July 9th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “wrapped”

  1. The bumps and jounces of the road hadn’t broken the bottle. “You have no idea how relieved I am,” he say, taking off the t-shirt the bottle had been wrapped in. “I’ve carried this since Ireland. Never knew when I might have a chance to drink it.” He uncorked the bottle, and a sharp, peaty scent filled the air. He grinned. “Looks like that chance is here.”

    By Anthony StClair on 07.10.2013

  2. Why would I log in at 12:15am when I should be wrapped up in bed with my hot water bottle and a book. Or, is that wrapped up in a book with a hot water bottle? Instead the heating has switched off and I am cold and tired and there is work tomorrow, which I don’t want to think about at all.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.10.2013

  3. He held me in his arms as I cried myself to sleep. With his warmth, I felt as if I was wrapped in the little moments of joy, freedom, and innocence I have once forgotten.

    By Klarinea on 07.10.2013

  4. Wrapped up in desire and theft
    wrapped in light and thoughtless love
    along a winding road
    a never ending road
    for some, not for all
    dreams of being wrapped in this
    not in that

    By Christine hier on 07.10.2013

  5. in a box of ragged shoes
    ive stored all my wicked woes
    cast in iron and covered in dust
    i hid away my faith and trust
    i enveloped my hopes in dreams
    in my baggage they all gleam

    By berenique on 07.10.2013

  6. She had wrapped her whole body in a mix of saran wrap and aluminum foil. The result was a body suit of metallic qualities and a reflective plastic skin. She walked up to me as seductively as possible with the awkward squeaking of her limbs. My first thoughts were, however, how she was going to be able to pee at the party.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.10.2013

  7. I was sick. It was a done deal with death. I had resigned to dying in bed without telling anyone. Let them pick me off this bed as my innards melt into the blankets. Let the maggots begin making me dust long before the maid gets home.

    By Ruben URL on 07.10.2013

  8. I am so new to this site that my mind is wrapped in confusion. But this is the very reason I came to this site. To clear the fog and hopefully wrap my ideas in meaningful sentences.

    By LeanJedi on 07.10.2013

  9. Oh, I can write about a given word.. many times. May be so. I did not know that I could do it. I just began with this experiment. I think this has a potential to un-wrap an author out of his block.

    By LeanJedi on 07.10.2013

  10. she wrapped the baby in a tight swaddled blanket and toke him quietly to his crib. she kissed him goodnight like always, and said goodbye, sadly that was the last night she would ever get that privilege. in the dead of night, the baby was carried away.

    By isabella on 07.10.2013

  11. I once got a Birthday present which was wrapped in about thirty sheets of wrapping paper and was then put into boxes of ascending sizes until I received what looked like a huge present… Actually, as it turned out I when all the layers were peeled off, It was a beautiful gold watch! It was a very long and drawn out process, but as you can imagine, well worth the anticipation and the effort. I will never forget that present as long as I live. In fact, I’m still wearing it to this day!

    By Danny on 07.10.2013

  12. I could feel his essence surround me but I could not tell if he was alive or dead. What matter would it make now? He wouldn’t be enveloping me in his arms anymore.

    By Tammi on 07.10.2013

  13. Sometimes, painful things are wrapped up in fake words and sentences which make them look less hard.
    You can also wrap together nice stuff : chicken/tomatoes/onions/mayo to make a sandwich, or a present to make it look nice for Christmas.

    By Mathilde on 07.10.2013

  14. this is my skin.

    if you want to,
    we can share.

    By h. b. on 07.10.2013

  15. i wrapped my finger around the knife as i slowly dug deep into its cells. the smell was sweet and the taste was sour. I could not wait to taste its bitter sweetness on my tongue.

    By Ore on 07.10.2013

  16. I wrapped the spicy sausage strips around the cheeseburger and made a brilliant combination. It was delicious!

    By Memuna on 07.10.2013

  17. In just a second, I will get under those sheets. I will turn my back to you as always. You do not know me. But you will send out your love and I will be wrapped in it safely for the night. The monsters have gone.

    By Abhineeta on 07.10.2013

  18. “Don’t get all wrapped around the axle,” he said, and I had a vision of my mangled body, twisted and bloody, hanging from the undercarriage of the car. Not the best start to a night out.

    By mrsmig on 07.10.2013

  19. The candy cane wrapped around the branch of the Christmas tree so delightfully as the small child removed it from its pleasant home.

    By Jordan on 07.10.2013

  20. Presents. Presents come wrapped. Or you can get wrapped up in your work. It’s also sounds the same as rapped, which would be funny, a rap about wrapping. Yo!

    By amber on 07.10.2013

  21. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed her. The first kiss they ever shared. It was was wonderful feeling her pressed so tightly to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled into his kisses. he could feel the warm breathe on his lips and taste the pepermint candy she just finished. They parted smiling at each other and then she blushed and looked at her shoes. Laughing now they noticed that their dogs had wrapped their leashes around their legs and they couldn’t move. So they moved back into each and kissed again.

    By Shannon on 07.10.2013

  22. the parcel was wrapped in thin tissue paper, and a tiny red ribbon was tied gently around the box in a neat bow. it was a medium sized box, one of those general-sized boxes that could hold nearly anything in the world.

    In her mind it was filled with flowers. Wildflowers of all kinds and shapes and sizes so that when she opened the box she would open it upside down, and all the flowers would spill into her hair. After all, what could be more beautiful than a girl with colorful flowers in her curls?

    she wouldn’t open the parcel until right before sunset, she decided. It was the best light to reveal a secret. any other type of light really wouldn’t do it justice. Not the quiet morning light, not the loud darkness of the night, not even the gentle warmth of the early afternoon.

    By Emily URL on 07.10.2013