April 7th, 2011 | 633 Entries

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633 Entries for “determined”

  1. I am determinde to live my life to the fullest and not allow this to get me down or drown my spirit in tears. I will survive. I am determined to survive! You were so determined to break me, shake me, hurt me to mu core – I am determend to show you what I am made of. Love, life, personality and the most important thing…a heart…made of gold and sentiment.

    By Hanri Wondergem on 04.08.2011

  2. It has been determined
    (try not to frown)
    that I won’t take this
    lying down.

    Because I outright refuse
    while I’m on this earth
    to let you determine
    my measure of worth.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.08.2011

  3. She will become determined to success. The adrenaline that flows through the light blue veins will push through every pour in the body to make it work. It will work, it has to. If I didn’t, not only will her life be at stake, but also the lives of others.

    By Courtney on 04.08.2011

  4. like the earth moving
    like nature unstoppable unchanging
    determination is what keeps us moving forward
    ikn some cases it can be a bad thing because it makes people unwavering unable to change or compromise

    By Rita on 04.08.2011

  5. I am determined in so many ways. Determined to make my life full. Determined to make my job successful. Determined to keep after my back issues and get them resolved. I have so many friends, family and resources that continue to make me determined. What a great word . . . it is so fitting for this day and time in my life!

    By Carla Thomas on 04.08.2011

  6. Determination is a sin, you’ll find it living in a bin. To win is not down to success but down to having less.

    By bryan on 04.08.2011

  7. I was determined to make it work.
    Shirk the feelings of uselessness, the apathy, the drudgery
    shake it like the winter coat I’m aching to abandon.
    I’m awaiting the new season, the new air, the sweet breeze
    I haven’t always been addicted to ease; it’s a recent disease

    By Thea on 04.08.2011

  8. Sad

    By Shanika Rosa URL on 04.08.2011

  9. they save you, but they don’t love you. They only think about themselves, no, they think about the others and how they’re thinking. They don’t need your help, you need them

    By RONAHI URL on 04.08.2011

  10. I already wrote about determination. No more mental masturbation!

    By tom on 04.08.2011

  11. unstoppable, i stared across the street from the mission at the wooden cross. hair blowing in the wind. pink dress hugging my young curves. arms crossed. my eyes pierced through the sun’s glare as I read the passage from Matthew about perserverence. I made it. Graduation.

    By Tracy URL on 04.08.2011

  12. A personal ambition to do things perhaps greater than it is apparent to be possible.

    By emily on 04.08.2011

  13. i need to be more determined with things in my life. sometimes i too lazy and i think i want things and dont go after them. if i were more determined with things then i might actually get things done and be happy with the things i do.

    By Danielle on 04.08.2011

  14. I’m determined to do something today. Maybe not something good, but hopefully not something too bad. Just having the determination will hopefully be enough to get me going; inertia will take over, and I’ll let nature run its course.

    By David URL on 04.08.2011

  15. I am determined to not miss anymore days of school since I’ve been sick for the last two days. Yuck! I hate being sick.

    By summer firm URL on 04.08.2011

  16. I was determined to finish my math test. It was really hard to do. I got it finish in time, so i wouldn’t have to come in at lunch and finish it.

    By Kayla URL on 04.08.2011

  17. it is a wonder how someone is willing to be something in this world. they are determined to become without thinking. they want with no more reason than because others want as well or worse because they have. No wonder the world is falling apart.

    By BrokenAngel on 04.08.2011

  18. I determine that you are cool. I mean kinda weird.

    By Daylan Turner on 04.08.2011

  19. My mom was determined to throw me the best birthday party i’ve ever had.It was the coolest 13th birthday party ever.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 04.08.2011

  20. I’m determined to have a great birthday this weekend.

    By RaeRae URL on 04.08.2011

  21. Many times i was determined. Mostly i was determined to talk my mom into stuff. Like letting my friend spend the night. I also talk her into a lot of others stuff. Many more…..

