April 7th, 2011 | 633 Entries

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633 Entries for “determined”

  1. I will not let you get to me. You try to drag me down to your level, simply because you know you’re in the wrong and it kills you that you can’t be happy. You refuse to fix yourself, determined instead to knock me down. I’ve got thicker skin than that- you won’t get in.

    By kaylah URL on 04.08.2011

  2. He was determined to jump-off the cliff but had no courage to face the pain, the pain his mother would feel when she sees her child crumpled into an unrecognized mass. A tear rolled down his cheeks. He backed-off, pulled his wheelchair and thanked god for the New life.

    By Tyroceur URL on 04.08.2011

  3. Thought about. I love you! :) Ahh Fml. HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHHAHAHAHHA

    Idont like typing. things. i Am determinded to jump off this building.

    By bryan URL on 04.08.2011

  4. The road slips in and out of
    visibility. It this seems like
    the road is an open mouth
    that has no other intent
    but to swallow me whole.

    I have to get to the end.
    I have to.

    By Destin URL on 04.08.2011

  5. I am determined to be better. Determined to be better than I am now, to be better than everyone else. I just am. Determined. I will do it. I will do this. I swear I will. I will improve this, whatever I am now, and be better. I can do this. I know I can. I have the power to do this.

    By Farah URL on 04.08.2011

  6. I am determined to make this work. Right now I have a few things on my plate that are extremely stressful and I am trying my best to make them work out as successfully as possible. I love the feeling of being determined because it helps me to get things accomplished

    By Kristina Lynne URL on 04.08.2011

  7. Determined people can drive me crazy. but it depends on what they are determined about. it isn’t the same as ambition. it seems limited to the moment, an urge to press on no matter how ridiculous it seems. but usually it is fruitless determination that gets people thinking they can do the undoable which leads to disappointment.

    By m.ellen URL on 04.08.2011

  8. determined

    By eduardo URL on 04.08.2011

  9. it`s when you are aimed to do something. it`s when somebody has already known who you are and are going to be. It`s boring. It`s annoying.

    By V on 04.08.2011

  10. firm and resolved to do what you have planned. There is no stopping me when I am determined, usually for a good work. Someone may be determined to do something evil, but not me. There are times in life when I wish my determination was stronger but it is a firm resolve now and will continue as long as I can breathe.

    By T Boone URL on 04.08.2011

  11. I don’t know if I’ve ever been determined to do or be anything more than what I want. I do what I want with whatever I decide it’s best for me. I determined to come to BYU and study and marry a white boy. I’m graduating this April and I’m marrying a white boy on June 25th. I rock.

    By Nadia on 04.08.2011

  12. I am determined to be a boy scout till i am eighteen. I determined to do baseball every year that i can. Determined is you are going to do something no matter what.

    By Jpac URL on 04.08.2011

  13. The end of this sentence is to be determined at a later date.

    By Sam tate URL on 04.08.2011

  14. Determination. A thing that 90.2 percent of the human population lack. A thing that will crush you faster than you can say it, or bring you to the top of a mountain if you have enough of it. Determination: will get you there.

    By Ashley on 04.08.2011

  15. determined is not giving up keep going when people say you are going to fail you are determined to succeed so you keep going and don’t stop until you succeed.

    By josh on 04.08.2011

  16. Determined is to not give up it is a good trait to better your life to get a job.

    By devin21 URL on 04.08.2011

  17. i am determined to do good on show and tell today. i hope i get an “A”. determined means to settle or decide (a dispute, question, etc.) by an authoritative or conclusive decision.

    By chase URL on 04.08.2011

  18. i am determined to get through this year with out going crazy! i really want to go on summer break:)

    By kimmy411 on 04.08.2011

  19. i am determined to get a good grade on my project

    By Brittany URL on 04.08.2011

  20. iam determined to get good grades and go to high school next year.

    By delgean URL on 04.08.2011

  21. i am very determined to get past my high jump record 5feet

    By ruger13 URL on 04.08.2011

  22. focused. goal oriented. mind made up to follow a particular course.

    By iamnotcutesoha URL on 04.08.2011

  23. i am determined to accept myself right now, this moment. determined to stop right now beating myself up. determined to let go of the shame and contempt i’ve put on myself for way to long.determind to live every moment the way i am with no judgments. determined to be kind to everyone i meet, and know that they are the same as me with there struggles.

    By bill lazarus URL on 04.08.2011

  24. I am determined to be able to bench 170 before i become a freshman in high school i could already max at 160.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 04.08.2011

  25. I am determined to get a good grade in math and english.

    By Tshombe Harper URL on 04.08.2011

  26. …Well when you are determined, to me it is like my motivation to succeed or even just like little things you could be determined to do and maybe even just things like “Hey I am going to be a 40 yr. old person that lives in my parents basement!” Hey, Its possible(:

    By Claudia on 04.08.2011

  27. A little girl picked up her little doll and ran to her room. The mean boy had told her the doll looked ugly. But she would show him. She ran to her mother’s room and grabbed her bag of makeup.

    By Genny on 04.08.2011

  28. Determination, it’s something that we all will, at some point, eventually run out. Although not today, or not tomorrow, it happens to all of us. Especially to the best of us.
    To be determined, is not just about having a set goal, but being able to strive for it through thick and thin. To not lose your determination, is another thing. The trick to it is to find motivation in the littlest of things and strive for better through that.

    By Dhanish A. on 04.08.2011

  29. finish
    casi nada

    By mayra on 04.08.2011

  30. one who is firm about his actions, decisions and thinking.

    By Tabish URL on 04.08.2011

  31. To be determined, is to strive
    To know your goal and reach
    To be determined, is to be relentless
    persistent and inflamed.

    In life sometimes we are aimless
    searching for a light
    to be determined. Is impossible
    Without a dedicated sight.

    By isobel on 04.08.2011

  32. iwas determined to get on this site

    By bilish1 URL on 04.08.2011

  33. law school waitlist… twice

    By Caroline on 04.08.2011

  34. The word that makes you work, makes you live up to, makes you want to strive, prove yourself, prove them wrong. Why not be determined? This is your life, the only goals are the ones you set yourself so set them high because the biggest disappointment will be not living up to your potential. So go! Be free, do.

    By Anonymous on 04.08.2011

  35. I am determined to make it in this world. If the only real question that needs to be answered is “who am I and what did I come here to do” then my job is to find the answer to that question. Everything else is just part of the game.

    By paulie aragon on 04.08.2011

  36. Determination.

    It’s something I’m pretty sure I don’t have. I’m not determined. I just don’t care. I don’t want her anymore.
    She’s not worth it. She’s just not. I’m not determined to have her hand held in mine… to have her blue eyes look lovingly only to me. Nope.
    I’m not.
    I don’t care.
    Determination is something I just don’t have; especially not for her.

    By Mady URL on 04.08.2011

  37. A state in which one exhibits unyielding diligence in order to reach a goal. It is also interpreted as the state of being obstinate towards the act of quitting.

    By Jay on 04.08.2011

  38. I’m determined to make a mark. I want you to be able to tell that I was a part of this world. I want to leave this world never the same and turned right side up. And that’s exactly what I’ll do because I’m determined.

    By laughalot on 04.08.2011

  39. i AM determined as ever to not trust everything im told.
    naive days are over.
    you know you’ve been sleeping too much of your life away when realtors think they can take advantage of your dollars. no way no way, determined to be independent.

    By Celia on 04.08.2011

  40. determination is for the weak.

    By ananda on 04.08.2011