May 14th, 2018 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “worst”

  1. I am not worth any of your time. I am absolutely the worst. You let me into your home, cook me meals, give me clothes to wear – and yet, what do I contribute to society, let alone your livelihood? I am nothing. I am less than nothing. And I don’t know why you humor me. I don’t know why you tend to me.

    And yet, here you are. Offering me a towel after I take a warm shower. Providing me a bed in the guest room. Shushing your noisy children so I finally get a chance to sleep.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.14.2018

  2. “Throw your worst at me!” I was in an area. I was the master in this world. Although ‘Fight to the death’ is taken quite literally here. It was an intense battle, each of us trying to push ahead. He was good. Almost too good. This sentence ended me. ‘Throw your worst’… What a mistake.

    I squinted as a can was thrown at me, “Just to knock you out for a little bit,” My opponent sneered as the world turned pitch black.

    By Emma Ser on 05.14.2018

  3. A dim-lit bar fulfilling its role of making blurry eyes blind. An outline here, a flash of color there. Fingers are rough and fumble all the same, on cheeks and necks. The excitement of never seeing the next nudge or rub coming keeps them inside as if the doors were locked. The air is low-voltage and it rolls through the air like thick sludge. The corners have a slow and steady stream of shaky pairs—when they see the sunlight they’ll write it off as a dream—who pretend that the bar is dark enough no one will see them. They eye they people who take their place, and think how much more invisible they managed to be, surely. Lazy dancing that doesn’t fit into any category except loneliness. When the smoke in the air falls and the bartender cleans the glasses, the ground outside is uneven with stunted steps in the gravel, and throughout the week they will wonder what brought them there, until Friday night is upon them once again, and a single TV tray drives them from their house, door unlocked, come in.

    By Ai URL on 05.14.2018

  4. not thinking
    but can’t avoid
    the idea that my best
    is the worst
    when is there a time
    to speak the moments
    that a never was
    could turn to an always will?
    why don’t we speak the words
    why isn’t there a worst
    when will i believe
    there is a god
    while i smell
    those who cannot speak

    By Matt m. on 05.14.2018

  5. Time to be alive. Unstable word we live in. Is there hope for our future. We have created a polluted Earth. Our home, Earth. What have we done. We are the worst caretakers of Mother Earth.

    By Amber on 05.14.2018

  6. The worst thing that could ever happen is if someone deleted my unicorn book. It would be awful, because I worked really hard on it, and found some awesome unicorn pictures to put in it.
    Detta isn’t as keen on my unicorn book at Lynne and Audrey are, but I think it’s because of the rainbow poop picture.

    By Catherine on 05.14.2018

  7. Today is the worst day of my life. The news is more than I can bare. I can’t stand looking at myself, let alone staying in my own skin. It disgusts me to no end. How will I ever continue to live? Where will I find the will to live now?

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 05.14.2018

  8. I’m not my best, when I’m with you.
    I’m not the least bit here in this cue,
    Where goes my heart,
    My self slinks at her,
    My best in your pocket,
    The worst hereafter

    By Lance URL on 05.14.2018

  9. worst? I don’t like to talk about the worst. I like the frequency of thanks. This is an online journal prompt. It gives you one word and says “don’t think, just write”. The two worst things in my life was one: recognizing my mother as a sociopath. She can not really love me. I have to protect myself. And two: That I may have attracted another narcissist in marriage. I wish he had protect me from my mother-in-law. For now it might be safer to “be still” and try to make it work with one wretch so not to expose myself to a slew of others. Until I can figure out what’s happening and correct it.

    By nmolly on 05.14.2018

  10. The worst experience i had in my life is when i was in my fifth standard, i had lost my father due to various unknown- but almost known reasons. To this moment wish I spoke to my dad the last time he called me to him.

    By Sumesha on 05.14.2018

  11. Some of the worst decisions I’ve made in life have made me taller. I don’t look back with regret but rather thankfulness at Gods faithfulness.

    By Andrew Matatu on 05.14.2018

  12. So what could go wrong? The worst to happen was a little bit of shame, he could deal with that.
    He was so sure he would succeed. This would be the best prank in his school ever. He would become a mythological creature in his school’s annals.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.15.2018

  13. on my worst behaviour tonight. Ann has decided to once again let bitchzilla come out and lord knows i’m not in the mood to be the beast whisperer. soo lets take shots, wake up in someone’s car and forget that she slept with another man. Becaue that’s what you do when you’re in love right?

