March 9th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “dismissed”

  1. I dismissed you yesterday so why are you still here, talking to me trying to get me to understand when I don’t want to.Stop trying to explain yourself and leave. You make me sick after all I did for you, you turn around and do that to me I will never forgive you and this person standing her is not the person I know.

    By Eunice on 03.10.2012

  2. D

    Into your imagination

    By Emeli on 03.10.2012

  3. Sitting in our chairs, fidgeting, watching the clock tick. My friend Taylor and I write on pieces of notebook paper….5 minutes! 2 minutes! Sometimes the countdown from class seems like a lifetime. The teacher continues to drone on and on about the American revolution or something like that. Something way less interesting than….BRRRINGG. Class dismissed.

    By alliepb on 03.10.2012

  4. It was tough growing up in different cultures. I always felt dismissed by the half of me that wasn’t represented at the current place where I found myself to be. I’ve learned to be more open minded, and that’s something I’ve tried to take with me on my travels around the world.

    By J on 03.10.2012

  5. it means that you are excused or you can leave!

    By ingaolga on 03.10.2012

  6. the end of the class was the best pat of class. only thing was, we had to head to another one right after that. some people use the word as a way to get someone to top talking, thats just rude

    By Sasha on 03.10.2012

  7. I usually hear this at the end of the class. It’s pure relief. After a long and tiring day filled with colossal disasters, this word is my beeline to freedom, To finally get to sleep. I am certain that a lot of people will agree with me. I can’t think of anything more to associate with this word.

    By Aira on 03.10.2012

  8. I fidget in my seat. All I can see is the back of Rose’s head. I am so bored. 5 minutes till the bell rings. It’s my beeline to freedom, to my bed. No more school. Not all goodbyes are sad, like this one for example, “Goodbye Class, you’re dismissed. “

    By Aira on 03.10.2012

  9. I was dismissed at school this week. Well, duh. When one attends school, he or she gets dismissed at the end of the day. But I was thinking, what if you go to school and you don’t get dismissed. That must suck BIG TIME. Imagine staying in school 24/7 with no breaks for all eternity– no being dismissed at the end of the day. It’s as if you were born in school and made to stay to live there until you eventually die. Not being dismissed.

    By margarita mina on 03.10.2012

  10. The last thing I heard from them was, “Leave. Get out of here and never let us see you again!” And I knew I was dismissed. I turned around and ran out of the room.

    By Iam Me on 03.10.2012

  11. Dismissed. The best word of the day as far as I’m concerned. Class is out, time to go have fun and not think about the tests, exams and everything else for the rest of the day. Let the bell ring, I’m ready to play.

    By leigh on 03.10.2012

  12. to be dismissed, let go, forgotten or given away. But have we ever thought of the dismisser? Do they not themselves feel dismissed in a way that left them with no choice to leave and never come back? And yet no one asks how the dismisser is doing, how they feel about everything or why it happened. It is easier to be dismissed than it is to leave. The dismissed are sad but the dismissers are lonely.

    By Christian on 03.10.2012

  13. She said,”dismissed” and before the final sound left her throat the class erupted toward the door and into the springtime sun.

    By Mary on 03.10.2012

  14. i was dismissed by the boss when I tried to explain the results of my last sales visit. He was definitely not impressed by my numbers. I was way below my sales target and that is my biggest KPI.
    I think it will help me

    By tan on 03.10.2012

  15. I sat their, tapping a pen and scribbling down bits of Notes that I felt were important. A bell rang, kids flushed out the door. Even before the professor could say class dismissed. I got up slowly, I never rush, it’s a dismissal. I want to feel the joy of every second of leaving the damned class room.

    By Liz on 03.10.2012

  16. It is over
    You are allowed to disappear
    Close the door quietly as you leave
    Tomorrow is a different kind of day

    By Alecia Casey on 03.10.2012

  17. I was dismissed from my position on the first Monday of the month. No one would tell me why. I just sat there in front of the desk, eyes down cast, as ‘ the man’ told me that I would no longer be needed there. My mind was a jumbled mess running in frantic circles. What am I going to do now? Where will I go? How will I live? These thoughts careened through me.

    By Mairead URL on 03.10.2012

  18. Ah betrayal, the fond old feeling.
    The emotion eveyone has suffered,
    And that everyone will suffer.
    Ah dismissal,
    So close and yet so tiny.
    Shred of light ripped to death.
    End of the crystal path.

    By Jo on 03.10.2012

  19. He turned his computer on and waited for it to load. He opened his internet browser, as usual, and decided to check out his oneword account. Instead of putting in any effort, he dismissed the endeavor entirely.

    By mr.dylan on 03.10.2012

  20. Dismissed from the group is all I can hear over and over in my mind. Who does she think she is to dismiss me. They can’t possibly let me go for one minor mistake that isn’t even black magic in my mind.

