December 30th, 2009 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “discreet”

  1. it’s so difficult to be discreet when you are passionate about a topic. it seems as though secrets are only kept when the subject is something you just don’t care that much about. passion is the deciding factor. on the other hand when something has to do with sexual passion you can be most discreet. just another lesson in the complexities of human behavior.

    By dt1 on 12.31.2009

  2. I would have much preferred to just leave quietly, the way everyone else did when they left a job. But, some of them insisted on a party for me and others felt obligated to go along with it. So, when I had to return to the job three months later, I felt that much more conspicuous.

    By N on 12.31.2009

  3. She pulled her hat lower over her eyes. Her trenchcoat was brown, and in her mind’s eye she saw herself as discreet, mysterious, a shadow in the back corner of a bustling street scene. She knew she needed red lipstick, and she searched her pockets.

    By Ash on 12.31.2009

  4. is when your trying to hide something right?

    By Tiffy on 12.31.2009

  5. cheating.. without getting caught.

    By ds on 12.31.2009

  6. A cat.

    By Juble on 12.31.2009

  7. Andy.

    By Mc on 12.31.2009

  8. is like sneaky. makes you think of black ally cats. slinky. slinking. witches whistlibng silently throught the night air. smalling of winter, of snow, of cold. billowing robes. slinky cats. discreet.

    By Estelle on 12.31.2009

  9. we all try to be discreet when online,well most of us.we dont want to show our true face.some things are secret.well we are like that in life too.not easy to share all secrets.trusting othres is difficult.what if we r not discreet,n our true face is known to everyone.we create an image n wana live upto the image.

    By vishal on 12.31.2009

  10. “God, Zack” Jenna murmured through the hands that hid her face. “It’s hard to be discreet about something when it’s pouring down rain and you’re wearing a a floor length green dress and stilettos that you can barely walk in, isn’t it?”

    “Pretty much”

    By H on 12.31.2009

  11. I fell like I’ve already done this, but like I shoved it from my mind to forget.

    By Anonymous on 12.31.2009

  12. i thouht this word was spelled discrete but i was wrong.
    affairs are meant to be discreet
    the maid on the show im watching is discreet
    actually not really she just got yelled at for not opening the door fast enough
    i dont like this show very much
    they’re drinking drinks called rory’s
    emily is a bitch
    so is hannah ruzow
    so is lindsay withers
    i rather disliek them

    By morgan on 12.31.2009

  13. Blend in, I told myself, just stay to the shadows.

    The cold air around me chilled my fingers, my face, and my heart. I was scared; I was shivering like a little kid alone in the dark.

    Just stay to the shadows, and you’ll be alright…

    By Raelyn on 12.31.2009

  14. i dont really understand the thought of this website. it seems very controlling, telling me what i should do when i should do it, and how long i have to do what you say. don’t think, thats a very hard thing for me to do. first of all, i have to think about spelling or else no one will understand. second of all, well, im almost out of time. oh dear

    By Tamsin on 12.31.2009

  15. the ineviable shit that people

    By Anonymous on 12.31.2009

  16. its difficult to be discreet everytime we are asked for comments from someone we stay with regularly.

    By Taher on 12.31.2009

  17. here i go again. typing away for all to see. Maybe I should start to practice a little of the day’s word. But counter-cultural actions have never been my strong suit. I am a quick learner though.

    By Anonymous on 12.31.2009

  18. There wasn’t really anything interesting at all about james. Not anything that would be interesting to the casual observer anyway. He got his food from the same market as everyone else, and he did his schoolwork in the same school as everyone else. He wasn’t a very outstanding person.

    By Anonymous on 12.31.2009

  19. you can not ever talk about it if you do then it will not be discreet. people like to be discreet and yet they go about being the oppisite to it.
    i like being discreet it is nice. there are many reasons to be discreet

    By sassy on 12.31.2009

  20. dont say anything, keep it to yourself. This has to be a secret and so you cant even give it away with your body movements or facial expressions. Whatever you do you cant be found out……..