    By PapaSilverback URL on 05.15.2018

  14. The worst can come out in people sometimes. But is the worst something subjective or soemthing objective? Who defines what is the worst? Is ist you or is it the people around you? I think everyone has to decide for themselve. But on the other hand, is something not something bad if you yourselfe are oke with it, but everyone else is not?

    By Katy on 05.15.2018

  15. I can’t log in. I haven’t got an activation link in my email. Bummer! Not in my junk mail either. I’ve problem solved have the night :P lol

    By molly on 05.15.2018

  16. He wasn’t the nicest of people, some might say he was the worst type of human being. He slicked back his hair, still freshly wet from the shower, his face,

    By Sarah on 05.15.2018

  17. You’re a fucking life-ruiner. Remember when we were going to be in love forever?. We would have two kids and listen to old rock & roll and make love in the desert and now the essence of you around me is vile. You really are the worst thing that ever happened to me.

    By Bella on 05.15.2018

  18. The worst part of it, really, wasn’t so much that it was happening. The worst part of it is that she wanted it to happen. She was a little bit of a willing participant in what she thought she was supposed to hate. But she didn’t hate it. Because at least it was someone paying attention to her. So even as many times as she ducked her head away, or walked quickly past the lockers, she felt the glow of acknowledgement, positive or otherwise.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.15.2018

  19. I hear it every day It’s in my head
    Like a melody or a song you can’t forget
    It lingers like a whisper from a friend
    Or the credits at the end
    Of a movie you wish you could forget

    You’re the worst it says
    I’ll never forgive you it says
    Why are you still here it says

    Hopelessly hopeless I feel

    I no longer reply
    I’m too tired To play

    You’ve won you’ve beat me
    There’s no where to go
    You found all my love
    And you took it away
    Now I feel so alone

    By Lola on 05.15.2018

  20. it is very bad


  21. it something very very bad

    the worst situation where I am been


  22. It only gets worse from here. That is how the phrase goes. But really, it isn’t change we are afraid of, even if it really is for the worse. The true horror, the worst eventuality that could ever occur is the idea that things will stay the same, forever in that terrible place.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 05.15.2018

  23. The absolute worst feeling in the world is having insomnia for an entire night and as you lay in bed begging your mind and body to just let go and let you sleep you start to see the sun rise through your bedroom window and you have to be work in an hour and it is at that point that you feel the first twinge of drowsiness.

    By Kristian Pierce on 05.15.2018

  24. Sometimes, the worst thing can simultaneously be the best thing…. I suppose life would be boring if it was simple.

    By okayfine on 05.15.2018

  25. the worst is being defined by one word. I am more than a diabetic, a student, a sister. I have more to offer than those things, please stop suggesting that’s all I am.

    By Mildred on 05.15.2018

  26. I love this word already. Usually, I refer to it as me. I’M generally my own worst enemy. There seems to be nothing I’m good at and nothing that puts me above the others. I’m one f the worst in ,y friend groups, not just out of smartness, but I’m also the group asshole, and the one who makes jokes people are always uncomfortable with. It’s… hard to live like that some times, you know?

    By Ellie on 05.15.2018

  27. I have the worst luck. Every time I find someone; they are obsessive and controlling. Also, I have the worst stomach ache at the moment. I’ve been eating too much junk food and it has not been cooperating with my stomach. Some people are the worst, they can really bring you down without caring.

    By Dani on 05.15.2018

  28. The worst day I ever had was when both of my pet turtles decided to kill themselves in an act of rebellion against their ruler, which was myself. I came home from school that day to find both of them frothing at the mouth with poisoned feeding tabs scattered about them.

    By Dominic Trybus on 05.15.2018

  29. The worst part about breaking my leg was having to rely on someone else. “Help.” That is a four letter word in my book. I am Mr. Indpendent, I have been my whole life. When I tripped over the trail hitch I thought for sure I just twisted my ankle. Nope, one small fall, and one big break. The worst part about this whole situation is having to ask for help.

    By Cris Nole on 05.15.2018