July 8th, 2013 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “delight”

  1. Delightful incantations falling from your lips to the soft ground, whirling in clouded green energy, the mist, swirling above and encompassing your frame, twisting your image, turning your body to stardust so that I may carry it in my locket wherever I may go.

    By Jessica URL on 07.08.2013

  2. I delight in the sunrise. And the sunset. I delight in the mew of a kitten or the bark of an old dog. I delight in the mega-watt smile of that boy that I can’t seem to get out of my head. And I delight in the embrace that my current partner holds me each and every night. Delights can seem so sweet, until they start to hurt.

    By Sarah-Grace URL on 07.08.2013

  3. I delight in pleasing my self.
    I delight in sensual and erotic experiences.
    I delight to walk with naked feet upon the Earth.
    I delight to dance sky clad under the full moon light.
    I delight breathing in the scent of flowers, trees and fruit.
    I delight tasting the nectar of honey and the flavor of you.
    I delight seeing a flaming sunset catch the sky on fire.
    I delight feeling soft kisses on my skin and fingers through my hair.
    I delight knowing that I am immortal and shall live to love again and again.

    By gypsypriestess on 07.08.2013

  4. i dont think i would ever be able to recognize if i felt this feeling. Not anymore or ever. everything is just too much like a flatlands with no sign of a way out nondepending on the direction you take.

    By Danaé on 07.08.2013

  5. it has delight
    the fact
    the butterfly bush
    makes so many memories
    or what once was
    my yard.

    i miss the berries under my foot
    gone red like the blood to come:
    a yard makes so many memories.

    By Hayden on 07.08.2013

  6. Delighting in venom, rolling in it, the green burning and it sparkles like glass, shattering me.

    By VikingBee on 07.08.2013

  7. What a beatiful delight, I said, as I was walking by the street on my neighborhood and saw the twilight go down. I really liked doing that every day. I used to enjoy going to the river nearby too, but after the accident I really never went there that much. I prefered just sitting by mi window (after the daily walk) and read a book, or just lay on my bed, listening to music. But then again, there was the song… I really didn’t want to listen to it. Ever again. It just brought way too many memories. Jake, the accident, the river. Summer.

    By Nfgt on 07.08.2013

  8. Your eyes are my delight.
    Whenever I look at you and I see the way you look at me – that is when I feel free.
    I love you and need you; I want to be closer to you.

    You are my delight.

    By Stefan URL on 07.08.2013

  9. That is me – filled with delight – finally living the life I have dreamed about. Delight Insight Fright Light Right Night –

    By Christine on 07.08.2013

  10. Angel Delight, is there anything better?

    A proper trifle has none of that disgusting custard rubbish, just proper stuff – chocolate sponge, strawberry flavoured jelly, strawberry Angel Delight and all covered on whipped cream.

    And a trifle has sweets on top. Everyone knows that.

    By Shimbo on 07.08.2013

  11. I took delight in yesterday’s (or well today’s to be exact) adventures, and it was f**king fun being dumb and doing stuff I never would’ve done, ever..

    By Jason on 07.08.2013

  12. Delight it was a delight to have met you. You piece of shit. It was a delight to have had sex with you and from years of it bearing a child. Delight. Yes she is the delight of what I had with you, and she will always be.

    By kayla on 07.08.2013

  13. It was a delight to see him again, she thought. She tugged on her corset’s strings as she kicked her buttoned boots beneath the bed. She was grateful for the fire the servants had started in her fireplace. Indeed, it would be a delight to see him again, she was sure.

    By Isilo Aranel on 07.08.2013

  14. I got delighted when I went to Europe because I had fun a lot and I learnt about such kind of topics. Also, the food my mom does delights me, she makes cake to sandwiches, so I hope one day you could come to my house.

    When I was a child, I delighted because of a mane who appeared behind a car while I was looking to the street through the window of my car. He was trying to steal that car!, so i told that to my dad, who was with me at that moment, and he decided to call the police.

    One day, I had to do a homework very freacky that was about to search a word in the dictionary, so I chose to search delight.

    About the word delight, it´s an emotion that all the people have and that show when they see something amazing or surprising.

    I don´t know anything more about delight, this is my first try on this page so I hope not to have done this so bad.

    By Sebastián on 07.08.2013

  15. danishes sprinkle upon my face. Ramen-waisted, a life worth living. could it all be a chocolate covered cherry-plosion?

    By Red Kelevra on 07.08.2013

  16. one word is about expressing yourself in one word.

    By laura on 07.08.2013

  17. it’s a delight that the sun has gone away.
    covered with dark clouds
    the humidity shall soon split by the rain
    cooling and freshening
    I have come home once again
    and my eyes emulate those heavy clouds
    if only for a few moments I can rest
    all the heat may go to rest
    the trees wave
    like the thoughts in my brain
    with the wind
    soon bringing the delightful pour

    By lili holm on 07.08.2013

  18. “Oh!” squealed Marigold, fumbling with the package. Her trembling fingers struggling to open the package, she turned her face, delighted, but scarred by Down syndrome, to Jack’s.
    “T-t-tank you,” she mumbled.
    “Don’t mention it, Marigold,” said Jack, though worry creased his eyebrows.

    By Ariadne on 07.08.2013

  19. “It was a delight to have you,” he whispered before gently closing the door in my face. Blood dripped down the insides of my thighs and I felt an overwhelming sense of emptiness.

