May 20th, 2018 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “radical”

  1. ´´ There is a radical bell that is a gong in time´´, said the clerk

    ´´send it along the line and receive it at the end of time´´, said the manager.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 05.20.2018

  2. This will be so rad. He said. It will be fun he said. A few drugs never hurt anyone. Now that guy is dead.

    By SEBASTIANLOVER on 05.20.2018

  3. I had been thinking about it for a long time now. Every day, noon and night. But today I’ve made up my mind. It’s time for a radical change! It’s time for me to turn my life around. And I can do that by following a few simple steps that I have laid out for myself. There’s no point in delaying. It’s about time. All walls began as a single brick.

    By Shalini on 05.20.2018

  4. some new ideas are good, some new ideas are bad but some ideas are completely different. Not derived from existing ones. Radical ideas change the world, at times for the good of it but also at times for the detriment of all.

    By drjbarbara on 05.20.2018

  5. The most extreme position is love. No empire ever rose nor fell whose swelling tide and partisan fury could match the rebelliousness of seeing siblings in everyone.

    By Lance URL on 05.20.2018

  6. She watched the crowd, the fists in the air, the chanting thick and heavy on her cheeks. She needed to get out of here. How? She scanned for an exit. The crowd was only getting louder. She started to duck through people’s raised arms, avoiding the jack-hammer elbows and the wild gesticulation.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.20.2018

  7. There was nothing radical about Sam’s dissertation, but she sure as Hell acted like it was. She seriously seemed to believe that what she had written was cutting edge – extreme – full of shocking new information. It wasn’t. It was simply a slanted perspective of a controversial topic we were all familiar with – and over half of our classmates agreed with her. I sighed and lowered my head against my desk as she verbally patted herself on the back in indulgent praise of her own work.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.20.2018

  8. She looked at the paper. Oh my … how should she figure this out? She bit into the carrot, but munching did not help her think. Not biting the pencil, not biting the root. Roots. She hated them.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.20.2018

  9. The radical they said, when they were referring to me and my partner. For years we pushed back against their lack of resolve. The members needed representation but the old guard wanted nothing to do with creating or performing any new work.

    By Chuck K. URL on 05.20.2018

  10. Boardwalk at Santa Clara beach ~

    “Woahhhh, watch it man!”

    “Did you see that?”

    He let out a sigh of relief with his hands on his head.

    “It almost tagged me.”

    The car raced to the end of the street and ducked around the corner.

    “Damn Radicals.”

    By Jacob Malicky on 05.20.2018

  11. a tossed spark, the galvanized spaces in between the seconds.
    lightning ran down the hills. copper glinting in the aftermath.

    By batteryman on 05.20.2018

  12. It was bright and sunny. But there was a roar in the air. The grounds thundered with the footsteps of the warriors. It was time for a radical change in the country.

    By Shalini on 05.21.2018

  13. Have the opportunity to see, hear and feel new cultures !! This is what I expect from one world.

    By Silvania Miranda do Amaral on 05.21.2018

  14. Again, I just did this. It is a radical idea to have your users repeat the same word more than once in a week. Radical will get you less subscribers if you keep this up. Radical is fine once but not every day. Radical, radical, radical

    By drjbarbara on 05.21.2018

  15. He never grasped the radical influence he had on her.

    By okayfine on 05.21.2018

  16. need to make radical changes in the governance of state to reduce the impact of radical forces on the general public.

    By Shanmuga on 05.21.2018

  17. The coexistence of two radically different feelings for the same person can be extremely confusing and difficult to manage. Emotions are usually simple on their own, but when combined with other feelings or desires they can quickly spin out of control and alter the dynamic between two people.

    By Kristian Pierce on 05.21.2018

  18. Okay, that’s a way too radical decision for us to take -he put himself in the middle of their fight. -How about we go, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and then come back to this, yeah?

    By Bramsy on 05.21.2018

  19. A lot of times bpeople think that radical looks different than what it really looks like. I am radical but I look like a middle aged lady. Being kind is radical. Sometimes just making sense is radical. I think it means that it’s not expected, it’s not necessarily what everyone else is doing. It’s daring to think what you really think and not what others think, and in our culture it can be hard to know which is which. Hence, stillness is radical!

    By Michelle Cox on 05.21.2018

  20. Relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.
    “a radical overhaul of the existing regulatory framework.”

    By michaelbuzz on 05.21.2018

  21. Radical. Dr. Jing didn’t know what I meant when I called a square root symbol a radical in a chemistry course because his English is still broken and not the best. We explained it and all was well.

    By Reegan on 05.21.2018

  22. The radical mouse outran the cat, mostly in circles. Then it stopped. Dead in it’s tracks and rolled over on it back. His little legs were sticking straight up in a paralyzed state. He was playing deceased but the cat was hungry. The rodents radical effort to stay alive didn’t work this time.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 05.21.2018