May 3rd, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “dinosaur”

  1. dinosaurs are really weird reptiles. They are all extinct except for the alligator i think. What if dinosaurs came back to our present day. Would it be a miracle or a horror

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 05.04.2011

  2. Dinosaurs are realy old. Have you seen that show The Dino Train? I love that show even though it is a little kid show.

    By emmaliegh URL on 05.04.2011

  3. it was an animal back then

    By littleman on 05.04.2011

  4. sometimes I feel like a dinosuar living in a strange world. Youth all aorund me, and I am lost in a sea of new beginnings. People dont even look at me the look through me past me, around me

    By Seansj URL on 05.04.2011

  5. Woah, them big tall things, with them big tall skeletons! I saw them at the zoo once. It was awesome. To see the big T-Rex running out of the woods, swiping his claws at the trees and gnashing his terrible teeth like the wild thing he was. He big the trunk of one, uprooting it from the groung. He accidentally hit a Brontosaurus in the neck with it.

    By barefootink URL on 05.04.2011

  6. a preastoric creature ..was alive millions of yrs ago…?!?!

    By stillmoon URL on 05.04.2011

  7. Big scary lizards, actually reptiles that lived a long long time ago and are now all extinct because a giant meteor hit the earth and threw up loads of ash and whatnot. There were meat eating ones and plant eating ones and some of them were really big and scary, but others were really quite small and not scary at all.

    By Max on 05.04.2011

  8. dinosorwds are extinct. dinosorwds can be big or small. or fethery. and they can fart. which brings us to benjerman fraklin, who wrote a book report on farts. he put a key on i kite and got elctrocutied. wcich brings us to the guy who invented kites i forgot his name.
    I think he invented the hula hoop too. the hula hoops guy’s brother died as a baby.
    and his mom also had a miscarrage. and was king lear’s sister. and i dont know who was king lear’s brother is, but he invented casltes. and king lear’s brothers father in vented the moat. know one knows why he invewnted it because there was no use for it until the casatle came along. his father inveted the draw bridge who built to protect congress. which was funny because congress didnt exist back then.and his father was actually considered a neadrathal, who invented clothes and his greatx25grandfather was a monkey who figured out that his feet looked like his hands so he checked the functionality and he figured out he had 4 hands. his greatx50grandfather was a rat. He was eventually eaten by a dinosorwd. (disclamer: some of these facts are unconfirmed and my get you a bad grade on your term paper.)

    By just582 URL on 05.04.2011

  9. Have you seen that show Dino Train? i love that show.

    By emmaliegh URL on 05.04.2011

  10. Dinosaurs existed, at least according to the commonly accepted scientific opinion of the day. Fundamentalist Christians refute them as being nonexistent. We have no record of what they actually moved or looked like for the most part, except from their bones.

    By Joe on 05.04.2011

  11. your kiss
    through the gauze-thin

    a divine ball
    of fire and ice
    torching up
    the winter of my sky

    you sear across me
    i am aflame

    By david URL on 05.04.2011

  12. strange, that this was yesterday’s word and hasn’t been refreshed. yet, kind of ironic. it’s the creature of yesteryear, the terror of the world that existed billions of years ago, yet we still ponder their existence today. what a strange irony.

    By Kris URL on 05.04.2011

  13. Huge, strong, awe inspiring, and extinct, like grandiose plans you used to whisper in my ears on lonely nights. Better than dreams!

    By Harvinder URL on 05.04.2011

  14. jaws. teeth. scales. claws. big head, small arms (tee hee.)
    kind of cute, to be honest. in a sort of, “wow, you’re terrifying. be my friend?” kind of way. meh. i’ve written three or four entries for this one. time for a new word.

    By Kris URL on 05.04.2011

  15. i wish i had seen a dinosaur when they were first alive
    like how awesome would it be to see them at a zoo or something
    you know what’s not fair? the fact that animals get caged up in a zoo
    do you think being a zoo keeper would actually be cool? whenever i imagine being one i imagine one specific zoo that i would be at it always looks really cool though.

    By Nicole on 05.04.2011

  16. When I was little my grandparents often babysat my two older brothers and me. They both used to be school teachers so they had many materials left over from their old classrooms. My grandma often gave us each a different genre of stickers so that we could identify all of our belongings. I had teddy bears, my brother had butterflies and my other brother had dinosaurs. I wish I could have had dinosaurs.

    By Lane Collision URL on 05.04.2011

  17. Whenever I eat broccoli, I pretend that I am a dinosaur.

    By Marianne URL on 05.04.2011

  18. is big and like to make alot of noise. it will eat you alive and eat your children. they are died. they died a long time ago. now you can find there bones in the ground.

    By danielle on 05.04.2011

  19. The dinosaur was lurking in the alley, waiting for another victime to devour. It was not that it liked eating the small bipeds, but it was ravenous after such a long sleep. The redhead walked unaware past the blue dumpster where the monster lay waiting

    By Tim on 05.04.2011

  20. roar! dinosaurs are giant scary creatures. They like to eat all kinds of people! Black people, white people, asain people, greek people, it doesnt even matter to them.
    They also eat plants! all kinds of plants! green plants, pink plants, yellow plants,

    By Jeanne on 05.04.2011

  21. A dinosaur lived a long time ago. The dinosaurs could be plant eaters or meat eaters. An example of meat eater would be a t-rex.