    By rhanebrennalynn on 07.08.2013

  20. me delicio com o sorriso oculto nas suas palavras, o riso tilintante que se adivinha atrás de cada passo, cada gesto deixado a meio caminho, sem pressa nem destino certo.

    By Juliana on 07.08.2013

  21. what is delight? its what you feel when things are just great and oh so swell. delight can come from anything food, friends, family many things that seem to start with the letter f isnt that strange, how and F normally means failure but causes such great delight some times.

    By Orla on 07.08.2013

  22. being part of my family is a delight. They are smart, warm and funny.
    They make me feel special and cherished.

    By Robin on 07.08.2013

  23. how delightful
    he looks like
    he cares

    why would
    he care

    how delightful
    she didn’t look
    like she cared

    she did
    she cared

    how delightful
    here they are again
    she will be broken
    he will be breaking her

    how delightful

    By Cerys McCarthy on 07.08.2013

  24. There was a girl, she simply wanted to live a happy life full of love and beauty. This girl smiled every time she cried and burst out in laughter at a scary story. she never let anything get her down. life was just a delight when you were with her! She changed the world with that smile, and no one ever made things change.

    By Jennie on 07.08.2013

  25. Delight is when you see his name on your phone. Or the look he gives you when he sees you for the first time after being gone for a while. Or how you feel when he finally means it when he proves he loves you.

    By paigeryan URL on 07.08.2013

  26. Albert took delight in the sweet comforts of the bakery. He ate all the cannoli once in just a single day, and while usually the owner would be somewhat irritated by that, Albert paid him one buck extra for each sweet he ate. It was clear that the fifty-something man was an excellent addition to the list of patrons that the bakery still had. It had almost gone out of business before.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.08.2013

  27. unknown to me
    the timer
    makes me feel as if i
    will never know
    when time is up
    will it be gone forever?

    By Melynda on 07.08.2013

  28. wonderfulness, lovely awesome. pandas purple ME!!!! love peace happines. a joy to all. santa claus

    By maya on 07.08.2013

  29. It was a delight to see him again, after so many months. She ran off the plane and into his open arms. He picked her up and twirled her around, kissing her lips before setting her back down. Everything was perfect now. And she was delighted.

    By Stef on 07.08.2013

  30. “And this is my daughter, Shala. I trust your son’s met her before though, haven’t you my boy?” he asked, turning to the young master Harrington with an expectant look. It took everything in me not to roll my eyes; when we were at university, Danton barely looked my way, noble blood or not.
    Despite that, the smiel he offered my father and his king was properly contrite. “Not to my knowledge, majesty. But it’s a delight, nevertheless.”
    I forced myself not to grimace as his lips made contact with my outstretched hand. “The pleasures all mine, Danton. Lord Harrington.” I nodded towards his father.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.08.2013

  31. Cinnamon rolls are a delight. They are warm, gooey and delicious. They make me guiltily happy. They are warm and make the house smell like cinnamon. They can also be a deterrence to actually eat something healthy for breakfast.

    By Brittany on 07.08.2013

  32. I never knew that
    eyes, hair, fingers
    could provoke so much sunshine
    so deep in my belly
    Now I know
    And now there’s always sunshine

    By Emily on 07.08.2013

  33. Most girls would want a kitten and delight in it’s fluffy antics, not knowing what a cunning and efficient predator it would become; Seline was however different, here delight came from her naked rat, with it’s wrinkled torso and the stigma attached with plague all those centuries ago.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 07.08.2013

  34. matter to the steel of the wild grasses in the blue of a memory there was nothing at ease in the yew tree of your magic book behind the shale shoal was an ancient trunk rhyme that caused no hiss hues but was pure delight always scented with jasmine and lavender

    By reluctant URL on 07.08.2013

  35. I was delighted to find tons of new information about family genealogy. In the last year or two the genealogy available to the world via the internet has more than tripled and much of it is free access. Along with that, the delight continues with the amount of amazingly kind and helpful people that you can find while doing research on your own history.

    By M.J. on 07.08.2013

  36. The way you walk in the light makes me think that you are of light. it’s breathtaking really, and believe when I say I watch with delight. Now I’m not a Spanish major, but I’d learn a second tongue for you. Move to just to cater to your taste, I’d mold to your flavor. This is not to say I’d be fake -I’m real, and it may be a one-sided one-way train, that I take consistently like one-a-days, to nowhere, but regardless, this love I offer is real- but like a chameleon I’d change my colors just see you smile, even if it’s not a shade I favor. Look, I guess what I’m saying is that when the days are cold and the tear drops fall masked only by rain drops, I want to be allowed to be there, shielding you with my body as an umbrella until the pain stops. I want to be the blanket that covers you when your only other company is darkness. I’m the farthest thing from a writer, I don’t even carry a notebook, but if I did I’d tell you to bookmark this: If I could be anywhere in all that is in encompassed in infinite, I’d still be with you, up until the moment my heart stops.

    By Sevio Stanton on 07.08.2013

  37. I have never had a Turkish delight. I’ve read about them in books and seen them on the big screen, but never have I ever eaten one. It’s a shame, truly. But that’s my goal in life – to find and consume a silky, luscious Turkish delight.

    By ABC on 07.08.2013

  38. Yes. Indeed.

    By Rudd on 07.08.2013

  39. i want an afternoon delight.

    By A False Terl on 07.08.2013

  40. I was happy just to be there.

    By A False Terl on 07.08.2013