March 17th, 2016 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “delivery”

  1. “Special delivery!” hollered Joey, before she trampolined herself off the couch and into my arms as soon as I stepped into the living room.

    I laughed, then ruffled her hair before planting a kiss on her. “Easy there, cowgirl,” I said. “Work’s already taken a lot out of me.”

    “Did they give you that raise you asked her?”

    I nodded and smile. That clearly made Joey giddy, and she bounced on her heels until I gave her another kiss.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.17.2016

  2. Delivery is important. If you don’t deliver what you said you would, you let yourself and others down. Delivering goods and services is something we all do some time. At work and at home.

    By Dougal on 03.17.2016

  3. Valentine’s Day was a bit of a wasted holiday on Yukito, honestly. Though, it wasn’t as if he was going to be one to refuse the constant deliveries of chocolates, most wrapped in foils displaying their cheap brand name quality, some going as far out of their way to import Belgian chocolate to impress the student council president. He accepted all of them the same, more looking forward to going to the student council room and eating all of the sweet delicacies to himself. Sure, the chocolate bought from Walmart really wasn’t as good as the Belgian chocolates, but it was chocolate all the same.

    His friends all gave him chocolate as a joke, playing along with the rest of the school as they used Valentine’s Day to fawn over the school’s idol, and the one that Dracen gave him stood out the most in the pile of chocolate. A number of heart shaped chocolates contained inside a plastic bag neatly tied together with a red ribbon sat at the top of the pile and he remembers Jasper telling him that Dracen had made the handmade all the chocolate himself.

    Yukito had little expectation for those chocolates, but the moment he popped one in his mouth, he couldn’t help but let out a soft groan at the taste, the way the chocolate so gently melted on his tongue.

    “Cheeky brat,” he laughed quietly as he reached for another one of those chocolates. “Looks like you’ve one won this one.”

    By Jem on 03.17.2016

  4. The delivery man stood at the doorstep, holding the carton away from his body. He didn’t know what could be inside but the package was stained with green fluid and a bad smell eminated from the box. He pushed the doorbell again with his elbow and still no one answered. He wondered how long he’d have to bring the box to this castle, receive no answer, write out a delivery attempted slip, and bring the box back to the office before being allowed to just throw the thing out.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.17.2016

  5. My, my, isn’t this a surprise? I thought you’d come around today. The truck came by earlier, so I assume you’d do just the same. It’s a shame you kept me waiting. I knew you would want to know what’s in the context of the box, so I decided to wait for you.

    By Sarah on 03.18.2016

  6. The delivery was delayed due to traffic jam. She waited for several hours until the box arrived.

    By Bluered on 03.18.2016

  7. fjkfkdjkfjdkfjdfdkfjfdjd jfkjdkfjkfdjd jkjfkfjsdkdjfdkf this is just an example tthere are many different ways that this cn be used in the classroom and at all grade levels. I am sure all acaemic areas could find a way to use it. maybe they can explain how this word is used in thier subject area.

    By Tammy Teacher on 03.18.2016

  8. To give something to someone.To send something special, to be given something. a verb, an

    By kelley on 03.18.2016

  9. For me delivery is the best way to have something, because we don’t need to go out, a person comes to our house!
    I love delivery of pizza and japanese food

    By Rani Beatriz on 03.18.2016

  10. The cat delivered the candy to the dog, so the dog pulled out his shotgun and shot the cats head off, then the dog ate the cat’s insides out.

    By Dr. Zomboss on 03.18.2016

  11. food boxes party freinds laughter fun sadness flowers dirt bike parts

    By Damenator on 03.18.2016

  12. baby, pain, pushing, crying, joy, happy, family, relief, newborn, tiny, baby clothes, boy, girl

    By Brittany Turnbough on 03.18.2016

  13. the delivery man brought the man his mail but the tiny dog scared him off so he came back with his truck and hit the dog and delivered the mail

    By Ethan Mayes on 03.18.2016

  14. Baby,girl,boy,nurse,Crying, love,pain,

    By Angel Carl on 03.18.2016

  15. WHen I think of a delivery, I think of sending something special, like a present to a distant friend, or a letter just to say hello. I often sit and wait for the mail just to get a box from some of my best friends who live far across the country.

