February 1st, 2014 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “dissect”

  1. Dissect my liver
    And tell me if I’m wrong on what I do
    I devour alcohol like it’s a demon
    A savory taste , it swells in my mouth
    The day I die I will say
    Dissect my liver
    And tell me how I was
    Tell me where to go when I die
    And if there will be the rum to drink
    because inside I will feel empty
    Being dissected,
    By my own alcoholism

    By Anthony Ross - stopbeingsilly.blogspot.ca on 02.01.2014

  2. Formaldehyde smell is a certain, distinct, kind of disgusting. The smell perpetrated the halls, creeping through the school, attempting to ooze from our backpacks which had too long been in class with the dead pig fetuses. They looked a lot like a baby pig would. With the exception that they were, well, dead, and cut open, exposed to the world, on the table. We accidentally cut off a testicle. I’m not really sure what we thought it was. Probably cancer. Our teacher never let us hear the end of it.

    By Beth A on 02.01.2014

  3. to dissect the human mind is such a wonderful thing. to go prodding around in such a jungle of a thing to stumble upon new thoughts and Ideas is just exhilarating when you are given the opportunity to do so.

    By Jaypfo on 02.01.2014

  4. Disect your problems that are keeping you from becoming a better you

    By Lenny Bays on 02.01.2014

  5. Oh gosh oh gosh

    It’s says it’s not a word
    I wonder how many other people wrote that
    That’s it
    You’re missing an S

    By Ba on 02.01.2014

  6. The fear was instantaneous. I felt the scalpel slide down my stomach, and iciness formed crystals on my insides. This was never supposed to happen. Not to me. The dissection was for the delinquents of society – not us scientists. What have I done.

    By Rani on 02.01.2014

  7. If I could disect each and every thought out of your brain, I wouldn’t. I don’t want to know who you are. Your face deems of lies and insecurities that I would rather not touch.

    Which is funny, because you really were the closest person to my heart at one point. I thought that if you went, I would go with you.

    But I guess that’s one big flaw in itself.

    By Aya Zain URL on 02.01.2014

  8. The thing lay on the table. cold dead. It’s large eyes staring lifelessly in to the ceiling. The mandibles just longer than the doctors hand, it had a humanoid body but was certainly not human. Its face was long with big eyes at the top and a jaws at the bottom, above the jaws mandibles protruded from where a humans cheek would be.

    By Ryan on 02.01.2014

  9. pull me apart
    Sections are all you’ll determine
    Get a head start
    You’ll find secrets forbidden
    Of failed promises and double sides
    I’ll leak the blood and the bile
    That I couldn’t stifle

    Cut and pin me to a base
    And stay calm as you uncover the mask behind the face

    By Lily on 02.01.2014

  10. I watch as he struggles to comprehend what was just said. He mulls it over carefully, tongue poking into his cheek. Despite the fact that he can normally dissect my logic, today he is abnormally slow.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.02.2014

  11. I sat at the lab bench and frowned. We had to dissect a cow heart. Really? I mean, come on – that’s messed up, even for my standards.

    By morgan on 02.02.2014

  12. divide into. cut apart. separate in to sections. pull into parts.

    By angel on 02.02.2014

  13. Desect is something where you cut it open to see what is inside of it.

    By Shauna wilkinson on 02.02.2014

  14. “I want to disect something,” she said suddenly. “Or, more preferably, someone.”

    I noticed that her gaze was fixed upon him and some random girl. Oh. So that’s why she looked like she was a murderer or something.

    “Relax, girl. Looks could kill, you know,” I said.

    By jhoanna on 02.02.2014

  15. Could they really do that? Just dissect the feelings, and make them all fir in place like the organs of the human body? Could they really? Take the complexity and caos of his feelings and turn the into something structured. COuldn’t be. Couldn’t be.

    By Klara Sørensen on 02.02.2014

  16. I have never seen this word before. The similar word which i remember is “dissect” which is frequently used in the biology.

    By Emily on 02.02.2014

  17. The knife was cold as it cut into her smooth skin. She watched it pierce the surface and saw the sticky, hot blood flowing out. It didn’t hurt. Rather, she was fascinated, watching her own body cut up before her.

    By Rachael P on 02.02.2014

  18. Can you really dissect the feeling ? Can you really dissect the relationship you share with people, however starange ur relationship is ? Can you really dissect your live part from you, If you can then for sure you are not human, You don’t have emotions because a normal human being cann’t do all these things.

    By Emily on 02.02.2014

  19. misspelled dissect
    A whole new world in just a few cells.
    Imagination meets with sciense.
    The past inside the future.

    By jenny on 02.02.2014

  20. It took her a few seconds to dissect the problem. She could see that someone had spilled oatmeal all over the floor, that someone else had tripped over that oatmeal, and that another person and accidentally smashed into a trash can. When she saw this, she decided to back out of the cafe and make coffee at home.

    By Ashley on 02.02.2014

  21. ok, here’s what i see is wrong with the plan. for one, we have too many people. many things can go wrong with that many people. second, the day is wrong, too many people on the street. sunday would be much better.

    By Lee on 02.02.2014

  22. i would love to disect this

    By Jack URL on 02.02.2014

  23. He wanted her. He wanted to disect her brain, extract every thought and contemplation and keep going until he has found her essence…and then corrupt and destroy it.

    By Gaia Serene on 02.02.2014

  24. It was nearly impossible for me to dissect the tiny creature. “I wonder what this frog’s life was like before he died,” I wondered as I forced myself to pick up a heart with a gloved hand. He was probably full of joy… or raised in a laboratory. Either way, I couldn’t escape my biology professor’s call of “You should be getting to the liver now.” I hadn’t even found the stomach.

    By Khadizzle Shizzle on 02.02.2014

  25. in school biology in high school oh god it was disgusting i ended up not doing it and almost failed the entire semester its immoral and unhealthy and i dont know why people would make me do that maybe theyre making us all into serial killers by making us insensitive, and then they would have an army of litlle people to control and conform. school in general is stupid like were all going into a building and coming out the same. thats a song by uhmmm walk off the earth

    By lani rae on 02.02.2014

  26. On the table is a dead frog. Pick up your clean tools, one in each hand. Breathe in deep and push the tools through the body of the dead frog. Disect to see its insides, to see where it really came from.

    By Emily URL on 02.02.2014

  27. One thing I didn’t do in biology at school was have to dissect animals. Can’t say I’m too unhappy about that.

    By Alexandra on 02.02.2014

  28. All my life I’ve hated chemistry and physics. I never understood their abstract concepts no matter how hard I tried. Instead I opted for biology, something an animal-lover like me thoroughly enjoyed. 3 things I did not expect to have to do in my first year of Biology:

    1) learn the chemistry behind water, membranes and photosynthesis.
    2) apply physics concepts of latent heat and vaporization.
    3) dissect the brain of a lamb just like the one that made me smile on my way home everyday.

    By Saloni Singh on 02.02.2014

  29. I was the best student in our science class in my school days. I was always first in class when we were doing chemical experiment, but I just could not dissect a dead animal, no matter how hard I tried.

    By victor URL on 02.02.2014

  30. I want to dissect your brain. It would help me understand the way you think. I would learn the things that pleasure, scare, hurt, anger, and interest you. I would know if you truly enjoyed our time together.

    By Marina URL on 02.02.2014