August 22nd, 2009 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “gym”

  1. it is a place were you get to work out and have fit and healthy body . but that alone doesn’t help you get a fit body . it requires a combinationn of good and healthy food as well as exercise.

    By geosh on 08.23.2009

  2. Nasty, sweaty and filled with pretty people in tight, pink clothing.

    By Rillia on 08.23.2009

  3. gym is horrible, i never go but i probably should. it costs quite a lot too when you could just go jogging on the street or swimming

    By Nemma on 08.23.2009

  4. sweaty and intense difficult to motivate but so worth it ew gross old ladies and men working out and leaving their sweat patches everywhere pain in my legs and arms and can’t breathe need rest sleep good

    By nancy on 08.23.2009

  5. Omigod! gym is one thing I never, ever do. Rather, gymming. Better to think of a romance blossoming between a sweaty instructor and a slightly overweight-in-a-cute-way, starry-eyed girl with puppy fat!

    By pri on 08.23.2009

  6. I was always good at gym but I never wanted to be good at it. I wanted to be the one of the girls who sat on the bleachers due to a mixture of real and fake medical reasons. Oh well. I stayed thin and got all the boys.

    By Brittany on 08.23.2009

  7. I was at the gym that morning when something extraordinary happened to me. When I realized that I had one magnificent thing in common with the Motley Crue of people busting their asses there. They were all people. As am I, a person. With flaws and wishes and wants and fears.

    By Corynne on 08.23.2009

  8. I went tot he gym last night to work out. I saw several of my friends. We ll went out for a drink after

    By sue on 08.23.2009

  9. I hate the gym. I’ve tried thousands of times to motivate myself to go, but I would so much rather go for a walk in the park (or anything other thsn getting sweaty around other sweaty people in such a horribly sterile place

    By Megan on 08.23.2009

  10. gym class scares the fucking shit out of me. will the boys laugh? will they stare? my god, why do i have to wear a swimsuit, and why is it so hot outside? my gym shorts have a hole in them in the most inopportune area. i really need to get a new PE uniform, but why why why why do i have to go to gym class? goddamn it to hell

    By jennifer on 08.23.2009

  11. i went to the gym yesterday, and i met this totally skeezy guy. he stared at my boys the whole time i was on the treadmill. i asked him very nicely to stop multiple times, but he wouldn’t. so, i punched him in the face.

    By Anneliese on 08.23.2009

  12. i hate going to the gym but i know i need it. i end up spending more time watching infomercials about miracle weight loss diets and exercise, and i find the world a blur of pixels whose smiling faces show nothing. i eat yogurt and weep.

    By alexz. on 08.23.2009

  13. I wish I could go to a gym. That way I would be in shape which would be awesome. I’m not in bad shape, I’m just average. Always average. If I could go to a gym then maybe kolton wouldn’t hate me. Or something like that. I just wish everything would become better once I joined a gym. Hopefully.

    By Jen on 08.23.2009

  14. It’s PE now, don’t call it gym!

    By Mrs.B on 08.23.2009

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    By Jerry on 08.23.2009

  16. I remember spending many hours in my high school gym practicing basketball before school began in the winter. In my life, I’ve never gotten up so early, but I never felt better than on those cold, winter days.

    By Andy Yauchler on 08.23.2009

  17. I went to the gym yesterday. For the first time in a little over a week. I felt all gross and fat before going. Because I’d been lazy & unmotivated. Also, the day before I had 34 cookies for dinner. I weighed myself at the gym and discovered that I lost 2 lbs on the cookie diet. Go me.

    By k on 08.23.2009

  18. i really don’t like gym, i feel like it’s a waste of time. it’s just a whole bunch of people not doing much, standing there looking miserable and acting like it is a complete waste of energy. it’s horrid.

    By girl. on 08.23.2009

  19. I love to play in the gym. It is fun. Especially when the rings are down. They are my favorite activity in the gym. I also like to play sports in the gym. It is not as hot as it is outside. It is cool to hear all the sounds echo. Normally, when you run around the gym you hear a lot of echoing sounds. This is a really fun place to play.