    By Crystal on 03.10.2012

  21. the feeling of dismissal is universal. Weather you are the dismisser or dismisee no one is immune to it

    By G M on 03.10.2012

  22. to dismiss is to not relate, to not think, to ignore. it is to disrespect, give no attention to, to neglect. it is easy to dismiss that we do not understand, that we do not wish to think about, or what may be too painful to remember.

    By emily on 03.10.2012

  23. replaced not taken taken out thrown away fired give out
    put out

    By Nadeto96 on 03.10.2012

  24. please allow yourself to be dismissed. you’ve brought me to tears, you have me on my knees. I feel helpless and alone and you won’t leave. i don’t have the strength any more to get up and get out. its been too long and I’m too lost. I cant even remember what day of the week it is.

    By Abra URL on 03.10.2012

  25. the bell rang I I trample out the door “Summer” I said I was dismissed from school a post office like place with slide doors

    By Gabby on 03.10.2012

  26. “Class dismissed!” Professor Miller said. He liked to end things with finality, make those heads that had dropped onto the table jerk awake. He headed out the door, ahead of the students, but Jack ran up to intercept him.
    “Professor,” he said, “Isn’t that supposed to be x squared instead of x?”
    “Yes,” he said, annoyed. “Trivial error, you can figure it out.”
    Jack groped for something else to say, but Miller slipped out the door. So much for trying to get on his good side.

    By Holden URL on 03.10.2012

  27. betty felt one single word: dismissed.

    No one had bothered to pay attention to her her entire life. She was not the golden movie girl, she had not been chosen from the crowd and pulled on stage, finally recognized for hereyears as playing the mousy heroine we can all relate to.

    By Louisa on 03.10.2012

  28. reminds me of being let out of class at the end of the day only you feel guilty about it. teachers brainwash to make you work harder.

    By juliet on 03.10.2012

  29. The school bell rings and we rush out, the teacher yells,”I didn’t dismiss you! Come back and sit down!”. I return, but all the other students left. So now I am left with homework that no one else got.

    By Adela on 03.10.2012

  30. ideas dismissed
    waste paper basket, crumpled sheets
    lack of inspiration
    what a terrible place to start.

    By bunbury on 03.10.2012

  31. Leaving, going home after a good fight, to rest n be stable. Meeting family again after a long time away from them. Not being needed again.

    By barefeetwoman on 03.10.2012

  32. Too funny. I just wrote a story with this title. My nearly-three-year-old granddaughter dismissed me this morning. I called to thank her for the gift of her painting and went on to say how beautifully she’d colored it. My daughter said she’d left the phone after

    By eagle on 03.10.2012

  33. Dismissed. That’s all I ever was. They always dismissed me from their conversations, their plans, everything. I was dismissed from their entire life and i spent most of mine alone. What happened to us? We used to be so carefree and we laughed over everything but now my whole life has amounted up to one word. Dismissed. Where are you now? You’re with them.

    By Airawen on 03.10.2012

  34. Dismissed. This word is for writing a story to, or a short sentence that says something. This is not a definition site. Don’t get me wrong, you can do whatever the hell you want. But nobody wants to read a definition of every word posted on here. If people wanted that, they would go to dictionary.com and completely dismiss this site.

    By Sarah URL on 03.10.2012

  35. I am dismissed. No one knows who I am or what I’m about. Where does this word fit into our lives? I don’t understand who would do this. It’s crazy. Am I dismissed? Where do I go now? Where do I take myself? There are so many questions revolving around this word. I wish I understood.

    By Ashley on 03.10.2012

  36. She thought about telling the other girl that she was in love with her. Her mind was troubled with fears of judgement. Unknown to her, the other girl had the same feelings. But

    By Cat URL on 03.10.2012

  37. The bank closed down. Leaving behind little fragments of broken hearts lying in the dust, no money, no souls. Robert left the change under his carpet. He was going to start the world over again. No matter what happened.

    By Cat URL on 03.10.2012

  38. I have been dismissed my whole life. Mostly by family, Occasionally by friends, But almost always by the men I decide to give my heart to. They never seem to understand, to be mature enough to know that when i say “I love you”, it doesn’t mean “please stay with me, I’m needy.” I’m not begging for them to care about me unconditionally. It means “don’t fuck this up.” They never listen.

    By Sarahlouise on 03.10.2012

  39. She looked away from me when I tried to wave. No reaction at all would have been preferable. Instead I was completely dismissed. It hurt

    By Turtls on 03.10.2012

  40. she was trying to give you a hint
    but you wouldn’t take it
    left her with her hand hovering in mid-air

    like an idiot; like you
    because you’re an idiot for not listening

    when she not-so-subtly told you to bugger off
    and for listening when she told you to stay
    because now you can’t make yourself leave
    and you’re only making everything worse

    and it hurts and
    you know a dismissal when you hear one
    but that doesn’t mean you’re going to listen

    By notquiteaghost on 03.10.2012