December 28th, 2011 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “desert”

  1. my love is a desert
    waking dream
    of emotionless desire
    Blameless Empire.

    By aubrey URL on 12.28.2011

  2. people always confuse desert and dessert. one is a dry, sandy place, one it a sweet, delicious food. i only say this because i get confused too and don’t want to write about the wrong one.

    By Emily on 12.28.2011

  3. Desert.

    Like stark stacked blocks or lumps of sand everywhere.

    I didn’t know what to make of it, good grief, I didn’t want to know what to make of it. There were a thousand and one other things I had to deal with and somehow, it didn’t involve clawing my way out of an imagined nightmare because a certain lackey had managed to tangle himself up.


    Why, oh why is it that I inspire such leadership without even trying? Life would be bliss, if they would all just leave me alone or follow my instructions to the letter.

    The very letter.

    I’m going to die of thirst.

    By Sara H. URL on 12.28.2011

  4. she deserts every promise she’s ever made. im done. im tired. peace.

    By maya iverson URL on 12.28.2011

  5. Something you shouldn’t do, or else you’ll end up in one. The ignorant desert the kind, the kind desert the ignorant.

    By solantap URL on 12.28.2011

  6. As they continued to cross the desert, they knew they had no hope. Their love kept them going. It wasn’t until the cold night came upon them they said there final “I love you”.

    By Claire on 12.28.2011

  7. Something someone unfaithful will usually do. It’s as equal as watching a friend die right before your eyes, and not even do anything about it. Not even trying to help them. Just leaving them alone, to be tortured. Something you should never do to a kind one.

    By solantap URL on 12.28.2011

  8. What a god-awful place to be. Could anything worse have been chosen but this empty, forsaken desert? It was a small abandoned town and it was only a matter of time before a tumbleweed blew it’s way through in order to add to the cliche of this horrid, arid, disgusting place.

    By elise on 12.28.2011

  9. It was dark but that made no difference. The darkness was supposed to bring coldness and chilly air, no matter where you were. But if anything else it was hotter than it had been during the day. I needed to find somewhere to survive.

    By Rachel N. E. URL on 12.28.2011

  10. you’ve left me. gone. i’m waiting. waiting for what? i don’t want to hope. i don’t want to wish or dream or guess or suppose anything. and i shouldn’t have to. if it were right it would happen and i wouldn’t have to do any of those things to get what i’m looking for. i think that if anything, distance makes the heart question its intentions. i hope yours has found its to be true and well placed because i’m still not sure about mine.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.28.2011

  11. My affection for you spreads like a sprawling desert. There will come a time when all that remains of your memory are bleached bones buried within sand dunes. Snakes will slither between your ribs as they make their home in the scattered fragments of your skull.

    It’s true I loved you once, but no more. The rains have gone and all that remains is sunshine.

    By Gingerly URL on 12.28.2011

  12. As I was crawling in the desert, I realized something. I might never be able to see my family again. The thought of never saying goodbye to them just broke my heart. I stopped. I licked my dry lips. This was it. It was over. I looked up at the sky. Goodbye, cruel world.

    By Sunny on 12.28.2011

  13. Dry, hot deserted, lonely, SANDY ….. I AM IN A DESERT!! <3<3<3<3

    By Emmy URL on 12.28.2011

  14. desert is a place where is no one for ever..alone n alone..dark day..just peace of mind..nothing…

    By sardar zohaib on 12.28.2011

  15. Walking endlessly, feeling the dry air swirling, saturated with lifelessness. Falling, it’s hard to walk, could we just be swimming? But at night, when all cools, and you’re lying on the ground dying, look up at the dark blue sky and see the millions of stars dancing for you.

    Water is precious, so save it, but you can’t help letting one tear drop when you realize that, even in all this emptiness, there is still so much beauty.

    By Spark URL on 12.28.2011

  16. “It was a hot day. The two figures marched on, dragging their feet. The noonday sun blazed down on them in the desert. Dehydrated, dirty, beaten down, the figures trudge onward. Onward they trudge. Trudge, trudge, tr—” Spencer stopped suddenly when Hank pushed him sharply with a hand to his chest.

    “If you don’t shut the hell up,” Hank screamed through parched lips, “I’m going to beat you to death with this empty canteen!”

    By richpee URL on 12.28.2011

  17. Desert makes me think of that old anime, the Weathering Continent. Well, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was called. It had an interesting premise, but unfortunately it was based on a series of novels and there was only just the one movie and no novel translation for any Westerner to read. Meaning, I’m pretty sure I only got part of the story.

    By Jamie A. URL on 12.28.2011

  18. the food or the place? I always get them mixed up. But if I had to compromise I would love to have ice cream in the desert.

