December 28th, 2011 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “desert”

  1. Best part of the whole meal. Wouldn’t skip it. Sometimes I prefer taking it first : )

    By Barbra Andrea on 12.29.2011

  2. This reminds me of the latest Sex and the city. I never really liked the image of deserts before seeing that movie. Okay this is dumb I know.

    By Barbie URL on 12.29.2011

  3. It is dry. Visions blurry as we gaze through our squinted eyes. The wind blows the air into our lungs. A mirage.

    By Alisonly on 12.29.2011

  4. It’s hot and dry but then again it could be cold and dry. There’s loads of sand, sandy, sandy sand. But up in the tundra, it’s cold with lots of snow, snowy snow.

    By JooLee Tan on 12.29.2011

  5. barren wasteland dry empty, whole, God lives there,you can find yourself there, because you must deal only with yourself , your thoughts, you.

    By Kathy Yeagle on 12.29.2011

  6. I looked around me, only to find that no one was near me. The normal hustle to get to work was gone. Everyone had disappeared. I wondered if it was a joke, but I couldn’t hear any giggle, anyone saying “Shh” or any rustle of plants or trees. Just the wind would reveal itself. I don’t know at what point I had gone crazy, but it felt like the wind had laughed at me, pitying me for all of my friend, strangers and enemies had deserted me. Every.Single.Person.

    By misnia URL on 12.29.2011

  7. Under the Gobi are buried a thousand dragon skeletons. Fires on the soles of my feet reclaim my soul: my hands nuzzle through the grains, knees sunk, nose inhaling the scent of burned memories and lost ancestors.

    By RS Bohn URL on 12.29.2011

  8. He was out of water. The well ran dry long ago. Many had warned him him it was fool hardy to even build a well where men went to die. But he tried anyway. Now he was out of water, out of luck, and out of hope.

    By Soft URL on 12.29.2011

  9. Hot humid fun. One well full of water. Family vacation. A super long Road trod a hot dust filled desert

    By Mary on 12.29.2011

  10. The landscape was barren, empty and dry. All he could see for miles was the firey sun illuminating mountainous dunes of desolate sand. The blistering heat assaulted him from every angle as he shielded his eyes from the sun’s intense glare. Patton was all alone in this vast desert with no map, water, food or shelter and his prospects were not looking good.

    By Nikki on 12.29.2011

  11. Hand over hand, slowly crawling forward, nearly blind, skin red and cracked, he pulled himself along the dune. Not for any destination, heat had obliterated any sense of purpose or destiny, put merely because that action was, ultimately, all he had left.

    By Andrew on 12.29.2011

  12. sand, lot’s of sand

    By rosie on 12.29.2011

  13. the three wise archeologists rode their camels through the parched desert mountain valley. They had no idea where they were, or where they were heading. They just rode and rode and rode. The sun finally set over the mountains and they stopped for the night. They finally looked at their map and realized they were lost.

    By j.renee on 12.29.2011

  14. The desert is a waste land and yet God had moses lead his people into the desert where he provided for them. While the desert is vast, God will always provide. Even in a seemingly lost place.

    By Rebecca on 12.29.2011

  15. Desert Rose.
    It was a song that my dad used to play to me when I was young.
    It was the song of my childhood.
    And here I was, in the middle of a sandy wasteland
    and all that was running in my head was
    “Desert Rose.”
    Just like me, alive in a dead wasteland.
    Full of life when the terrain in front of me held none.

    By FreddieMercurySpawn. on 12.29.2011

  16. yummy, can’t leave it alone. favorite is icecream.

    By charline on 12.29.2011

  17. in the desert stands the priestess
    her fingers arched above her body, her arms drawn as if by a string to reach to the sky
    starts shine and glimmer
    the moon a bare crescent
    she speaks words of intent

    By Domiknitrix URL on 12.29.2011

  18. I was there, walking with a girl and a camel with only half a canteen of water left for the rest of my journey. I looked at her from time to time. Her braid swayed in the desert wind and her lips fluttered as she thought of things to say. Her dress was long and it went down to her ankles. She would laugh every few minutes and her bright white teeth would show, as if to defy the harshness of the arid sand around us.

