May 13th, 2012 | 160 Entries

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160 Entries for “disregard”

  1. I often choose to disregard what I no longer wish to have in my life. I used to dwell on that which I did not want, put now I just let it float away and stay focused on all I am grateful for.

    By Joan Schaublin on 05.13.2012

  2. Chloe couldn’t stand being disregarded. She got into her cousin Howard’s face, frothed her mouth with bubblegum spit, and dropped crayons on the math book he was reading. She couldn’t lift the book so pushed it to the edge of the table. She ran to the living room where the sofa cushions had been upended.

    “Howard! Help me save the little ponies in Little-Pony-Land!” she said.

    Howard joined her, but not before rubbing off the colored wax dots on his algebra book.

    By Holden URL on 05.13.2012

  3. what i discounted? What i ever been afflicted upon? All of these things, these options, these have all been disregarded and for what account? It’s all for the glory. The fame. The devouring of my soul

    By huxley on 05.13.2012

  4. He had complete disregard for the rules. I hated having him in my classroom because I knew he was intent upon wreaking havoc. Standing on chairs, riling up the other students, throwing paper airplanes. I had long given up writing him up.

    By Juliet on 05.13.2012

  5. People elude me.
    Sometimes I wonder
    if hate and love
    are as close as
    edges on a sword.
    While sitting on the line,
    the blade cuts
    a deep wound,
    a clean vertical
    slit under your eyes,
    slowly widening
    each time a thought
    Each time you doubt
    the personality of the world,
    that someone
    has been fooling you all along,
    that he is not who he says he is,
    how he says he is.
    Sometimes I wonder
    if the stinging
    numbs me so,
    like a swim
    in the lake,
    pieces of glass
    floating on the surface
    of the dark substance,
    your cranium
    wanting to slip
    below the glass,
    and exhale little by little
    as you try to find the bottom
    of the abyss.
    If the slit under your eyes
    is something you most desire,
    not willing to flip a coin,
    not willing to decease
    your questions.
    Not willing to ask
    to get the answers.

    After so many slices
    stinging your skin,
    you would rather
    seal your skin with pebbles,
    transform into a rock
    and sink into the bottom of the abyss
    you’ve been wondering about.
    The one you’ve been missing,
    the one you left so long ago.
    The one you need.

    By Scythe42 URL on 05.13.2012

  6. He looked at me for a moment, and time seemed to hang in the air. We were suspended above the clouds, above the world, hanging in perpetual motion, together. Then I shook my head and disregarded the silly notion. How was I to know that he’d felt the same way?

    By Rani on 05.13.2012

  7. He disregarded the “CAUTION” warning sign, following his shadows instead. His thoughts flickered with the lantern, red hot. Was it rage or embarrassment that haunted him that last moment before he fell?

    By teevee on 05.13.2012

  8. I disregard your feelings whenever I flirt with you, whenever I think of you as back-up plan, whenever I consider you just one of my guy friends, when I tell him I love him, when I put up photos from my holiday with him. And I’m sorry for it.

    By Sophie on 05.13.2012

  9. Let us just disregards the past errors, and I think we can move on from here. What do you say Miss Bath? I think if we can ignore the, ummm, previous errors and if you can see things from my way, we shall get along splendidly from here on in.

    By Amimee URL on 05.13.2012

  10. “You have offended my honor to the greatest degree, SIRRAH! I’m so angry- angrah I-I could spit. Youf disregarded my approbations and you hav crossed the line for the last time tonight! Prepare your doe-due-ueling gloves,”
    “Bo, you’re drunk…”

    By teevee on 05.13.2012

  11. forget about it. throw it away. never mind. erase it. it was nothing. i changed my mind. disregard that message. disregard someone is sad. some p;pl are disregarded.

    By Elena on 05.13.2012

  12. i disregard my own self respect because i think too much of what others myt think of me. it is so frustrating.

    By summer on 05.13.2012

  13. Disregard my warning. Fine. Go get yourself into trouble. Go stand before a racing motorcycle on a deserted street in the dark and the rain. I just hope you jump out of the way in time. You are such a thrill seeker.

    By April on 05.13.2012

  14. Never disregard a friends advice
    Take it as you will but do not take it for granted
    other things:
    the ability to be
    the sunlight

    By Hannah Ranea URL on 05.13.2012

  15. Disregard that time i said I love you.
    you know when I stalled and stumbled
    over the words like they were speed bumps
    rolling out of my mouth.
    how horrific it felt to see your eyes open wide
    like flowers in springtime,
    in shock ,
    in disarray,
    in fear.
    so disregard those three words.
    I didn’t hear them–
    no matter what you heard

    By t44 on 05.13.2012

  16. i dont know oi.

    By summer on 05.13.2012

  17. I try to disregard the unwanted advice. Go in person. Ask about positions that are not advertised. If you wait for them to advertise, you’ll miss the most interesting jobs. Write a great cover letter.

    By Margaret on 05.13.2012

  18. Disregard all of your fears, your insecurities, your thoughts, and your troubles. Disregard all of those who have hurt you. Disregard your past, present, and future. Disregard the ropes that hold you down, and bind you to your demons. Disregard the weight of the world for just one second.
    And breathe.

    By Maggie on 05.13.2012

  19. What I hate is that now that I’m in college everyone in my home disregards the fact that I live here. I come home for the summer and they have to readjust to my presence, and part of readjusting to my presence, apparently, is asking why I should care if they make my room a mess. WHY WOULDN’T I CARE? I STILL FUCKING LIVE HERE, DON’T I?

