December 18th, 2013 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “derailed”

  1. Derailed reminds me of someone I know. A picture flashes to mind like a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard not to smile when thinking of all their quirks. It’s all mirth and giggles. I can’t help myself, really.

    By Ash Wednesday on 12.18.2013

  2. Pouting, fussing, fighting… Bob knew how to do it, and he derailed relationships at the drop of a hat. It was much easier to do that and roll around in his self pity and guilt than to actually face a real relationship. He was really good at that.

    By just a girl on 12.18.2013

  3. I was going to talk about … what? The thing … the thing that was just on the tip of my tongue a moment ago. It was about Sarah. Last night. The — wait … what happened last night? Was I … did I …? Is Sarah okay?
    Wait ….
    Who is Sarah?
    Who am I? Why am I here and why is this shirt so stained?

    By terradi on 12.18.2013

  4. And I was derailed. In all honesty the whole derailing, my life falling apart thing had probably happened a long time ago. the shock was just hitting me now. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have an adorable apartment with a view, i didn’t have a best friend, what i did have was a mild drinking problem and rent due tomorrow to an apartment i don’t remember ever renting.

    By Abigail W on 12.18.2013

  5. she stuck her head out of the window of a moving train. she liked the feeling of the rushing wind in her hair. her eyes first narrowed, trying to grasp the visage in the distance. then they widened, and she screamed.

    By Desmond Blaine on 12.18.2013

  6. A train that has come off of its track; crashed, as in emotion. That’s about all I know. Bye.

    By Nickel Az on 12.18.2013

  7. As the train derailed the passengers flailed their arms in an attempt to catch the falling golden sphere. They lurched and wobbled and splayed their arms, but it was to no avail. The golden sphere was lost, crushed beneath the train’s locomotive, never to be retrieved.

    By Samantha Y. Chiang on 12.18.2013

  8. Sunray’s peered over the edge of the world. They got caught on trees and clouds on their way to her. She closed her eyes against them. Blocked it out. It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. Education was highly talked about, prices included, but no one seemed to give a good god damn about the people the proposed increases in tuition affected. But, she guessed there was some sort of justice in starting alone and ending there. She just didn’t see it.

    By Beth A on 12.18.2013

  9. There were only sixty seconds left. The passengers and their husbands were all ready and expecting what was to come of their children and their mothers. There were only forty seconds left. The conductor was on the phone with his mother, crying a sweet song. The houses were empty. And would remain this way for a few weeks after the derailment. There were ten seconds left. Derailed.

    By Julia on 12.18.2013

  10. Under the blue moon, he watched the dreary and desolate sand landscape that stretched as far as the sky and blended into a starry and freezing night. The only sound that crossed his mind was not the derailment of the train car, but the sound of a memory in his head that called his name two decades ago. “Pablo!” it called as he pulled away in his van. She ran as fast as she could in her thin soled shoes. He would never see her face again, for she never left New Mexico, and he never went back.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 12.18.2013

  11. My plan to travel across all seven of the seas, was derailed as I fell in love with Venice, Italy. My heart belonged and chose to stay.

    By Annette on 12.18.2013

  12. Sunrays peered over the edge of the world. They got caught on trees and clouds on their way to her. She closed her eyes against them. Blocked it out. It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. Education was highly talked about, prices included, but no one seemed to give a good god damn about the people the proposed increases in tuition affected. But, she guessed there was some sort of justice in starting alone and ending there. She just didn’t see it.

    By Beth A on 12.18.2013

  13. Like a train derailed, I spiraled out of control, rolling and flailing as gravity pulled me further down the slope. And, as my body fell over the edge, the last thing I heard was Tala’s scream…

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.18.2013

  14. The conversation had been completely derailed by the appearance of Shawn’s very intoxicated cousin, who barreled into the kitchen at a very odd speed, considering she was moving on her knees and not on her feet. Perhaps she was trying to be a dwarf from the Hobbit movie, I thought, only to have my theory confirmed when she pulled herself into a chair, her tankard splashing ale on the floor.

    “I come to claim my stolen gold!” she roared, burping loudly.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.18.2013

  15. We were so happy about our first train trip… so smiling.. when the train derailed. At least, we were together.

    By M. on 12.18.2013

  16. We were so happy about our first train trip… hugging, kissing, so smiling… when the train derailed.
    At least, we were together.

    By M. on 12.18.2013

  17. “The plan derailed,” he explains. The sunset makes the gold flecks in his eyes light up. “Andy turned out to be a Society member. Instead of opening the shaft, he closed and bolted it, locking us in.”

    I rub sand between my hands, needing something to occupy me. To keep myself from getting lost in his eyes and story. “We barely got out of there alive.” He shakes his head

    By Alibay on 12.18.2013

  18. The new thought completely derailed his plans. What if he was playing directly into their hands? It was a set-up, surely. The Grandmaster had certainly thought of this rash course of action, had planned on it, even. He began to second guess himself, there on the rooftop, and wondered if he should give up the plan completely.

    By Isilo Aranel on 12.18.2013

  19. “It can’t! God no!” The engineer shouted, the brakes on the train faltered, causing it to derail after hitting the divide. This was is, the end of the passengers’ lives.

    By Kenzie on 12.18.2013

  20. The entry of his mother in law into the room kind of derailed the conversation, but I did not realise this immediately. For a few seconds I was actually quite excited that our phone sex had suddenly started to include raw vegetables.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.18.2013

  21. I sat in my seat casually reading a book, it was Tuesday, and I was riding the train to meet with my parents. Who would have thought that that was the last time I rode the train.