    By Anna on 05.04.2011

  22. The kinda guy who buys flowers,
    Opens doors.
    Looks after his partner
    Is he now a dinosaur?
    I’m not so sure but He certainly needs a tailored suit for his little arms and scaly back.

    By Geejay URL on 05.04.2011

  23. stop!! there is a dinosaur in the room! look out! here he comes with bad breath and drool. lunchtime. say a prayer.

    By Lynn on 05.04.2011

  24. I was riding my dinosaur down the ally. It was cold and I could feel the ice beginning to form on my belly. Looking out at the small light coming from somewhere behind the open trash barrel, I realized that the sun was beginning to peak out from the mountain. it had been 6 days since I had seen this sun. And 4 days since any sun at all had passed by my eyes.

    My journey was nearly over and yet, I wondered what this past week might bring. Last night had brought a very different kind of ending. And now I knew that there would always be a possibility that I might return to this lost world.

    It all started onChristmas eve, two years ago. I opened the big box with the large ribbon not knowing who it was from or what might be inside. At first I thought the box was empty. But as I dug deeper, past the papers and air wrap- I saw something glitter.

    By Heitho on 05.04.2011

  25. rawr! the first word i think of. that is all i think of.

    By amanda on 05.04.2011

  26. You’re prehistoric.

    By Dawn on 05.04.2011

  27. I don’t know. It’s old. Very very old. And big. Big and old. Well, perhaps, the thing to do is to be a FLYING dino. That would make all the difference to me. To be able to fly. Even if I am ancien. And feathers, I want feathers.

    By pleides URL on 05.04.2011

  28. I saw a dinosaur one day. It ate me. I went inside the stomach and killed it with my knife i had. It took a while but I eventually got out of the stomach through the skin. It was very bloody. So I went to the river to wash off, but then another dinosaur came through the trees. It was a nice dinosaur though.

    By stevie on 05.04.2011

  29. Dinosaurs make me think of my girlfriend’s little sister, this cute little 14 year-old girl named Carly. We call her Carlos or Carlosaurus or any other number of things. But what I see in her is something special. I see a girl with amazing potential. Seriously, amazing potential. She’s got a heart just like the rest of her family that loves, and yet she seems uncorrupted so far. Which is amazing.

    By Gary on 05.04.2011

  30. I just wrote about dinosaurs but then it got deleted. Basically the gist of that conversation was even though I liked the Land Before Time and I’ve been to the Museum of Natural History and have seen dinosaur bones, it’s not a topic that has interested me a lot. That Disney movie Dinosaur was pretty bad, and I feel like tom boys would like it. Thats all.

    By Michele on 05.04.2011

  31. very big creatures, would have like to maybe see one if it didnt kill me. Makes me wonder if the largest species that were known to inhabit the planet were wiped out, what chances does the human race have?

    By Alicia on 05.04.2011

  32. “I have a dinosaur in my backyard,” he said to me.

    “oh really?” I replied.

    The small boy took my hand and lead me back into his yard. Images of plastic toys scattered about the tall grass filled my mind. When we got there, I gasped.

    Seated in the tall green grass was a raptor.

    By innowen URL on 05.04.2011

  33. This is something every boy loves at sometime in his early life – they know all the names and it is stuff that never crossed my mind in all my bexistence on this earth which is less than dinosaurs but more than little boys. Except of course if you add all their years up together and then every boy’s life might have made up the entire time frame of dinosaurs on this earth

    By abegail URL on 05.04.2011

  34. dinosaur in plastic bags. extinction of all things we do not know. what will they say of us when we are gone? that our arms were too short to reach the ends of the universe?

    By bobo on 05.04.2011

  35. He was like a dinosaur, the last dinosaur. From another time, a certain dignity and majesty in his size.

    By MarkFradl URL on 05.04.2011

  36. So that was the last time I saw him. He was still digging over all the stuff that had happened in our past – analysing everything, picking over the bones of our life. Dead and buried I said.

    By Scoobalicious URL on 05.04.2011

  37. I once was a dinosaur, with large teeth and a fin to keep away others. I roamed the land not wanting for anything and then I saw her….another fin, another one like me. She was beautiful and then I knew what it felt what it was to not want for anything.

    By Elyssa Salinas on 05.04.2011

  38. i love dinosausres, so big. how did they die? so many theories. did they have feathers? how do they know what colors dinosaures were? they dont. monsters…

    By amandaberg URL on 05.04.2011

  39. A small plastic dinosaur is perched on my windowsill. Its shadow expanding behind it as though the true beast is within the plastic is trying to break out. As I watch autumn leaves float slowly from the trees outside of my window just behind it. A soft light brushes past the branches to whisper itself and an accompanying breeze across my face. I look back at the dinosaur pick it up and wander outside to welcome the turn of the seasons.

    By Lili on 05.04.2011