    By snickers104515 URL on 04.08.2011

  22. He was determined to see her… no matter what had happened and no matter what he had said. He needed to see her again. He needed to explain.

    By Midge URL on 04.08.2011

  23. I am determined to make this work. I am determined to get this masters degree, enter my field, and be good at it. I am determined to tell everyone at this job to fuck off by succeeding. I am determined to continue to live the life I love. I am determined to become all the things i dreamed about and have all the things i love, which isn’t a ton. I am going to do it. And nothing will stop me.

    By Crystal URL on 04.08.2011

  24. I am determinded to have everyone be annoyed to by my cheer voice. That would be awesome. It’s my birthday that’s what’s up. I am determinded to end this right now.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 04.08.2011

  25. i am determined to be a good father. whatever it takes. because my father was lousy and was never there. i realize i was not the best husband, but if i could only avoid being like my father.

    By JB on 04.08.2011

  26. I want to be successful. A more valuable statement would be, I WILL be successful. I will make the most of every minute of the day. I will learn something everday. I will be a constant participant in the exchange of information that goes on in the world.

    By Victoria on 04.08.2011

  27. She was bound to head for the cliff and jump. I couldn’t stop her. No one could. If she had known there wasn’t a pool of refreshing water below, she would have not been so determined to jump.

    By Inviere on 04.08.2011

  28. I am totally determined to write something useful here. I’m not sure I’ll do very well.
    Determination is what keeps us going, and you can’t lose heart, otherwise what’s the point in starting anything? Stay determined and good things will happen for you.

    By Elle on 04.08.2011

  29. determined is something what you do before you write or think

    By chewbaca URL on 04.08.2011

  30. I am DETERMINED, to have a great day. Even though it is windy. :(

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 04.08.2011

  31. I am determined to make shot put again next week in track!!!

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 04.08.2011

  32. I come to this site and see a demand; not just a demand, but a persuasive question. I didn’t think free-writing can achieve anything at this moment just before I go to class, but I am determined to gain something out of it. I constantly struggle to put words on a page fast….I can do it though, I can. :) and they’re worth something.

    By Hector Fuentes on 04.08.2011

  33. awesome
    ready to do whatever life brings your way. you have goals, desires wants needs. a wish to achieve and do more

    By danielle on 04.08.2011

  34. I’m determined to make things work. I’ve got a long list of obligations, but I’ll take them out. I’ll pay down debts; I’ll save for the future; I’ll make a name for myself.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 04.08.2011

  35. I was determined not fail at life. I had the inability to accept failure. I felt damned to hell when I did not succeed at the daunting tasks before me and was not able to perceive the lessons meant to be learned by my short comings. I have come to except them now that I am older and wiser, I have found peace through thought and close observation of self.

    By tiffanyr URL on 04.08.2011

  36. I am determined to do what I must do and to be who I must be. But the sense of must is strange, since who is it that is determining what “must” is? For example, is it God or is it my parents or society or more frightening Focauldian normalizations or something more gentle, like emotion? It’s hard to determine. Indeed, determination — agency, plays a role. Oh, I have more time?

    By Max URL on 04.08.2011

  37. I came to India to determine what my life would be for the rest of my life. I am determined to be come a nurse and more ambitious to become a small time business man, owning my own restaurant. I am determined to make my life become something everyone else said that was not possible. I know there are many obstacles but I am determined.

    By Shawn URL on 04.08.2011

  38. I am determined. I am determined to be the best. At everything. I refuse to let anything stop me from getting to where I need to go. I will persevere. Forever and ever. Until I reach the goal. Nothing will stop me.

    By Jennifer on 04.08.2011

  39. i don tknow why i have to do this tupd test mabe it will say simething about my prsonality

    By jen on 04.08.2011

  40. Determined to succeed. To be focused. To work hard. To go after things you want. To not give up. To keep going even after you fail and believe in yourself. Never give up, and make it work in the end. Keep going even if people put you down and say you can’t. Become better.

    By Chris on 04.08.2011