February 2nd, 2014 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “progressive”

  1. I never knew how to move forward. Everyone told me that progression, acceptance and action, were the only way to continue living. But I had to ask myself, what was the point. It never made sense. If I worked towards the future, wouldn’t it fall apart just as this did. I don’t understand why I would continue to try when it won’t do any good.

    By Bridgette URL on 02.02.2014

  2. To move forward. To step through. To change for better or worse. Step be step, inch by inch.

    By spiderguy on 02.02.2014

  3. Progressive, like a flapper girl. Steal their hair and all. Like a liberal. That’s what you are, you’re progressive. Shame you’re so conservative. The way you judge, you act so progressive. That doesn’t make you a feminist. Okay, sure progressive. Progressive for politics of times a century ago. drink your drink, speak your mind. You still aren’t a flapper. Their gone. Find your own prohibition to fight.

    By Emma on 02.02.2014

  4. I wish that I could see the faint outline of a face
    once more.
    My knees won’t bend,
    and my arms can’t even come close
    to brushing the darkness out of those eyes.
    I can’t get any closer to you.

    By Ai URL on 02.02.2014

  5. progressive. defies definition now.

    By Aliza Wiseman on 02.02.2014

  6. i walked along the riverbed
    hand in hand with the night
    the moon my guide
    and the rives flow my Melody
    singing a song of continuing on
    and longing for whats ahead
    the moon had kissed my thoughts
    with such effervescence that the path
    i followed was the right one

    By Lovelysunnyday on 02.02.2014

  7. I wish that I could see the faint outline of a face
    once more.
    My knees won’t bend,
    and my arms can’t even come close
    to brushing the darkness out of those eyes.
    I can’t get any closer to you.

    By Ai URL on 02.02.2014

  8. Love. Hate. Anger. Lust. Sadness. Joy.
    Emotions are progressive.
    They continue even when you wish for them to stop.
    You have no choice
    but to watch them grow and develop.
    For better or worse.

    By Sarah on 02.02.2014

  9. I don’t want to write about being progressive.
    About accepting everyone around me,
    Regardless of race,
    Sexual orientation,
    Who cheers for the Broncos,
    All people who have faced discrimination.

    This shouldn’t come to my mind when I hear the word.
    But it does.
    And I’m ashamed of that fact.
    We all talk about taking the plunge…
    Screw baby steps,
    Let’s jump together.

    By Siege URL on 02.02.2014

  10. always feel like you have to be progressive with this english teacher. everything has to be groundbreaking– nothing can just be. you have to progress, your mind has to progress, your paper and your thesis have to progress– your grade has to progress. “Almost a C”. so fucking pretentious.

    By rory on 02.02.2014

  11. “We live in a progressive time,” he had claimed, checking his reflection in a nearby shop window. “Society cares just as much about how men look as it does with women.”

    By WearyWater URL on 02.02.2014

  12. She took a deep breath and dove into the pool below. To say she did with a clear mind was not something that was completely clear. It seemed to be a progressive move at the time for Sara Jones. She dove straight to the bottom and found something sparkling in the dim light above the waters. She grabbed it and tugged until it came free from the plaster. It was a locket of some kind.

    By Rosheen on 02.03.2014

  13. Oh, the faux-progressives, I hate them more than the khaki-kids. The khaki-kids, remember them? The boys, mainly members of the chess club, who would wander the halls in matching khaki trousers. They thought they were too brainy for the rest of us. (They were mistaken) Many pens were stored in their pockets. All they did was carry their pens and stare at their chess boards – all while wearing the khaki. That was all. Now that I’m out of school, I no longer have to deal with them. But – these days – there’s a new annoyance…the faux-progressives! The, “Women’s rights! BUT WOMEN WEARING HIJAB/NIQAB/ETC MUST UNCOVER THEMSELVES. For the sake of women’s rights, they must not be able to make their own decisions!” and the, “I support gay marriage and gay people totally and they were born that way (as if that matters) but the transgenders [sic] are delusional and I just don’t think they should have the choice to change themselves.” Oh, how I LOATHE these faux-progressives. Their smugness – the way they glance at themselves in the mirror, thinking they’re gliding forward but they’re really stuck to walls which are unfortunately invisible to them. Someone save those poor lost faux-progressives! Scrape them off the walls. Give them a good scrape.

