January 21st, 2014 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “disco”

  1. Saturday Night Fever
    12:00 Midnight
    Son of Sam

    Got to get home
    Got to get home
    Got to get home

    One more line and ill call it a dance
    One more dance and ill call him a cab

    Got to get home…

    By nroxk on 01.21.2014

  2. Few times in our history has a single idea or philosophy been responsible for so many indignities and embarrassments as disco dancing. Looking back, it is remarkable that its toll on mankind was so light.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.21.2014

  3. I was at a raging party in the 80’s and man that disco ball glittered like the sun. I sat down to have a glass of beer in a red solo cup but I was entranced by the sparkling wonders of the disco ball. I threw down my cup and danced like it was my birthday, decked in a glittering jumpsuit and everything.

    By Madison on 01.21.2014

  4. Disco is a ball. Sometimes I look at the ball and I feel dizzy. I love to dance with disco because he is round and fat and shiny. He likes to stare at me in the eye but he dazzles so so much that I would usually cover my eyes up. I love him but I can’t look at him for long. So I left. I miss you disco ball.

    By Emily on 01.21.2014

  5. Please. Please can we go? It is late and my eyes are heavy and you are heavy in my arms and in my mind. Can we go? Please, we dance too much and the disco is closing and you hate the music anyway. Please, can we go?

    By Chris on 01.21.2014

  6. The lights are amazing, people are dressed in the 80’s. That’s what the theme for this dance is.
    Before the dancing everybody prepared forvthis night.

    Mary was sitting with her friends, talking and chatting with each other. Everybody is dressed in the 80’s, having fun. Soon each one is dancing with a partner except her. She was wondering
    who will asked her to dance.

    Suddenly, Mike, the most popular boy at school was in front of her, holding a rose.

    “Can I dance with you?” he said.
    At first, she didn’t move. Don’t know what to do.

    “Of course!”

    “Let’s go then, to this dsco!” He grabbed her and they dance till it was over.

    By roze_princess on 01.21.2014

  7. disco ball globe mirror square on rattling motor. silver squares racing across the walls, a marathon of diamonds. smoke, hot humid chemical smog smell in my nose. jiggy jiggl, tipsy, I shouldn’t even be here.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.21.2014

  8. Lights and music. shine and bright. lust and dancing. pointing. drinks. go-go boots, big hair. freedom, black and white. interracial. whitney houston. eyelashes. makeup. love. always. music. colors. sounds. empty dance floor. solo. spotlight. Shine your love for yourself.

    By Karyssa Howell on 01.21.2014

  9. Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun DO THE DISCO!

    By HedrBear on 01.21.2014

  10. disco meant the last of the worries i had that night, in between the thoughts and the blood running low, there is so much time a vampire can survive without losing much of its delicacy. So I felt after this times of nights.

    By lyann URL on 01.21.2014

  11. Standing in a corner
    my desolate heart
    lonely and cold
    only a warm smile
    necessary to break this spell

    The music carries them this way
    next to me, with me
    kaleidoscopic colors match the beat
    mirrored reflections across the room
    “Come with us,” grabs my hand
    hips move without thought
    feet tap, eyes close

    I am dancing at the disco.

    By umbazachika on 01.21.2014

  12. the floor was covered with disco
    and i stumbled through a flapping crowd,
    struggling against the sounds
    and then in the corner of my eye,
    barely hitting my retina,
    i saw her.
    she was dancing like a desperate, crazy person.
    she was dancing like me.

    By Kairn on 01.21.2014

  13. spin spin in circles
    white light
    small white circles swallow

    flickering lights
    eyes flicker
    fight fight flicker swallow

    follow flights
    with your flickering
    white eyes

    By Jem Page URL on 01.21.2014

  14. This was my first time out of the house in six months, and she thought it would be a cute idea to take me somewhere, so I could be ‘social’ but the disco, really? The fucking disco? She would have to pay for this. But I loved her, so I let her pull me away to dance with her

    By Altair on 01.21.2014

  15. The radio was on and the moon was shining like a disco ball. I don’t know what got into me, but I grabbed her hand and started to dance the perfect night away.

    By Chase on 01.21.2014

  16. Right. Those still exist. “Well, yeah I mean they’re modified. They play like club hits I think. I dunno man, it was just an idea.” Yeah, yeah I know. ‘A temperate gaze into the refrigerator. Which opens constantly, but rarely bears le fruit de l’instant. The door, hermetic, closes.’ Well fuck it man, disco it is.

    By Houston Zemanski on 01.21.2014

  17. Writhing bodies surrounded her, each and every one of them buzzed with alcohol. She could smell it tainting the air–a bitter smell that made her wrinkle her nose in disgust. The loud, vibrating booms of the music echoed in her ear. She covered her ears in vein. She pushed through the crowd, squeezing her way through lust-driven couples and uncoordinated bodies. At one point, she could have sworn she felt a hand grab her butt but she decided to pay it no mind and hurry out the door.

    She hated what this generation calls ‘clubs’. She missed the times when gatherings like these were called discos.

    By Abi Ferrazzini URL on 01.21.2014

  18. Small, disco-specks of reflective sequence adorned her long-hemmed dress. She was beautiful and disturbingly unearthly all at once, beckoning with one gnarled outstretched hand and holding a single finger to her cavernous mouth with the other.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.21.2014

  19. Oneword may sound so simple, But in reality it is very powerful. A harsh word can change your life, the same thing when complemented or appreciated with a simple “oneword”.
    To some, it is nothing. But to many it can be everything.