    By emily on 12.28.2011

  19. Desert of mine,
    So cold
    As I melt in your blistering sun
    Why do you leave me,
    Stealing the wind
    And voices
    Now the only thing left
    Is the slowing sound of my heart beat,
    For my soul left long ago.

    By Sam URL on 12.28.2011

  20. My favorite desert would have to be my great aunt’s Albanian baklava. The nutty sweetness and the flakiness of this delectable pastry has been perfected.

    By Yes on 12.28.2011

  21. I don’t like this word..It reminds me of the hot and nasty summer camping trips that I used to go on with my family.

    By Kaitlin on 12.28.2011

  22. desert. almost like dessert, but a completely different meaning. And anyhow, dessert plural, spelled backward is stressed. But you can make it BETTER by saying stressed backwards is desserts. Yes’m? :)

    By lolooloooo on 12.28.2011

  23. i feel deserted
    on this island
    that has become my only friend
    yes, the place i go in my mind
    is desert-like
    with sand yet it is more a pink clay
    and i sit
    while every person have drifted farther of my desert island
    all i have is me

    By jill URL on 12.28.2011

  24. Well isn’t it Ironic? Isn’t this my fears? Deep rooting and over powering at times? I blame you… I blame you mother of mine… how dear you abandon – forsake – leave – quit – relinquish me. desert me? You left me with just a simple note and a gaping wound to hide. The days months and years have turned it to scar. But he only sees an insecurity in me.

    By AmyMae URL on 12.28.2011

  25. I imagine it must be a similar sensation, something like the Gobi, a field of white without water. I fail to remember factually whether or not this winter landscape, a veritable tundra, a sweep of downy flake (as it were in his eyes), constitutes a technical or scientific desert. I can’t imagine that would be right. All I see is a kind of sustenance.

    By Jack URL on 12.28.2011

  26. sand camel arab rajasthan heat cold night sun hot day water death africa poor poverty cactus yellow sky empty nobody far-off place

    By partha on 12.28.2011

  27. I live in the most beautiful place on earth. Moab, Utah. most people haven’t heard of it–only the awesome people have. Orange desert, blue skies, yellow flowers and white clouds, what more can you ask for? Only that it be 100 degrees year-round, that’s what….

    By Brooklyn on 12.29.2011

  28. Walking and walking and walking. Towards a mirage that seems to be getting closer and closer. The heat bearing down on his sunburnt neck as he stumbles towards an escape that will never come.

    By curiousdee URL on 12.29.2011

  29. Please don’t go, I said as she stared at me. I can’t stay here, I can’t stay any longer, she said. Just wait a while, let’s–
    But I couldn’t say any more. My eyes blurred and she was gone.

    By m URL on 12.29.2011

  30. harsh terrain of sand and broken dreams :'( the desert level in Uncharted 3 was pretty awesome though, badass

    By Jamie on 12.29.2011

  31. Desert – the bane of my existence! I love it – and it loves me! It stays with me forever! There is no such thing as a “no calorie” desert!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 12.29.2011

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    By tyuio on 12.29.2011

  33. A hot place where theres no water, camels that like to walk. You can die if you dont drink regulary. Desert has one ‘S’ so you can tell the differencvve between dessert.

    By tyuio on 12.29.2011

  34. It was a strange desert, something so foreign and unusual. All the emptiness one becomes accustomed to around here is frightening. There wasn’t sand or cacti or reptiles. But everything about it sure felt deserted.

    By Zuzz on 12.29.2011

  35. I was stranded in the desert. Nothing but tiny grains of sand. It was burning hot, I needed water but all I could think about was how my grade school teach taught me how to remember the different spellings between “desert” and “dessert”.

    By Cee Turtle URL on 12.29.2011

  36. It was hot.

    Incredibly, ridiculously hot and it was a wonder why I was there in the first place. How did I get to such a place? Why was I sent to such a hell?

    The incessant amounts of sand. The cactus. The vast land.

    … this made no sense.

    Oh, right.

    Dreams usually make no sense.

    By Rina on 12.29.2011

  37. desert is somtehing that makes you feel good after a horrible dinner :D like resting in peace after a life of shame and desperity and shit. that is desert. fuck yeah…

    By elene on 12.29.2011

  38. It was hot as I came to rest at one of the best spots in the village that I could find. The food was not the best, but the desert was worth commenting about.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.29.2011

  39. it is hot and dry and I want to crawl under my car. They say it is cooler under the car in the desert. it is miles and miles of dust and sun and sky and funny little plants I might be able to eat if I knew what to do with them

    By Lorna on 12.29.2011

  40. humid air suffocating your lungs
    rays burning holes through your bones

    By danamyte URL on 12.29.2011