March 20th, 2018 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “deserted”

  1. Thanks. I was finally looking for a different word other than the one that I was getting before which was mainly about tea. When I think of my biggest fear of life I think of being deserted by myself on an island, a city, a place. Just being alone by myself. I can’t stand to be just on my own with no one to rely on.

    By Tolu on 03.20.2018

  2. Ik voel me vandaag verlaten omdat mijn hond weer weg was gelopen tijdens het uitlaten. Hij was verdwenen binnen 10 seconden en wilde niet meer terugkomen. Ik denk dat ik nooit meer een beagle neem, want die honden lopen altijd maar weg. Bah, bah, bah…

    By Tirza on 03.20.2018

  3. Volley Ball – Check
    Beard – Check
    Ironic lack of survival instinct – Check

    Deserted Island here I come.

    By Kristian Pierce on 03.20.2018

  4. She looked around the deserted campus and felt a joy she hadn’t felt in a long time. Had she known how to do a cartwheel, she would have done it. She might as well try. As long as she didn’t get hurt, there was no risk of embarrassment.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.20.2018

  5. The only way to avoid the pain of being deserted is to stop caring or become the deserter.

    By okayfine on 03.20.2018

  6. We were all reading a book about a deserted island – you know the one. The one with savage boys and dead bodies and a severed pig’s head. The one with the pink conch and the glistening lagoon and the walls of ocean. The one that crams students’ heads with screams of allegory and then expects them to retain it as part of their daily routine. The one that reminds us of the beast. Of where it is. Of what it is. Of who it is. And it has no snout. And it has no teeth. But it can still bite.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.20.2018

  7. how I feel sometimes. most of my friends have moved away. only a few within driving distance.
    I have being deserted by my mother. She should be the one taking care of me, not the other way around. i sometimes feel like life is passing me by.

    By E on 03.20.2018

  8. “Deserted”

    An oasis. Spirit-longing. The sight outside an open window that begs your feet to follow. It’s the cough caught between the treetops where sparrows gather, mid-winter. The candle-flicker between clock ticks that whisper to your heart, that piece of moon beneath your breast bone.

    By SarahsGurl on 03.20.2018

  9. She deserted her dream. Shut the door and walked away. Bags packed in the car like groceries in a bad. She was determined not to ever come back. She had taken her time for the first week after she left. Now realizing this was her reality. She no longer had any excuses for moving forward. To many times she said yes to everyone when deep down she wanted to scream no. Now she is living in her most authentic yes feeling free to be herself in a place where no one knows her name, know one knows her face. She thought she should fee all alone one this side of her yes. Not happening, instead her loneness turned upside down and there is a self of belonging among strangers in a new town and a new life. This is her moment to begin again and she is doing it with her arms wide open.

    By Cris Nole on 03.20.2018

  10. “This place seems to be deserted for quite a long time,” John said as he entered the room.
    “Yeah, I realized that,” Jane snapped, “Now help me look for anything that can prove that
    this is the place Exogeno performed their vile experiment.”
    “Experiment?” John looked at her in disbelief, “Which one? They have done so many experiment that I lost count. Can you be more specific?”
    Jane fell silent for an uncomfortably long time before replying, “The Diaspora Vaccine.”

    By echuaco URL on 03.20.2018

  11. I felt deserted by him. Left in the dry. No food for the soul. Nothing to drink, but my tears that are running down my face. I loved him, I really loved him. Why? Why couldn’t he love me in return the way I loved him.

    By Claudia Cruz on 03.20.2018

  12. I was once all alone in my house. My mother had left to go grocery shopping, and my father was working. It was the first time I had ever truly felt alone. I usually am a very much a person that surrounds themselves with people at all times, whether that’s with friends or family or even strangers. I have never felt so deserted as in this moment

    By Sara Maner on 03.20.2018

  13. It was cold. So cold. I turned on my flashlight and kept walking. The sun had almost set now, and soon it would be too dangerous to stay outside. But it was more dangerous inside, so here I was. I knew I would make it somewhere eventually, but who was to say the next town would be any less deserted?

    By Camille on 03.20.2018

  14. You said I ran away, Sir. I did, Sir. I did. But in fairness, Sir, I never asked to be conscripted. I was not put here to serve you or anyone like you as if you’re my lord and master, Sir. I’m sorry the propagandist literature lead you to believe that me and people like me are owed to you and those who are the real masters of your dominion, Sir. It’s a lie they spoon-fed us both, Sir. I can see how it might be confusing when as it’s always been laced with ready medicines but you’re sleepwalking, Sir. You need to wake up and walk home, Sir. Don’t let the war keep playing in your mind, Sir. I’m closing the door now, Sir. Please get off my porch, Sir.

    By Quote URL on 03.20.2018

  15. some place where no one is its empty everyones gone

    By kaaliyah URL on 03.20.2018

  16. is hot, vvery hot, thers no people in there , animal is dicicult to find, water also is dificult to find , and te wether is always sunny ,

    By isabela on 03.20.2018

  17. Hello!

    By super URL on 03.20.2018

  18. Just sitting here and looking at him. I just wanted to just get up and go far away from this crowed room and run. Run to the hills and never look back at this man. Feeling very deserted by him, I just wanted to go.