    By Carine Bierlein on 03.18.2016

  16. food
    date with take out food

    By Kaylee Horton on 03.18.2016

  17. mail packages presents

    By jason payne on 03.18.2016

  18. baby
    pink or blue blanket
    tears of joy
    emergency room
    crying babies

    By Kaitlyn Parker on 03.18.2016

  19. sioewhhuvhhghi

    By Rachel on 03.18.2016

  20. She waited all day with the door open, excitedly looking out the windows every twenty minutes. As if looking was going to make the delivery come any faster.

    She tried to distract herself. She layed on her back and counted the cracks in the ceiling. That didn’t work.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.18.2016

  21. What feelings would you like to deliver the people you meet in life?
    The people that come and go.
    The people that stay.
    Everyday theres always someone around.
    Now this isn’t about how people think or feel about you.
    Its about how you’d like to communicate to those people?
    Would you like to share some love and memories?
    Or just a piece of plain hard bread?

    By Sameeka on 03.18.2016

  22. “Special delivery…” The man in brown seductively unbuttons his uniform. Clutching her fleece-lined pink robe to her breast, she purrs with approval. After 20 years, you need to find a way to make it fun.

    By asavas on 03.18.2016

  23. He pushed the bike along the pavement, checking the scrap of paper in his hand for the umpteenth time. The house number read 208, but the buildings told a different story. 207 and 209 touched each other, with nothing in between but a rusted dumpster.

    By kristina on 03.18.2016

  24. The delivery to the store was short and very boring for the driver. The delivery was a shipment of breads and chips.

    By cad on 03.18.2016

  25. Deliverys are very important for stores as they bring in all food and things inside the store. The delivery proboly comes in through the back.

    By cad on 03.18.2016

  26. The delivery system was unique for it never arrived the same way twice. The same was true even if the courier took the same route multiple times. I should know. I’m the architect of its design.

    By Intuition on 03.18.2016

  27. As a government employee, delivery means many things… As an admin, it only means one thing. I like to think of them as presents!

    Everyone like getting presents. It means someone cares usually. Its nice to be care about.

    By Camara on 03.18.2016

  28. The delivery of the bread was not going well for the truck driver because one the back was not closed properly so the bread came out two the bread that stayed in was all smashed.

    By Caden on 03.18.2016

  29. There was a certain sort of satisfaction watching the claw descend, wrap its tines around the tiny plastic toy, lift it into the air like a mechanical alien abduction, and finally, slowly, creep its way back to the exit slot. Face pressed against the glass, breath held, the claw let it go– and the toy dropped down the chute and disappeared out of sight.

    By Courka URL on 03.18.2016

  30. the delivery of the baby horse was very hard for the mom she could hardy get on her feet she tried so hard and she made it and licked off her baby they both survived but the mom took a little time recovering

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.18.2016

  31. Too fast.
    Too slow.
    Not fast enough.
    Rush hour.
    Do I have change?
    Must I tip the driver?
    Oh shit ! The water just broke! The boulder is on its way!
    From start to the end.

    By Carm on 03.18.2016

  32. She came when I needed a surprise
    Apackage of love filled purpose
    Opening my door, and there she was
    Arms that wrapped like a bow
    And eyes that glowed like stars

    By smattc URL on 03.18.2016

  33. I just really want a pizza. All jokes aside, I would fucking love a pizza. I’m prejudice when it comes to my pizza. White is the best. Seriously, white pizza is where it’s at. It’s orgasmic.