    By Dudelle on 08.23.2009

  20. I hated gym class. Just another way for the fat girl to be further outcasted from her peers. It’s not that I wasn’t any good at sports, in fact it’s quite the opposite, but no one ever gave me a chance. It’s funny to think how many games of this or that I could have helped to win, but never got the chance because of how i look.

    By Emily McCoy on 08.23.2009

  21. being healthy. losing weight. sweaty, sticky, gross. working out, getting fit. aerobics, weights. tredmils.

    By crystal on 08.23.2009

  22. a place to work out

    By sean on 08.23.2009

  23. It was the one class I hated, where I stripped down to shorts and a t-shirt and felt naked for an hour. I was lost in my body, having lost the instruction manual on how to make it go faster or move gracefully. Then there were the brutal sports, especially the medicine ball, a lump of hate thrown by bullies to knock over the thin and poetic.

    By Brian Slusher on 08.23.2009

  24. Walking into the gym I can’t help but think, “Why is everyone here in better shape than me?” And then I remember, I am a fatty. I giggle. I waddle when I walk. I wear glasses and make funny faces, but at least I’m a good person.

    By Peter Soto on 08.23.2009

  25. gym. where you play tennis, rip your shorts. get picked last. gym. where you get time to do whateveur you want. changing in the bathroom, getting your clothes stolen. gym. its the best thing about school.

    By anonymous on 08.23.2009

  26. Sometimes I go to the gym to work out my problems of the day. It’s as if the blood-pumping and sweat-dripping rubs my troubles out of my skin and onto the floor. Cardio is my homeboy.

    By BrenKen on 08.23.2009

  27. gym is place where we do exercise and keep fit. other option is morning walk in park and do some exercise and feel much better then gym.

    By s on 08.23.2009

  28. Gym class frightened her. It wasn’t the changing, the bare nakedness in front of all the other girls in the sweaty locker room. It wasn’t that she was bad at sports, or even that she was afraid of making a fool of herself. It was the teacher, suspected of pedophilia.

    By dami on 08.23.2009

  29. Ugh, I’m too self conscience to go to the gym. I have a treadmill that I used pretty good at first but haven’t been on it in about a month. I’ve still managed to lose some weight despite not working out.

    By Chelle on 08.23.2009

  30. workin out, vainity, looks in the mirror sees a scrawny little man, does 40 more.. 40 more… 40 more…. til he lies on the floor in a pool of sweat and with a dire lack of self esteem

    By Michael Phillips on 08.23.2009

  31. the place where most people go to get fit i go there to relieve the stress… this place acts like a great stress buster for… when i am here i forget everything and enjoy every moment of whatever i do…

    By ashish on 08.23.2009

  32. “Haha”, he said as I tried to do my 15 sets. Laughing at me precariously, completely void of empathy. His demeanor almost made me vomit, but his golden hair and beaming smile made me want to finish those sets even worse. To be better than him. To beat him at his own game. I suppose being human won’t be so bad.

    By Michael Mosley on 08.23.2009

  33. I hate gym, its not made for anyone except the jocks. And I’m a short fat chick, so I’m a little biased. I like toast. Idk, I’m running out of ideas.

    By Sam on 08.23.2009

  34. The way the scent permeated all of the walls brought bile up in her throat. There was a time when she would have enjoyed and loved the smell of working hard, sweating, and making muscles move, but now, with all of her body history she couldn’t stand it. The vomiting had stopped but the memory of working out and purging every day would never end.

    By Plasticities on 08.23.2009

  35. Gym? this was yesterday’s word, what’s going on here? we need a new word!!! I mean seriously, when does a new word come up? Its 11:10 and we still have yesterday’s word? Really!!!! C’mon people! this is ridiculous. FIX THIS!!! COME ON!!!!!!!! FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! NEW WORD PLEASE. You’re killin’ me here.

    By Cam on 08.23.2009