet so boastful about how she could have whatever she wanted and then some?

    By Jessica G on 05.13.2012

  10. we can have whatever you like me its like a never ending logo shop for anything to compare with anybody for which is to have a greater goal to be loved to and to find what is there for you and of course to be expected its tonight

    By hacho on 05.13.2012

  11. quite a nice word. ryhmes with blending. how harmonious sounding. which also then reminds me of smoothies, which is an overall nicer nugget to muse on than banking, which isn’t as nice a word. ryhmes with wanking. overall not a good sound.

    By Nope on 05.13.2012

  12. Lending is something pretty hard for me. That’s because I’m a very selfish person. Unfortunately. I hate this part of me, but it sometimes help me in areas I wouldn’t think it would. I don’t really appreciate when other people lend something to me. I prefer to not give and not receive.

    By Lily on 05.13.2012

  13. He always got into trouble with his lending, his father thought he lent too much and his mother thought he lent too little. It was true, he didn’t lend at all. His father thought he did, and his mother thought he didn’t, those cleverly worded documents did wonders for the little lawyer’s bank accounts.

    By Muppet URL on 05.13.2012

  14. There is so much to give in this world, but if we choose to share what we have without any fear or doubt holding us back from being gracious and genuine, then maybe things would actually get better for everyone, in every aspect or situation they face.

    By Carina Cruz URL on 05.13.2012

  15. lending a hand, a glove, a sheep inside squeezes my hand, I sweat the sheep in the cold snowy yard that is quiet and flat and the bushes are round. The sky above gray and heavy, and the snow crumbs on the carpet by the sliding door, they are puddles even as I write about them.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.13.2012