July 8th, 2013 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “delight”

  1. delight. summer.
    delightfully empty.
    responsibility gone
    travel with me my love
    travel to my heart in the center of Venice in summer
    just delight with me in the sun
    I beg you. delight with me

    By whitney on 07.08.2013

  2. always a delight to see you, always delightfully delighted by the end of our time together.

    By Courtney on 07.08.2013

  3. I am delighted to find this website. However, as I sit at the computer to type up an wonderful minute-long story. It begins to dawn on me that I have very slow typing skills, because my hands are so behind my brain in speed.

    By Laura on 07.08.2013

  4. An ice cream cone on a hot day, starwberry on a waffle cone with that rim around it that you can never get in real life but is ever-present in cartoons. A child’s grin, a squeal of happiness. The white witch, the queen of Turkish delight.

    By Zane on 07.08.2013

  5. The dripping of water from a lonely leaf of an oak tree. The child below laughs in delight as the drops perfectly land on his nose. Dripping down, they land on his shoe, creating a ripple of inspiration as his feet glide across the forest floor and he flows with his feet to the rhythm of the chirping birds. Nothing to do no where to be, the boy rejoices until the moon starts to sing.

    By morgyn on 07.08.2013

  6. Delight,where do I start? Delight is the opposite of terrible I believe. Delight is hard to write about,I need an actual idea.

    By AmandaTheSwagmaster on 07.08.2013

  7. Everybody in a fright, that’s just their delight. So callous and cruel, you would think it out of spite. But upon further examination, there’s no real reason at all. They’ve just got to learn to love before they fall.

    By Jesse B. on 07.08.2013

  8. Find delight in the small things, and the desire for bigger things.

    By Scarlett Branson URL on 07.08.2013

  9. The softest touch filled me with delight for it sent spark throughout me. I felt butterflies in the strangest places- from my toes to my kneecaps and my shoulders. I leaned into him; snuzzling my face into his chest I breathed his deep musk and was content for the first time in what felt like an eternity.

    By Alyss Lynn on 07.08.2013

  10. The softest touch filled me with delight for it sent spark throughout me. I felt butterflies in the strangest places- from my toes to my kneecaps and my shoulders. I leaned into him; nuzzling my face into his chest I breathed his deep musk and was content for the first time in what felt like an eternity. Nothing mattered but him and me in that moment. I had found love again and it was sweeter than my memories had told me it was. Still, I froze at the thought, it meant that its end was far more bitter than I recalled also. I let the thought pass through me and breathed deeply again with one thought resonating- home.

    By Alyss Lynn on 07.08.2013

  11. joy, happiness, excitement.

    I was filled with delight when Kellin Quinn knocked on my door.

    By Nikki on 07.08.2013

  12. The parfait is an incredible culmination of all things sticky and sweet. Built to feed eight to ten people and with a pricetag to match many gourmet dinners, it is enormous. A half a pineapple is wedged squarely in the center, with ice cream cones ringing the sides. Toppings of all colors, shapes, and sizes deck the multicolored ice cream scoops. It is monstrous. And it’s all mine.

    By terradi on 07.08.2013

  13. apple juice. waffles. my dog. presents. old friends. birthdays. found items. unexpected happiness. what makes life bearable.

    By Julz URL on 07.08.2013

  14. im delight to be alive.

    By ONE on 07.08.2013

  15. im delight to be alive.

    By ONE on 07.08.2013

  16. I delight in many things, one of which is writing. Delight is a confusing little word, but I find fascination in the fact that it contains the word light. to delight in something, in my opinion, means to find a bright thing about it, and be happy. It means finding joy even when it all seems so bleak you could fall apart at the seams. It’s the little flower you find blooming in a sea of weeds. Delight is the happiness you get from the butterflies in your tummy and the spark in your heart when you hold hands. Delight is the unexpected treasures of everyday life, and the random acts of kindness that affect you. To me, delight is the perfect sunrise, the good news, the rainbows, the laughter, and the lucky penny of life. Delight is all the small things about life that make a person happy.

    By Emily on 07.08.2013

  17. delight is broken, spilling forth its sticky amber glowing glowing in a honey scented shade i see only the light in dem dere eyes. Dee is divine driving down down demented download in the lawn and grass that smells so funny at three am

    By nahbois on 07.08.2013

  18. I grab hand in mine and pulled her closer. Like a sunny day in october, her warmth filled me with such delight. There was nothing more beautiful than this.

    By dugless on 07.08.2013

  19. like those commercials for yogurt that is healthy…and then like light yogurt…it’s delightful…yea

    By Quivs on 07.08.2013

  20. Delight is when everything is going the way you want it to. It is not necessarily good or bad, but it FEELS good, and that’s what the point of it truly is; if it were good or evil, it wouldn’t feel the way it felt.

    By Kt Nesmith on 07.08.2013

  21. delight is eating a cold ice cream on a hot day. Delight is immeasurable happiness.

