August 10th, 2017 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “deserve”

  1. I cannot think of earning being the same as deserve, but if it is a case of deserving the fruits of the harvest,the bell tolls.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.10.2017

  2. what did she deserve? everyones thoughts on that were different.
    Her dad thought she deserved the world.
    the boy from English class thought she deserved more than the asshole on the football team was a giving her
    but her opinion on the matter? she didn’t deserve the good that life offered her.

    By steph on 08.10.2017

  3. Shoulders hunched, head hung, he stood there, in front of the teacher’s desk. Shamed.

    By and& URL on 08.10.2017

  4. for every drop of rain, the lush green dew filled fields, lap up the drips of nourishment. The rays hit the dew filled spears. The song of the lonely bird on the pine tree is sweeter at 6 then at dusk

    By Joanna Hardy on 08.10.2017

  5. Harry potter feels that mr malfoy got what he deserved a life sentice in askaban.

    By jordan on 08.10.2017

  6. shrug :) cat

    By jl on 08.10.2017

  7. i got munny my mum says i dont deserve munny :(

    By elijah on 08.10.2017

  8. shrug :) cat :( !) pizza

    By jl on 08.10.2017

  9. You deserve dessert every day of your life. Treat yourself! Why not? Life is too short to deny yourself what you deserve. Definitely go for what you want in life. I believe in you!

    By Marisa Spina on 08.10.2017

  10. we deserve to live our life in the most respectful way to one another. i deserve to make myself write more as the words are difficult to come out today. i deserve to put myself on a constant writing and journaling schedule :/

    By victorygin URL on 08.10.2017

  11. I deserve this. I do. I’ve worked hard. I’ve gone to the gym 3 times this week. Well, two times and a walk. I’ve eaten nothing but salads and veggies and lean protein. Except that time it was James’ birthday. And Jenn’s bachelorette. She surveyed the crispy golden brown delicacy in front of her. Self -sabotage, her therapist’s new favourite phrase wafted through her mind, as did the scent of the still-hot fryer oil oozing onto the plate in front of her.

    By DM URL on 08.10.2017

  12. I don’t deserve for my life to be like this. A chipped cup sitting in a dusty corner to be used. I promise that I won’t cut your lip if you drink from me. I’m just as good as the others, and maybe I can only hold a little less liquid than the others, but that only adds to my charm.

    By Harpa on 08.10.2017

  13. We are ungrateful servants, we have only done our duty and deserve no credit. What do you deserve, do we deserve anything, aren’t things, most things graces? Gifts that by no account we’ve been given?

    By jassy URL on 08.10.2017

  14. serve and undo
    undo and serve
    but don’t swerve
    I do declare
    that I deserve more
    than this pitiful
    to serve me no longer
    i do declare that
    I deserve more
    than you’re offering

    By Julia on 08.10.2017

  15. “I don’t deserve this.”
    “I know.”
    “But I don’t feel like I can say anything.”
    “I know.”
    “And there’s no good solution.”
    “I know.”
    “Well, I guess you just know everything, don’t you?”
    “I… I’m sorry, I was just trying to listen.”
    “I know.”
    “Ah. I see what you did there.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.10.2017

  16. More, less, what you got. I’d love to tell you it’s wrong but justice is relative and a reaction may harbor as much fault as a trigger. This weakness is the fault of no one else, it rests on my shoulders, the ones you keep staring at, the ones you want to touch as a handshake turns into a caress. Looks like I understand more than I thought, yet your attention span jumps and attacks from every single angle like your presence. It’s not exactly fear, because I stand here for so long and watch myself die. It’s helplessness, and it decides to ball its fingers into firsts and beat me down the street after reassurance hangs up, and I don’t take out my umbrella, thank god it rains, if my eyes weren’t so red perhaps it would make for a good cover, but as I keep my line of sight downwards it doesn’t matter anyway. I want to leave, be out of the public eye, but where? Not a single place I can go won’t make me jump at the sounds night brings. You get what you earn, what you ask for, in the cruelest ways.

    By Ai URL on 08.10.2017

  17. i deserve a Ibanez Jem Steve Vai signature with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge and a whammy bar

    By joseph URL on 08.10.2017

  18. Someone tried to convince me that I didn’t deserve you. That I didn’t deserve the glance you cast me halfway across the room. Someone told me they’d be better for you – hold you tighter, kiss you more sweetly. I asked, “But can you throw a punch like me?” And before they could respond, I clocked them in the side of the head and knocked them out.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.10.2017

  19. “you deserve what you got” said Karma. it wasn’t fair! someone transitioned all of their bad karma on me! “HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?”