    By Yuki URL on 12.18.2013

  22. Don’t think about it. Just let it go. It will come back. That’s natural. Keep the posture and just be. Thoughts will race in. Let them be. You can repeat the mantra, so hum, so hum. You can bring yourself back if you get derailed. It doesn’t matter that you lose your way you always find it again in the rhythm of the breath.

    By DMM URL on 12.18.2013

  23. derailed train blame. rusty tracks and swoop of gravel. tickled grass and speckled glass. falling asleep. texting. here comes a curve and we’re too heavy, too fast. fingers tap tap tap tap, hit send while there’s still a chance. metal bends.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 12.18.2013

  24. It had happened. The moment had come when she completely derailed herself from the past and began to look forward. Everything seemed clearer now and she smiled as she walked…one foot in front of the other, dreaming of the future and all that life had to offer.

    By Theresa on 12.18.2013

  25. The way the game grumps family derailed after jontron left was crazy, but I’ve learned to understand that with the summation of a ton of peoples reaction’s comes insanity and a ton of misunderstanding. Maybe it’s just human nature for people to amass into a blob of ignorance, but sometimes it’s hard to comprehend. asdfj

    By Marker on 12.18.2013

  26. She paused, breathless, train of thought momentarily derailed. “So what you mean to tell me…” she was grasping at straws now, not even putting much thought into the words falling from her mouth. “…. is that he’s not dead yet?”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.18.2013

  27. I watched as the train began tipping over on it’s side. I couldn’t believethat something was happenig like this. It was just tripping and there was no obvious reason. The only thing I could think of was whi was on the train no only did I have familty and friends on there but I was on there. No I wasn’t watching agape of q previous life or memory. I was watching as it happened in a very real way. I could see my sleepy figure standing in fright and all I could do was watch. J couldn’t warn myself of what was happening. I couldn’t move to save me. I could do nothing but watch and that’s what hurt me the most.

    By Nicole on 12.18.2013

  28. The derailed train
    Passed through
    Every station
    Without a care

    Alone and enraged
    It strolled along
    Like a kid
    Following his passion

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.18.2013

  29. Like, oh my gosh Xenu. This conversation about dead puppies suddenly derailed into the terrible oppression that lizards face. I mean, seriously? You guys died 3 million years ago. I mean, it’s not like your struggle matters or anything. JK i aalem a pooplord and am sorry for my ignorance.

    By Sauce on 12.18.2013

  30. I was derailed by yet another death. Loss always comes this time of year. It is so much harder now when one longs for union and family. I let the tears flow as needed and the rest of the time, I am an actress hiding the real me from the audience watching the stage.

    By JDwrites on 12.18.2013

  31. took it right off the track,
    the moon behind a cloud;
    I couldn’t bother looking back,
    no matter how loud.

    By Marissa on 12.18.2013

  32. pack your thoughts
    scribbled ideas at the corners of your lips
    i see your pain
    as you sit alone on the seat in front of me
    you listen to music
    because it heals you
    and i see you watch the (s)cars go by
    but they don’t go away

    By SpiderwebWisher on 12.18.2013

  33. The train derailed;
    I was there.

    Everything was quiet,
    people talking,
    children laughing
    and couples were kissing passionately.
    The journey of life.

    And then came the explosion,
    the disaster:
    hundreds of souls teared apart,
    iron and blood over the seats,
    crying and screaming people were praying for something
    they did not believe into.

    I was there when millions of dreams and hopes

    I survived
    but I left my inner self
    in those sheets steel.

    By gargouillis on 12.18.2013

  34. The people are thinking. Is it just them or the train is suddenly swaying? Nobody’s talking, but they can feel it. The train is swaying. They don’t know who to ask. They are afraid now.

    They are right. The train is getting off the track. The driver of the train don’t know what to do. He is also scared. Everybody is scared. Now, it is confirmed. The train is going off track. Yells, shouting, eveybody is holding on for dear life. The train got derailed. The next morning, there was the news.

    ” There is an accident on 4th street. A train got derailed. So many people died.” Said the newscaster.

    “Oh no, my son!” And there were wailings of the families of the dead.

    By roze_princess on 12.18.2013

  35. things to pack for the road: ideas, thoughts, sorrows, meanings, memories, loves, anger, voice, confidence, passion, experience, courage, wanderlust… they’re lost now. the train was derailed.

    By SpiderwebWisher on 12.18.2013

  36. She was a sleek, dark green, stream-lined beauty, and every two weeks I’d come racing out at 4:04 pm to see her chug past my back yard. I’d do this like a ritual, like my religion. Every Friday afternoon she would whistle past me, like a barge on wheels. Always on time, never a second too soon.

    Until August 21st, 1993.

    By andraya on 12.18.2013

  37. You left your tracks on my heart. Leaving me blinded from the start. I had you in me. But you were like sand, I couldn’t hold you tightly, as you would slip around my fingers, but I can’t hold you lightly, as you would stay stagnant in my hands. You derailed me.

    By n on 12.19.2013

  38. No matter what it seems, that the military service put in place to prevent civil disobedience and violence, they efforts so far has been derailed by persistence forced entry into the compound.

    By victor URL on 12.19.2013

  39. The plan’s been derailed, well, more like changed. We aren’t going. Not going. So, do whatever you have to do, make some calls, cancel the tickets. I can’t say I’m sorry.

    By sharon on 12.19.2013

  40. Oh how I love Amtrak….I have never been derailed; but I have been stopped on them for a while in my younger years. I would love to take my little girl on a cross country train trip. I can imagine the days of old when that was how you would travel. I would also like to have an old car to make into a retreat.

    By Snusan on 12.19.2013