    By pontificatori on 03.18.2016

  34. The tires screeched on the pavement as the young delivery man slammed on his breaks so as not to miss his stop. He wrestled to get the door open on the old UPS trucks that he had to use since he was the newbie. But he didn’t care about that, being a delivery man for UPS was definitely much more stable than being a courier for a small time business. He pulled out his company tablet and looked at the packages he needed to drop off. “Only three little boxes and then i’m done for the day.” he thought happily. He grabbed the packages in his hands and started up the driveway to the house. On his was there he heard a strange ticking sound. He stopped and looked around for the source but couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from. Shrugging his shoulders he started back on his drop off. After making it to the door he shuffled the packages into one arm and knocked. “Delivery!” he yelled. After waiting a few moments he knocked again to make sure they heard him. “Hmm, guess no ones home.” he thought. “I’ll be right there in a minute” A voice yelled from the second story. As he waited he heard the ticking louder this time. He looked down at the box and heard the ticking sound from inside it. Tick. Tick.. Tick! Tick! The sound was getting louder. The delivery man started thinking there was a bomb in the box. He’d heard stories from the other workers about it happening. The door opened. “Oh you must be the one whose bringing me my clock parts. Thank you so much! I was worried that I wouldn’t be getting these for awhile now.” The delivery man just looked at her confused. He gave her the package, her sign it, and walked away.

    By Tem on 03.18.2016

  35. I could be gone one moment to the next. So what would it matter if I’m delivering to the Mad Hatter or some half-awake mouse in a cup. I saw a white rabbit once. He beckoned me to follow by playing a game of reverse psychology. “You don’t want me. I’m a loser look how I’m late to get anywhere on time!” but I had to ignore the ploy for it was too coy. I’m no Alice. No, not a schoolgirl with color wheels in her eyes. I’m no Lucy either. I’m really made of kaleidoscopic thoughts. I walk like black petals, like the night, like trails of stars shedding dust. I follow morning to evening dusk in search of the Jade Rabbit. The Sphinx, the Oracle, perhaps even the rattling tale of Quetzalcoatl looking for the answer to an age-old riddle I already have the solution to, but to unlock it, that’s the rub for where’s the key – a rubba dub dub. Three men in a tub. Butcher, baker, and that old candlestick maker. I unplug the wax cork and their bucket sinks and drowns them. The clock strikes midnight and yet the glow in my eyes is my will to find it.

    By Intuition on 03.18.2016

  36. When i think of delivery I think of my childhood. When I see spedy delivery, i think of mr roger’s neighborhood, when I think of delivery, i thinnk of the ultimate one, Jesus christ, God’s only son. I think of his birth, I think of his life and that Im worth, I think of what he did for me, delivered on calvary’s tree.

    By Amanda on 03.18.2016

  37. I want pizza. I mean seriously. I think about it. So warm its evaporating, the smell permeating through the air. The cheese melting as you pick up a slice. Why must you tempt me? Why do you haunt my dreams? I miss you. But you do nothing but cause me pain

    By karla on 03.18.2016

  38. It came from the school in a plain white envelope, the kind you can get from just about anyone. But it came special delivery, which is why she didn’t leave it on the dining room table. If she had, she would’ve had a few more hours of the life she was always complaining about. After she opened the envelope, it was a life she would give anything to have back.

    By rubylubh on 03.18.2016

  39. “Hello? I have a package for you,” came a soft voice from outside Alice’s door. Letting the door slowly creak open, the wild-eyed brunette hissed at the rather attractive man standing with a box, “We’re not accepting visitors today.”

    The man drew back, clearly frightened by the bags under her eyes and the deathly pallor of her skin and her wild brown curls.

    By Annie on 03.18.2016

  40. Delivery is good. Like whenever you are hella sick and need some food, get it delivered. Heyo you want some new shoes, buy them online and get them delivered. Delivery is good. God bless delivery people too, they delivery stuff unconditionally, yaaaaaas.

    By sofía on 03.18.2016