    By Charlotte Gay Valencerina on 01.21.2014

  20. I’ve always been fascinated with disco. The lit floor tiles and the hideous shoes, sparkling suits under the rainbow lights and big hair.

    By Arabela Lenore on 01.21.2014

  21. After the disco, everything’s quiet. Everything’s dim in comparison, too, because nothing is quite like the noise and the color and feeling that you are unbreakable and so is everyone else, the feeling that your armor is the neon lights and the music which thumps in your ears like an earthly heartbeat.

    By ultravioletemily on 01.21.2014

  22. Discos are a weird creation. They are meant to allow men and women to socialize, which means talking and getting to know each other. What they actually do is allow you to run your sweaty body against another person’s.

    By Mahin on 01.21.2014

  23. The invention of the disco was a democratic one. No longer did one person dance in the spotlight. The rainbow lights illuminated all dancers equally brightly, equally fleetingly.

    By Holden URL on 01.21.2014

  24. So much of our lives rely on something to turn, to spin or rotate. However you see it move it will always do just that. Move. Now, you have two options on how you look at this. You can see it as an opportunity or you can see it as an advantage. No matter how you want to see it, it will still move. Regardless of what you want it to do, it will still move. The universe is out of your hands and what is meant to be, will be. Much like that of the mirror ball that reflects the spotlight at the roller rink. Even that damned rink forces you to be trapped in a rotation. However, it was a choice and every choice has a consequence. You knew very well that the rink would suck you in like a tornado, yet, you let it. You knew that you would find joy in the endless cycle. Perhaps it brought back memories from childhood of someone taking you by the hands and spinning you as fast as they could. Trusting they would not let you slip out of their hands. It only took one time for them to let you slip before you would ever let them have another try. There is always joy in the unexpected. At times, there is more joy to be found there. Like the first attempt at a margarita. Maybe it was took much alcohol or not enough, but it was that blender that memorized you for a brief moment. Its that feeling you crave. The whirlwind effect or downward spiral. Its something that no one can run from but they must make a choice. They can let it drag them down or…..they can dance with it.

    By Kari on 01.22.2014

  25. Flashing lights, bumping music, I want to take you dancing. We’ve talked about it, going out, just us two in each other’s vision. We smile at each other, our eyes catch in the dark, and like a dream you vanish

    By Spark URL on 01.22.2014

  26. Disco lights flashed around
    Giving the entire room the psychedelic translucent glow
    That was already reflected in her eyes

    By Sam URL on 01.22.2014

  27. Well that got me seriously stumped. I’m so used to writing terribly dark messages that the prospect of so much shinyness and enthusiasm leaves me speechless.

    By Guillaume URL on 01.22.2014

  28. play, disco-ball, sex, man, women, atraction, house, music, colors, crazy, dance, fun, love, free,

    By Ramona URL on 01.22.2014

  29. Chuckling, they flipped to the next page.

    “What are you kids doing?”

    They closed the album and scrambled to slide it under their parents bed before their mother could walk in the room.


    She turned the corner before it was completely hidden.

    By Michelle URL on 01.22.2014

  30. Disco ball, flashing lights, swirling around lost in the melody. Release from control, self-consciousness dissipates. In that moment I am free.

    By bowjangles on 01.22.2014

  31. Dance. Just dance. It’ll be okay.
    Just dance, he said. Maybe it’ll go away.
    The pain
    The stain
    The man with the mane.

    By Kelly URL on 01.22.2014

  32. disco is an style or entertainment. Some say it is an old and shallow form of entertainment, but these are the people who never try it just gossip about it.

    By nitesh on 01.22.2014

  33. Disco…was it really dead? Of course not. It had just grown older with the people that lived it. Look into your weddings, your basement parties and your class reuinions. The inferno burns on.

    By Parish on 01.22.2014

  34. She never went to a disco.As her mother was assasinated in a disco near her house,she quit having fun.She thought she would probably regret but she didn’t.She,now,loves daily routine.

    By Azra on 01.22.2014

  35. I’ve got my school mesh shorts on. I hate locker room days. Really. All the sweaty. All the fit. These scrawny chicken legs in their boy cut shorts. But its disco dance day. The one portion of PE that actually suits me. So throw on those tunes, mister, and let the dance competition begin!

    By a. word URL on 01.22.2014

  36. enjoyment

    By pranjali on 01.22.2014

  37. I remember when disco was the thing to do. I really lijed the clothes but not so sure that I was ever into disco music. It’s amazing to see disco rise and fall. I wonder what is next on the horizon in the dance arena.

    By Valora on 01.22.2014

  38. Disco is a type of dancing that allows the soul to soar above the dancer and mix and mingle with the flashes of light emanating from a ball that spins like the dancers below. The clothes, the hair, the moves – they all swirl together to create a

    By jj on 01.22.2014

  39. Oh to be young again and be able to spend more than five minutes disco dancing. Maybe it’s time to take up ballroom dancing instead.

    By Alexandra on 01.22.2014

  40. Let the light reflect from little squares of mirror plastered onto a spinning ball. For a moment I’m gonna dance like an idiot – paying no attention the sneers and snarks judging my two left feet. I’m doin’ the hustle.

    By asavas on 01.22.2014