    By Julia A. URL on 05.13.2012

  20. Disregard-not acknowledge, to ignore. I disregarded his advice.

    By Tyler Cirincione URL on 05.13.2012

  21. Please disregard my phone call. I didn’t know you would be out, I didn’t know they would all be there, watching your phone light up and dance across the bar. I keep forgetting that you aren’t mine. Because when you are here, it’s as if there is nothing else. The world has faded to black, punctuated by the golden streetlight and the beams glitter off your eyes. When you leave, there is nothing but the white light of your treacherous cell phone, announcing to the world that I need you.

    By cmsiena URL on 05.13.2012

  22. We had no disregard for the coming events. Instead we faced them head on, not even bothering to blink. Nathaniel held out his hand, expecting my fingers to wrap around his, but I held back. Now was not the time for that. So he gripped his sword with both hands and I prepared myself to sing.

    By Caroline Josephine on 05.13.2012

  23. Just disregard my tears, because I am fine. Disregard my cries, they are unimportant. Disregard my feelings because you have none to consider. But do not disregard my strength, because It is never ending. you better never forget that.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 05.13.2012

  24. I don’t like feeling disregarded.
    That would make me feel very little.

    By anpolette on 05.13.2012

  25. Don’t disregard me captain, I’m a wolf in woman’s clothes. The kind of fox who sneaks into your henhouse, right under the rooster’s nose. Don’t disregard me captain, ’cause I can go where no man goes. Don’t disregard me general, I’ve been in these slums before-

    By KelseyPR on 05.13.2012

  26. His complete disregard for everything in the room sent a shiver down her spine. As she looked into his vacant eyes, receiving no recognition, the reality of his condition hit her like a train.

    By Danielle M on 05.13.2012

  27. You should read this carefully, then completely disregard whatever it says. Disregard is a very cold word, and today is a cold day. I’m going to disregard the weather today, and go for a walk anyway. Regardless of the weather.

    By Lucy on 05.13.2012

  28. the complete disregard she emotes as she walks through the room sends shivers through me. how can someone be so completely absorbed with never a thought to the rest of the world? what kind of life is that?

    By nenana URL on 05.13.2012

  29. I’m sorry, I got a little carried away… Don’t worry about any of the things I said, I didn’t really mean them.

    By torin URL on 05.13.2012

  30. For you to turn the other cheek while i was in pain, what did i do to deserve this? Why would you disregard all of the love I have to give? All the things I’ve one, they weren’t for recognition, but because I love you. Without you, this world would be empty, and me empty with it.

    By Beatrice Amaro on 05.13.2012

  31. Dale was watching the kids. They were so rude, they completely disregarded that his sister wasa person. No, all she was, was a freak with a cane. Or the creepy blind girl. They were so harsh, so mean. His sister was a human just like everyone else, just because she was blind didn’t mean she wasn’t a person. They obviously had disregard to human life. Dale couldn’t stand those type of people, but he knew his sister, she would push on unfazed, or she would deck whoever she could until she got into trouble.

    That was his sister. Lillian the fighter, Lillian the warrior, Lillian the protector.

    By Anne Lewis on 05.13.2012

  32. Just disregard this letter. I love you. But why would you care? Oh yes… You don’t. How could I forget that I’m not here? That I’m invisible? Please disregard this letter my love, because I love you.

    By Katie on 05.13.2012

  33. She threw down the scarf in complete disregard, her eyes wide in disbelief. Her lips curved in a smile filled with the radiant joy of sheer surprise.

    By Jacki on 05.13.2012

  34. dis to go da distance from da guard. yo
    re re really

    By intuit63 on 05.13.2012

  35. Disregard this statement. In fact, I recommend that you disregard all statements make by me. Especially when I’m in a bad mood. And even when I’m in a good mood. You see, I can’t be trusted — I’m a writer.

    By SWellsBennett on 05.13.2012

  36. I’m not sure when I first realized that I wanted to think of you as anything besides a friend. Perhaps when I noticed your smile was suspiciously too brilliant to be one of mere thanks. Although it was not directed at me, something in it made my hair stand on end and my bloodstream switch the direction of its flow.

    Or maybe it was when you found ways to catch me unawares, snatching the words from the very tip of my tongue and then cleverly twisting them into creations of your own genius. You always seemed a bit too clever for your own good; I could only sputter and turn red as my mind hysterically tried to come up with something witty and memorable.

    Or, very possibly, it was today when I accidentally walked in on you and her, grappling in a dark corner like starving animals as you tried to find each other’s mouths. I had always seen the appeal in you, I suppose, but not in her. I had simply assumed you’d pursue someone with a mind to match your own.

    Perhaps, even, a person like me.

    But go ahead. Disregard all that I have told you.

    I don’t blame you.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.13.2012

  37. I try to disregard my Mom’s negative attitude, but sometimes that’s hard to do.

    By Valerie on 05.13.2012

  38. Disregard the pain it caused me. Disregard the courage I had to rummage in myself just to say something to you. But how could you? How could you even think about it? That’s my mother you’re talking about. And you could still insult her this way? You belong in hell, Katarina Le.

    By Tanya Wong on 05.13.2012

  39. “I wish you would just disregard my statement. This puzzle is impossible, and that is a fact.” The player glared at GLaDoS and killed her with a portal gun made of cheese cake. The cheese was a lie, but the cake was entirely true, and she was weak against cake that is a truth.

    By yugimew URL on 05.13.2012

  40. Why did he disregard Pete Pan’s orders? The Companion Cube was supposed to go into the portal that led to Captain Hook’s ship, but Tinkerbell had shot the portal to Skull Mountain instead. Or was it Skull Island… no, it was Skull Rock. You know, taht place with the machine that glitches the game if you ignore it.

    By yugimew URL on 05.13.2012