    By Addlington on 12.29.2011

  19. there is cactus. lizards. a lot of sand. i see it mostly in moccorro. i dont know what this is, its hot. desert desert desert desert. lots of sand. it burns. it burns. it burns.

    By Caroline on 12.29.2011

  20. She walked across the mental desert. As she lapped her eyes took in the barren land around her; her mind was empty. Her thoughts, fruitless. She was drawing a blank and her thoughts only circled around the lack of thoughts. She was getting no where, but her mind wouldn’t stop either. She was trapped.

    By Haley URL on 12.29.2011

  21. The desert was dark and cold. What was out? Nothing. Just the cold wind howling. And sand blowing.

    By Marie Grace on 12.29.2011

  22. I had always felt alone…always a little lost and a little deserted. I remember being scared, when I was little, that the sun would never come up and that I would never touch the sky. I use to have a reoccurring dream about being lost in the desert, a heavy myriad surrounding me.

    By YouCanOnlyWrite URL on 12.29.2011

  23. dry, arid, vast, extremely scary, alone, golden sand, footprints, canteen, water, cactus, i think i’m supposed to be writing a story instead of random words, but i’ve never been in a desert, and i’m just trying to visualize and imagine

    By Taunia URL on 12.29.2011

  24. Dry, dusty, Barren. But life is hidden within. Beautiful sometimes. Blooms in surprise.

    By Laura on 12.29.2011

  25. The undulating gusts of wind tore through the desert, pulling up sand as it went. You couldn’t see very far because of it. But of course, Alex continued onwards, determined to get to the oasis. He travelled what seemed like hours, his backside sore from the hours riding on the back of a camel, but eventually he made it, jumping down from the beast and savouring the pride that he now felt for persevering through the sandstorm rather than turning back.

    By Ian URL on 12.29.2011

  26. an isolated piece of land with no trees n dried up or mostly no grass.where nothing can grow,with barely no or minimum rain,mostly found in the sahara

    By sheeessy on 12.29.2011

  27. Otevřela okno a nadechla se čerstvého vzduchu. Vítr jí rozcuchal její dlouhé hnědé vlasy.
    Sarah se otočila aby si udělala snídani. Ze židle na ni hleděl Alex.
    “Co tu děláš?”

    By veru on 12.29.2011

  28. i had just discovered that we took a wrong turn,there was nothing to be heard apart from the sound of the roaring winds and lots of dust,the was no nature no green no tree,it looked like a god forsaken land and we had no idea what we were gona do with less than quarter of a survival chance,what do u do when ur lost in a godforsaken desert???

    By sheeessy on 12.29.2011

  29. dry camel oasis sand vision
    hallucination nomads thieves palm tree snake

    By Roberto Fernández on 12.29.2011

  30. desert is an ocean of sand. it is infinity on earth. it never ends. it gives you hope and the oasis. deserts live extremes in them

    By baneen on 12.29.2011

  31. I was in the sandy desert it was really hot through the day but cold at night. I wished I was somewhere with more water as I was really thirsty.

    By Robert on 12.29.2011

  32. “Dessert is spelled with two S’s class. Desert with one. You might remember this by knowing that you always want two desserts but we’d only want one desert.”
    I still remember the teacher telling us that. Why do we remember the simple things?

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 12.29.2011

  33. i think
    i’ve finished
    wandering the
    sorry i took
    so long, darling

    By Iffath URL on 12.29.2011

  34. I am a desert without you.
    My chest an arid, aching expanse.
    No life, no safety.
    I am a desert without you.
    Just five more minutes, please?
    Here comes the rain.

    By Aj URL on 12.29.2011

  35. A barren landscape. A clearn expanse, the constellations are clear and all around you, like the magic they contain, like the power of the skies, space, the stars all combining. You forget yourself, the lack of hydration, and the time of day or season when staring straight up into it – the expanse.

    By Viva Portales on 12.29.2011

  36. When John stumbled out of the desert he crossed a strange strip of what appeared to be roadway – but it was like no roadway he had ever seen. Straight, with white stripes down the center, he seemed to lead to forever. What was it? Not cobblestone or dirt, and not even a hint of wagon or coach tracks on it.

    By Nancy URL on 12.29.2011