August 21st, 2009 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “destination”

  1. your bed, with my clothes on the floor. your bed, where we fucked. where we fell in love. where we laid and listened to music, played roller coaster tycoon. your sacred room. we locked ourselves within each other there. cutting school, making quesadillas. playing with boxes before you moved. I miss all of it. your bed. the only destination I ever wanted.

    By Brittan on 08.22.2009

  2. I walked for miles it seemed to me. we had no where to turn, yet the road was the only shelter we needed. our lives are travlling from on destination to the next only to realize we were already there.

    By Dave on 08.22.2009

  3. There is a place you seen when you dream. A place you can not help but imagine while working. You know you can be happy there but it is so far away, you can not travel to that destination alone..

    By Stephen Edge on 08.22.2009

  4. a place you mean to go to, but may never reach. maybe you dont understand why you need to go there, or where it really is, but it is always in our heads that it is somehow our goal. It could be a short term goal or longer, but there is always such a place in our minds.

    By Katy on 08.22.2009

  5. The destination; a little more than a fragment of her wildest nightmare, but still, ever present and ever vigil. It was all too apparent now what had to be done, and where the path was taking here, albeit neither here nor there.

    By M on 08.22.2009

  6. Her final destination would take her far from all that was familiar and safe. The life she’d always known in the small town she hated being in.

    By Karen on 08.22.2009

  7. Looking down the road, I suddenly veer the car to the margin and stop. As the dust swirls around me, I try to remember. I was after something, an item on a list. Was it metal? The traffic whips past me, a plush slap of air without a pattern. My hands lock at the twelve o’clock position and I wait.

    By Brian Slusher on 08.22.2009

  8. Why destination? Why not page, or course? I don’t think this will do anything important, but I like witting in English, because I’m from Spain and by this way I can improve my English, and it will be better every time I practise it. My destiny…I don’t know what it is.

    By Alejandro on 08.22.2009

  9. looking for the prefect one?

    By laura vargas on 08.22.2009

  10. where are we going? it is where you are when you suddenly realize that you dont have to move for a while, that you could be satisfied with your exact situation and circumstances. it is the time/space that makes us feel accomplished and secure. its where it want to be.

    By TB on 08.22.2009