January 3rd, 2015 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “devastated”

  1. I was devastated by the word itself. what a beauty. i had to check on it three time to really read it, to know the letters, and which one came first.

    By barb on 01.04.2015

  2. I was devastated when I awoke and saw that it hadn’t snowed. The forecast had said it was certain. I just knew that I would be playing in the snow today instead of sitting in a desk at school.

    By Stephanie on 01.04.2015

  3. He was there on his knees, shaking with fear and loss, maybe anger. He was never more emotional than he had been right then, when he just lost everything. I glanced at his sword, within his grasp. It was my fault he was here and if he was angry, my blood would mix with the blood of his old team.

    By Kylie URL on 01.04.2015

  4. It felt like my entire being was coming apart. I couldn’t think, couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, could only breathe enough to stay alive. I took another ragged breath, wishing that my body wouldn’t force me to stay alive. I rested my face on the floor, enjoying the burn of the carpet on my tear-washed cheek. I deserved it.

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 01.04.2015

  5. I was devastated when I lost my grandmother. She was my teacher – my protector for all those years.

    By One of the Crowd URL on 01.04.2015

  6. she coulnd’t think. Minerva was dead. Dead, lying prone on the ground, dark hair splayed like a halo around her head, wand laying in her limp hand. as she watched, the wand slipped from Minerva’s fingers and she leaned down and grabbed it before she had time to think

    By Liliana on 01.04.2015

  7. devasted is when the world is full of material things. when people think about things, when we forget to feel the others. when we forget to be we.

    By MABEI on 01.04.2015

  8. I was devastated when they cancelled the original Voltron show. It was an even grea slap in the face when they came out with a live action version called Power Rangers.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 01.04.2015

  9. That one moment where the reality of something hits you you feel as though you will never recover or be the same again.

    By sweetxcherrywine URL on 01.04.2015

  10. I wonder if others feel this lost whenever they see this word. Like do they feel the blows of affliction? Do they hear the words of their abusers? Do they whisper Why. Why me ? as they blows rain on their head?

    By nicole on 01.04.2015

  11. She stared down at the body, her mouth agape and tears welling up in her eyes. Kristina’s mother was dead, and Kristina was absolutely devastated.

    By Devin on 01.04.2015

  12. It opened her up. Made her see beyond the day. Made her see that there is a whole universe beyond her home. Beyond her street. Beyond her town. It made her eyes shine bright in the wake of it all. Made her feel that all the things she thought were important were impartial. And that existence was the point of it all.

    By XcC on 01.04.2015

  13. I have had many moments of devastation in the last year. With my parents splitting and continuing my downward slope I hope and pray that I can gain the willpower to change my life and mature in my responsibilities and discipline. I hope I will not have any more devastation in 2015, but if I do I hope to go head on at the situation with a positive attitude.

    By mia love URL on 01.04.2015

  14. I feel devestated…not really. Hontestly I feel the opposite of devistated. My life is going for the best, not going down the drain. I may have lost some people along the way, but not enough to bring me to devestation. devestation is hopeless, and is hard to fix. Devestation happens after

    By Lola on 01.04.2015

  15. Devastation falls short of a total loss. Short of even melancholy. I’ve been devastated, and so have you. It rocks everyone. Ina profound manner or not. A city can be devastated. Albeit physically. So we should be able to as well. Should we not?

    By T.R.S on 01.04.2015

  16. She was devasted. Nothing here, nothing there, nothing to be found every which way no matter where she looked. Devastation had been wrought and she had been the victim. No way out now.

    By Harrison URL on 01.04.2015

  17. once agian i write and there is nothing left but, this blank p-age and i still miss you, i dont know who you are but youre missed and i hope you are well

    By gilberto on 01.04.2015

  18. “She’s utterly devastated right now and you know whose fault that is?” Jurika demanded. Her hands were propped on her hips and her dark hair swarmed aroujnd her head, the element answering to her building rage. “She’s your daughter, Randolph! Your own flesh and blood and you just treated her like a common street-whore!”

    Randolph flushed a healthy shade of red, guilt flickering through his two-toned eyes. Perhaps he had been harder on her than he should have–but she should’ve known better! She should have! “She’s old enough to know better!” he threw back. “She doesn’t have to-!”

    “To take after her mother? To be what her very blood sings for her to be?” Jurika snorted. She tossed her head, spinning on her heel. “It’s a pity you’re human, else I’d kill you. Damned man.” She huffed. “I don’t know what her mother saw in you, she was pure fae in the way that some people are all soul. You dinna deserve her. She deserved better and heaven help me if I let you turn her daughter into a simpering human wench!”

    The door of the winter cabin shook and rattled behind her dramatic entrance.
    But her words registered a few seconds too late for Randolph. He shot out of his chair and charged after her, skidding to a stop due to the front porch railing.
    He could see Jerika standing out in the clearing of the snowy hollow, a tight grip on his daughter, Heather’s arm. Heather, who was leaning into the one-armed embrace, her face a blank mask.

    Jurika’s hardened expression stabbed through him as she reached into the air above them, shimmering green energy balling at her fingertips. She flung it to the ground and the resulting explosion covered thier exit.