    By Jen on 03.20.2018

  19. I was on a deserted island once. I was scared and didn’t know where exactly I was supposed to go. I looked all around me to see if there were any tools that I could have used to my artilery to find a way out of the deserted island. I heard a drove of pelicans fly around me and I got scared.

    By Tolu on 03.20.2018

  20. I had never felt this way before. As if everything was falling apart around me. I was floating in space, gasping for air, my stomach ripped out and the ground pulled from beneath me. Call someone your whole world and when they leave you have nothing.

    By Daisy Leason on 03.20.2018

  21. one of my greatest fears,
    being left
    in a world constantly changing.
    blind alone disorieted,
    I know where I am, but I don’t know where i am

    By Dan Nieman URL on 03.20.2018

  22. I’ve felt deserted and alone for so much of my adult life. I’m not. There are people all around who love me, but I need connection and I just don’t feel it most of the time.

    By Jayna Leitze on 03.20.2018

  23. they’ve left me behind and every time I try to crawl back towards them its like peeling open a wound and sticking in a white hot needle. I don’t know who they are and I don’t know who I am anymore.

    By ae on 03.20.2018

  24. deserted means you are in the middle of nowhere or nothing is happening, an example of this is when you are in the middle of nowhere you can say i am in a deserted area.

    By Mikayla Forster on 03.20.2018

  25. She frowned, glancing back at the photo of the empty parking lot, its lines indistinct and rubbed out with dark. The neighborhood wasn’t familiar to her. She didn’t know its shapes. Something in her rubbed at her, however, pointing out the oddness of the shadows.

    By Riannon on 03.20.2018

  26. It was time to go home. He knew that it couldn’t be 3 am yet, but nonetheless, there was something inside his stomach that was a surer tracker of time than any clock on any wall, any watch on any wrist.

    He walked the streets, the glowing lights illuminating the slick black top and there was nothing in sight. Just the street lights and deserted homes.

    By Alessio on 03.20.2018

  27. To be deserted can bring me much confusion of where I am to be going, espically if it is with someone I am supposed to be with and they do not show up; for which can bring up feeling rejected and alone. Not a good place to be.

    By Donna Whiting on 03.20.2018

  28. land but nobodys there. mainly its islands. it use to be a place where people live but not anymore.

    By avary strickland on 03.21.2018

  29. Thinking about everything, what happened didn’t help. At the end of the night the room deserted, we were left in wreckage and waste, with nothing to look back on except our dreams. Sitting in the dark, seeing the dawn rise with a smudged and cloudy ochre sunlight, foreboding was all we had to rest with.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.21.2018

  30. I was deserted in the desert so I ate dessert. LOL Being deserted would be awful, but at least some things about it might be fun….. living by yourself, doing whatever you wanted…. sort of. Well, it would give you a chance to look to the Lord for help. :) Being deserted would be different.

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 03.21.2018

  31. And when you’re lost it’s almost impossible not to feel, increasingly, like you’ve been deserted. You’ve left yourself behind and everyone else has lost track of you too; when lost you get a bit far and beyond from everyone and everything and your own sense of time and space.

    By Zoë URL on 03.21.2018

  32. And when you’re lost it’s almost impossible not to feel, increasingly, like you’ve been deserted. You’ve left yourself behind and everyone else has lost track of you too; when lost you get a bit far and beyond from everyone and everything’s sense of time and space, as well as your own. Then you’re stumped: what to do then? Suddenly you find yourself walking a bit slower, or faster, depending on whether or not you and/or everything else has been pushing or pulling you, rushing you or holding you back.

    By Zoe on 03.21.2018

  33. sometimes I feel like I’ve deserted all my friends. Or they’ve deserted me. It’s hard to say. Did they leave me at the same time my rationality, my reason, my level deserted me? Did one cause the other? Coincidence? The what ifs cause my sanity to desert me.

    By themjrawr on 03.21.2018

  34. well,
    what floats
    carried on
    without it.

    our hearts
    once entwined,
    fell apart.

    the long gone
    people of our world
    leave behind
    their works of art

    to the next one

    By Lynn on 03.21.2018

  35. I felt totally deserted as a 20-year old pregnant student. My parents threw me out of the house and I was forced to move in a direction of independence and self reliance. This was harder than I had ever imagined and I’m now (at 50-years old), trying to honor the struggles that I have faced in my life.

    By CATHY C VALTRAKIS on 03.21.2018

  36. I was on a deserted island once. I think I was on it just yesterday when I wrote a story about my experience on a deserted island

    By Tolu on 03.21.2018

  37. i am stranded on a deserted island.. i love the feeling of being completely alone.. but i am scared too.. i start looking for a sight of anyone around.. nobody is there.. i am anxious now!

    By shuchi URL on 03.21.2018

  38. They deserted the orders. They closed the plan book and walked away. Their lives were in danger and now they had no plan. They took all they had with them. Back packs filled to the brim. A little bit of cash and a touch of hope. There had to be a better way of life outside the house the streets the city they had known their whole life. Who would they turn to once they walked away? They had no connections no one to help them navigate through the streets with no names.

    By Cris Nole on 03.21.2018

  39. I watched a show where a man was deserted in the desert, and he thought his family had died, but they were rescued when he went to go find water for them. He spent a lot of time there.

    By abbie on 03.21.2018

  40. The city deserted, no one Wasserman there, the y were all gone, as a cat when he got scared, someone may be scared by the storm out there

    By Ramiro Silva URL on 03.21.2018