    By to cricket on my vespa on 12.31.2009

  21. I was discreet. I didn’t let you know. I walked around you with my face half covered. Cause I knew if I wasn’t discreet, if you knew who I really was you wouldn’t want me the way I’ve longed for you. Discreet.

    By katthegreat on 12.31.2009

  22. Secrets for friends. Lying for others. Hidden. Embarrassing things. Lying to yourself. Sneaking around. Sexual activties.

    By Alex on 12.31.2009

  23. My mother discreetly placed a dollar bill inside the waiter’s hand as she shook it. I’d always thought I’d know how to do that once I tried it out, but I could never do it as surreptitiously as my mother could. Not that I would need to ever bribe any waiters.

    By Allison on 12.31.2009

  24. As a doctor, Charles wanted to tell the patient, “If you weren’t so fat,” “If you didn’t sleep with everything that moved”, but he can’t.

    By Mo on 12.31.2009

  25. I tried to be discreet about my love for you, but how can one contain something like that? Something so strong, so evocative, so passionate? It’s like trying to hold buckets of water in your hands. Try as you might to hold it all back and prevent any sign of emotion from leaking through, it all spills over.

    By KMid on 12.31.2009

  26. She wasn’t very discreet about the affair, but then, I wouldn’t have been, either, if I was sleeping with the emperor. She flaunted his presents shamelessly. At one point she even convinced him that she needed his wife’s, the empress’s jewels, and to no one’s surprise, he got them for her.

    By Dottie on 12.31.2009

  27. People are discreet when they are trying to hide something. Like mystery books.

    By o on 12.31.2009

  28. ‘Discreet’ – great word. Hey you guys already said it all; I don’t know what more I could contribute, so I’m not going to write much of anything here if that’s ok, thanks. Yo, yall have a good day, aight peace out yo.

    By bork on 12.31.2009

  29. I need to give someone a discreet message. I need to tell her that I love her, I wish that I could just open up to all that it is. She is beautiful, and we had to keep my first lesbian relationship a secret. I love her smell, her taste, her touch, her everything. I wish I wouldn’t have had to have been so discreet with our relationship. I love her, I love her so much. I need her in my life, everything I hate about her, included.

    By Claire on 12.31.2009

  30. is it always the same word? came here an hour ago, had nothing to say on ‘discreet’. was hoping for progress. it is never nice to be reminded of one’s previous limitations. is this what you are offering for 2010? constant reruns?

    By isitfiction on 12.31.2009

  31. You need to be discreet in today’s day and age. With cameras in every corner, bringing Orwell’s vision of the future to our present.

    By anonymous on 12.31.2009

  32. I think so discreetly about how he looks at me from afar. Those pale hazel eyes that bore into my soul, but I can’t help but shyly look away.

    By Frannie on 12.31.2009

  33. People wear masks… all the time… different mask for different occasion. We don’t really show who we really are… we are all discreets.

    By Ryan on 12.31.2009

  34. somethings must be kept hidden. they are not meant to be obtrusive or noticed. I like my personally to be discreet. That way, I stay unnoticed. But I’m very outgoing. Just d

    By WTF on 12.31.2009

  35. I wonder just how the deodorant companies managed to create a discreet formula for perspiration. What kind of chemicals are used? How does what was once perspiration rebel against it’s nature to become antiperspirant? The world may never know.

    By Kristin on 12.31.2009

  36. secretive.
    not being seen
    un noticed
    under the radar

    By Liz on 12.31.2009

  37. private, not wanting to be seen, lonely, curious, not being seen, secretive, something wrong, devious, quiet, blending, not seen, alone,

    By kev on 12.31.2009

  38. I want to tell the whole world what I have been feeling the past months. It is not easy, really. And now, I don’t even want to tell anymore.

    By Aapo on 12.31.2009

  39. jxajiss]2qde

    By Anonymous on 12.31.2009

  40. As he moved across the move, he locked eyes with her. He knew that she was the one for him. He wanted her to be mine. So in a very discreet fashion he sneaked his way too her. They greeted each other, and fell in love for ever.

    By JennTheJelly on 12.31.2009