    When the snow spray had fallen, his eyes readjusting to the flash, Randolph felt his stomach clench and heave. His daughter, his only child–vanished. He threw up over the porch railing, tasting every bitter gram of hate he’d hurled at her just moments before.

    Heaven help him–what had he done?

    By Sara H. URL on 01.04.2015

  19. The house was now a place-where-a-house-once-was. Strangely, the stove was still firmly rooted in place, like a stubborn guest who refuses to go home after the party’s clearly over. It sat untouched among a heap of detritus: smashed chair remnants, dented cans that had fallen from the cabinets, the cabinet doors themselves.

    By Yona URL on 01.04.2015

  20. Completely heartbroken. Disappointed. Brought down.

    By Sandy on 01.04.2015

  21. It devastated her for days when her mother informed her of her non support. Why couldn’t her mother be happy, she’s found love. Who cares if its with someone of the same sex? love is love right?

    By Morgan URL on 01.04.2015

  22. They clambered over the craggy hilltop, scouring their fallen comrades for any signs of life. Dirty clouds tinged green lay low over the land, diffusing the blood red light of the sunset.

    By cat URL on 01.04.2015

  23. They clambered over the craggy hilltop, searching among their fallen comrades for any signs of life. Dirty clouds tinged green lay low over the land, diffusing the dim light of the setting sun, as the devastated survivors slowly began to give up hope.

    By cat URL on 01.04.2015

  24. Bereft and set in desolation
    barren landscape of a soul laid waste
    on a foreign oasis of no return
    from the morrow and near the dawn
    sent from where I am
    to a place I’ll forever be
    a new fallen flame
    empty without aim

    By Protean URL on 01.04.2015

  25. She was devastated. The news hit her in the chest and left her gasping for air. It reminded her of the feeling she had gotten when falling off the swings and landing on her back as a kid. That breathless feeling, hoping for intakes of air that would never come. That pain has lingered with her each day since. And she had no doubt it would linger for each useless day until she finally dropped dead of her own doing.

    By Heather on 01.04.2015

  26. Why is this word still here? Do I need to change timezones or something? Damn was hoping to write something else about a different word. This sucks.

    By Dart07 URL on 01.04.2015

  27. We hadn’t had ice cream in 2 weeks. The kids were devastated. But at least we had each other. And our band of 13 zombies close at our tail. The time was short, but we were close to making it to the outpost alive.

    By Rover URL on 01.04.2015

  28. All I can think of is this word being said in a British accent. I blame the devastating number of hours I’ve spent watching the show Made in Chelsea. Eyyoo!

    By shelby on 01.04.2015

  29. That is a perfect word for today’s entry. I am devastated. I have a boyfriend whom I think I love, but he doesn’t even seem to care about my life or how I am doing. He is a bit self-centered. I don’t like that this word describes how I feel about an important relationship

    By Kaitlyn on 01.04.2015

  30. I was devastated. I couldn’t explain it. I had only known her for two months, but I had already grown so attached. She was like a sister to me. Loving, kind and generous like everyone else actually should be, and pretended to be, but weren’t. And now she was dead.
    I remembered her, lying there with her neck turned at an abnormal angle and shivered. She didn’t deserve that. I wiped the tears off of my face and dabbed at my sore nose with a tissue.

    By Aradia on 01.04.2015

  31. fallen. ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and you’ve fallen at last on your knees amidst fire and smoldering charcoal. nothing matters. nothing did.

    By ari URL on 01.04.2015

  32. She was devastated. How could God let this happen to her daughter? She never hurt anyone. She did what she was told. She was friends with everyone in town. Why then was she six feet under?

    By Lisa URL on 01.04.2015

  33. The landscape was destroyed. The blast, whatever it was, had done what it had intended to do. There were no survivors, only piles of ashes and many many lost loved ones. Memories destroyed in the blink of an eye.

    By Battleplastic on 01.04.2015

  34. I’m devastated! I just wrote my first ‘ entry last night. Thought I’d have another word today! Guess not!!
    Oh, well, maybe next time!

    By AT on 01.04.2015

  35. Well, I’m totally devastated!! This is the third time I’ve logged into Hopefully I’m getting the login and password down so tomorrow I’ll have another word besides devastated!

    By AT URL on 01.04.2015

  36. The day was going all well for the lady. She had done her work correctly, there was a sale at the market that day as well! She was even allowed to go home early! ..But when she arrived home, the sight before her devastated her. Her husband was having an affair on her, in their own home!

    By Tsuki on 01.05.2015

  37. When I saw the two of them together I immediately found it hard to breathe. I can’t explain it very well but the closest thing I could say is that it felt like someone took a sharp blade and slowly pierced my lung with it, all the while staring coldly into my eyes.

    By Grainne on 01.05.2015

  38. Crying, sobbing, uncontrollable DEVASTATION.
    It consumes, it swallows me whole, I cannot escape.
    I am not sad.
    I am not disappointed.
    I am in the mere nothingness of being devastated

    By Emily URL on 01.05.2015

  39. Annabelle felt totally devastated. John departure from her life had left a hole that she felt would be impossible to fill. How could she possibly go on?

    By Tracey URL on 01.05.2015

  40. I was devastated when I saw the sight of so many deaths that occurred during the typhoon that hit the Asia island last year.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.05.2015