December 29th, 2011 | 163 Entries

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163 Entries for “cactus”

  1. Once I ate a cactus. A hallucination-causing cactus, to be exact. It’s not like it was my idea, so don’t give me that look. My boyfriend is….adventurous. Yeah, sure. That’ll work. He’s gotten me to try quite a few things: weed and ecstacy to name two.

    By Rachel on 12.30.2011

  2. The spines in my cactus soul are falling down day by day. The spines that keep you distant keep falling.

    By Meh. on 12.30.2011

  3. dry pointy rough green desert flower,.. those birds who live in cacti that are total badasses of the bird world. I mean seriously, those birds just don’t give a fuck, they just burrow into those cacti and don’t give a shit about needles and shit. Bad ass. Birds are cool.

    By Alissa on 12.30.2011