    By Ashley Hulbert on 08.10.2017

  20. deserve, deserving to dance, spinning through space, becoming a place to be still and move again, where i am, where am i, am i where i deserve to be

    By professor_g on 08.10.2017

  21. Did you deserve it?

    Did you really earn it. When we had done so much. We had cared for him.

    Where were you?

    Where were you when our world ended…

    By Wilfred on 08.10.2017

  22. He told me I deserved the world. What a filthy lie that was.

    We sat on the dented hood of his battered Ford, under knitted blankets as he toyed with the long strands of dark brown that fell over my neck. Just two warm bodies naked under the stars, that’s all we were, all we wanted to be.

    By Mayang on 08.10.2017

  23. something that matters in jobs, never in love, never in the emotional world. Deserving is never the question when you have feelings.

    By Anoush URL on 08.10.2017

  24. you think you need something
    deserve it
    without earning it
    what a word
    a thought within the depths of what you before thought was in the fore
    a broken baked dreamed so afraid of schemes
    a smile in a frown
    knowing you’re much, much worse than what you thought you were
    but that’s what you needed

    By matt m. on 08.10.2017

  25. I ate the marshmallows out of the rocky road. Left the nuts and soupy chocolate for the birds. Under the boardwalk I hear the waves slurp on piers. There’s nothing here I want to see. No one here I want to know. I’m just drifting through the frame. Alone wandering along the planks. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this cold. Empty where a heart should beat. Nothing speaks to me. Where shadows pass like dusty figures flickering in the light I feel the coming of the night.

    By Blaze URL on 08.10.2017


    By Jayden on 08.10.2017

  27. I deserve more in life!

    By Lachlan URL on 08.10.2017

  28. All love of the world, a chance of travelling

    By Valeria on 08.10.2017

  29. He felt lost in life, dragged under the tide and dragged around. He felt like he deserved more than what he had been given. His mind constantly fights him and sleep torments him.

    By Cheyenne URL on 08.10.2017

  30. i deserve nothing. i was born out of a series of chances, there is no place carved out for me on this world. i could cease to exist and the world would not blink. as a result, i cannot believe that anything is inherently mine to take.

    By Amanda URL on 08.10.2017

  31. I deserve a chicken and donkey

    By elijah on 08.10.2017

  32. I deserved that award I don’t care what the judges say my routine was way better than the first place winner,I only got second,Uggh I can’t believe after all my hard work I didn’t even get first

    By Eliza Trotman URL on 08.10.2017

  33. Everyone deserves some happiness, and a little bit of sorrow. However, no one has a control of how much or when in life happiness and sorrow would manifest, nor do they have any say on what the manifestation might be in the form of. For some, it comes across as serendipity and accidents, for others it is a result of careful planning.

    By prasantab on 08.10.2017

  34. De-serve. To serve. T do for others. De as a prefix is to take it away. De tox. Take away the toxins. De ice. Take away the ice. So then, take away do for others. Does this mean it’s meant for me? Not necessarily.

    By Asil McAllister on 08.10.2017

  35. Deserve has nothing to do with it.

    That’s what I told myself as I tried to claw my way out from rock bottom. My fingernails were bloody with trying to crawl out of THAT. FUCKING. HOLE. That rut I’d put myself in. Deserve has nothing to do with it. I’m going to EARN IT. I’m going to get out of this rut and I’m going to tear the world a new asshole, make it my own.

    By Lee on 08.10.2017

  36. Sometimes I feel I dont get what I deserve. I feel I deserve something better, at least for all the efforts that I put in. But destiny has other plans.

    By Janaki Srinivasan URL on 08.10.2017

  37. Deserve. How do we know if we deserve something? Who deserves anything? Are we all deserving all of the time? Or some of the time? Why does one group tell me I’m deserving of a life of love and happiness while when I proclaim that for myself people look at me like I have my head up my ass. Like I think I’m more deserving of love and joy than anyone else.

    By Bri URL on 08.11.2017

  38. I deserve to be happy. I have plenty of work to do to truly live the full life I want and I can do it. Becoming a better person has mean leaving behind a lot of the people and things that I used to do and care about. Its amazing when you realize what you really deserve.

    By Chisa Pennix URL on 08.11.2017

  39. Deserve? Hah! we deserve nothing. We may expect, want, need, or quest after a lot of things. But deserve? I don’t think so. deserve

    By droweno URL on 08.11.2017

  40. we all have this idea that we desrve things. that if we are good people then we deserve better than what we were given. the truth is no one deserves anything and we are all just a bundle of cells and chemical reactions and are far too dramatic about it.

    By Rhi on 08.11.2017