    By gen on 07.08.2013

  22. I was delighted to find a yellow flower by the river. Yet as I stared at it I found that it wasn’t a flower at all but a tiny star that had fallen from the sky. I picked it up and blew on it so it turned into dust. As the dust spread out into the water, the specs flowed down with the current and became…

    By Mary on 07.08.2013

  23. To the delight of the vampire, his quarry could run. Easy catches were boring. He chased her through the subway station, through a clinic and even a zoo until finally he caught up with her at a police station. There he fanged her and then had a feast on the police on hand.

    By MauriceWilliams on 07.08.2013

  24. Daresay dear darling Darla’s delectably delicious Danish desserts do definitely delight Dame Dora’s daughter Dee Dee.

    By dufis on 07.08.2013

  25. it was always a delight to the horan family when niall came home, everyone was always so content and put all their attention towards niall. The only person was wasnt happy was maisy, his twin, she was always the lesser twin between the two and she hated when he came back.

    By lo on 07.08.2013

  26. in his smile, in his blue eyes, in his kentucky-meets-indiana accent. . . his laugh, his arms, i find delight in all of these things and i know that i am headed for some trouble here. but i couldn’t stop if i wanted to.

    By amy on 07.08.2013

  27. Pure joy spread across my face as my little girl came bounding down the stairs. Happiness and excitement flooded her expression as the bundles and heaps of wrapped boxes sat around her. Nothing could every explain her delight for the little things in life.

    By Chloe on 07.08.2013

  28. i love amal too much more then my self she is my angle my lovely

    By Eslem on 07.08.2013

  29. I delight in the simple things in life because I am simple. I also delight in the intelligent things in life because I aspire to intelligence. Delight is such a delightful word.

    By Annie on 07.08.2013

  30. I am delighted that I am alive in a time when we will begin another enlightenment. I want so very much to return to a more innocent day and time. To see humanity embrace love would be heavenly.

    This is the next evolution of

    By VH on 07.08.2013

  31. Who would have thought that meeting you would be the highlight of my year? The
    events were together for, the skeletons that came creeping out, and the memories we created have been the delightful highlight of my freshman year.

    By Ginger on 07.08.2013

  32. It was a delight to see my words in print, to share a moment through my eyes with anyone willing to pause and read. The prose danced across the page evoking emotions, a smile, and an unbidden tear to slide down a cheek.

    By JDwrites on 07.08.2013

  33. The sun was shining, slowly breaking the grey skin from your face.

    By Grace on 07.08.2013

  34. Benny’s hand shakes, so I hold it tight. He looks up at me and I see the fear in his eyes.
    “We’re gonna be okay. Just….trust me,” I assure. He nods slowly and then pulls out of my grip. Benny gets up and looks out the window. I can see the bright lights reflecting on his pale skin, and the way his eyes stare intensely at the scene below. I sit back against the wall and study his nervous posture as he sighs tiredly. My heart beats un-evenly, as I think of what will come in the morning. As happy as he pretends to be, they’ll just pry the heaving sorrow out of his soul.
    The same thing they’ve done to me.
    Cutting open the wounds with those stupid words,
    “Tell me more!”
    Benny crawls over to me and rests his head on my shoulder.
    “I love a lot. More then John loves you,” he proclaims childishly.
    “I love you more then John too,” I reply. I have a sudden rush of courage by Benny’s words, and before I stop myself, I kiss him.
    And he didn’t remember that. I ask him about it now, just to see if they made a mistake, but he still answers with,
    “I don’t think I was in class that day!”
    So I forget about the subject and let him finish eating breakfast, or watching The Simpsons.

    And that’s how my life will be like forever until I die.

    Benny wouldn’t have his memory restored,

    My heart wouldn’t adjust the fact that I’ll never be loved,

    And the world has forgotten about us,

    So I’ll just live each day.

    Just like everyone else.

    By Juliet on 07.08.2013

  35. The taste of the apple was clean and crisp. Not too sweet, not too tart. Perfect delight. The sun streamed through the kitchen window and I watched the neighbors’ children play in the street.

    By Hannah Fraser URL on 07.08.2013

  36. cherry delicious miau sun beach music musiiic i love life boyfriend cute guys ice cream food orange

    By gianella on 07.08.2013

  37. There are many things to delight in in this world. The simple fact of living should be something to delight in. Each breath is a gift, a wondrously, preposterous gift that we take for granted.

    By ShadowPrayers on 07.08.2013

  38. Delight is a feeling of wonder. I often fell delighted when thinking about great times in my past. It is also a delight to make achievements and goals come true. The last time I felt delighted was when I finally picked out my classes for my first year at college after being at a community school for the past two years.

    By Ryan on 07.08.2013

  39. Delight filled her like a helium balloon and she felt herself floating away, up above the heads of everyone in the crowd. She could see the heads below and the twinkling stars above, and she thought that here was the place where she could finally be happy.

    By musicrazi on 07.08.2013

  40. The ant bit hard into the soft, delightful texture of the crumb. He had never tasted anything quite like it! You see, ants aren’t very picky about what they eat. And so this particular ant ate the bread crumb that fell from the diseased old man’s mouth.

    By walkingriddle on 07.08.2013