    By nodochinko on 02.03.2014

  14. No progess. Not progressive. Not moving, staying still, never changing. I’m dying, slowly from standstill. Why not make it something else, why not evolve. Who’s to stop med? No one I guess… And yet here I am, no progress.

    By Klara Sørensen on 02.03.2014

  15. She was suffering badly with arthritis. She’s had it many years and didn’t expect it to improve. Such a painful, progressive illness.

    By Alexandra on 02.03.2014

  16. Always moving forward, that is the one goal in life. Always discovering new inventions and technologies to be used for even greater achievements.

    By Sara on 02.03.2014

  17. What a year it has been till now, I feel i am all the more mature, it is indeed a PROGRESSIVE step forward.
    The word PROGRESSIVE it self is so brilliant it means progressing in progress. So much of progress can make anyone so brilliantly positive and give further more courage for future encounters as PROGRESSIVE makes you feel invulnerable as you are definitely going somewhere and heading towards a positive result. Optimism in the air because PROGRESSIVE is what I am.
    Progress in Progress = PROGRESSIVE.

    By Prateek Rawtani on 02.03.2014

  18. Progressive–a word so simple, yet it suggests such a huge opportunity for development and a better usage of our capabilities.

    By anna on 02.03.2014

  19. The progressive insults of your enemies make you question yourself; your weakness.
    But then, your comrades come, backing you up in every way they can, and the jeers start hurting less, and you feel so much braver because your friends are there, with you; for you.
    You’ve never felt so brave in your life.

    By Bakaneko96 on 02.03.2014

  20. It was a progressive type of pop music, the type that had been fiddled with until it became simply a ear splitting, horrendous noise to those who didnt understand the subtle quality of the mishmash of notes.

    By Ellie on 02.03.2014

  21. The rain progressively hurt my body. As I was walking down the cold street the hard rain hurt my back.

    By Ashley Pop on 02.03.2014

  22. we are meant to be a progressive species. Always progressing further but towards what? Cath looked at all the technology around her in the office and wondered if it really helping humans progress, or with more done for us we were doing less for ourselves.

    By kirsty on 02.03.2014

  23. we ate the hors d’oevres at their house. the soup, accompanied by a fine chardonnay was at the next door neighbors. that meant that the main course was at our house.

    By Lee on 02.03.2014

  24. Progressive.

    By vince URL on 02.03.2014

  25. I never expected to live as I do. Even this isolated mountain can’t fight the progressive wave that seems to define our times. Some call it indoctrinated, but those people were indoctrinated generations ago.

    By asavas on 02.03.2014

  26. This is progressive times we live in

    By Rich URL on 02.03.2014

  27. Progreesive is the car insurance with the highly memorable commercials. Flo is the spokeperson for progressive. She is very funny. I wonder who will replace her when she dies. Everybody has to die sometime. Progressive is a fairly popular insurance company. They have multiple bundling options.

    By Hope on 02.03.2014

  28. Progress. I seem to be lacking that in my life, my world. Packing up boxes and seemingly moving from place to place when really I’m just moving back and forth along the same line. I’m going absolutely nowhere. Silly.

    By Fancy on 02.03.2014

  29. Hey Flo, I love those commercials lol. I would like to think I am a progressive individual. When I think of progress, I think of the picture you take to timeline your workout journey. I think of getting better, but not just physically. I hope that I am indeed, progressive. I hope that I am growing.

    By Cam on 02.03.2014

  30. Is it progressive to deny yourself the wish for children? Shouldn´t women be the ones, who are after the idea of a perfect family? But isn´t this a old fashioned thought? Are we progressive in running after a ideal which isn´t ours?

    By kati on 02.03.2014

  31. moving forward. Many governments are not progressive because they don’t try new things. Progress means to move forward in your journey or path. If I make good progress learning English, that means I’ve learned more and do better.

    By J on 02.03.2014

  32. i’ve got nothing.

    By Rayman UpTheGrove on 02.03.2014