August 30th, 2008 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “delay”

  1. Delay, eh? Well, I cannot. I cannot stop to wait and see what happens. I must proceed. I am in total opposition to what I am being told, which is to delay, but must instead go on. Which is an interesting and stimulating experience. I wonder what would have happened if the word had been ‘proceed’? An empty page awaited perhaps.

    by Grace Kale on 09.01.2008
  2. and i waited and waited and then when i thought i was done waiting they said the the train wasn’t going to arrive at all and so i went to the restaurant to order a burger and they said that the cook was sick for the day and when they finally found someone to cook in his place they told me they were out of meat, so when they finally took my order and my money, the train went by and i missed it, so i guess i’ll have to stay is this god forsaken place one more day and i don’t think i can last for much longer because i ran out of money and my train ticket is no longer any good and my passport was stolen as i was sleeping last night and i guess i’ll go enlist in the turkish army and call it a day…got any falafell there??? i hope so because i’m hungry and i don’t have any more time to wait.


    by claudio on 09.01.2008
  3. something that stops you, it sucks. Traffic. There’s something that happens. Unimportant. Paris Hilton. Wasn’t that funny. Hmm… Dogs those also suck. Isn’t anyone trying to stop this? Did without delay? A Procrastinators dream.

    by words on 09.01.2008
  4. late not cool. I hate people who are late. planes. unorganized. delay of my life. not punctual. inconsiderate people or services. we have a delay but we will be with you shortly

    by naomi on 09.01.2008
  5. Delay, delay, delay. I always delay what I have to do. then I’m always sorry I didn’t do it on time. and I sit and eat my sorrows away, and I delay… again and again what must be done!

    by regretful on 09.01.2008
  6. time strolls along at a snails pace. nothing seems to be going right. its all i can do to keep from going crazy.

    by alyG on 09.01.2008
  7. I have put off breaking up with my girlfriend for too long, I suppose. She is a heroin addict, and she breaks all promises she has made to try to get better. It hurts to watch someone you love self destruct like this.

    by Will on 09.01.2008
  8. i think it means being late o making somthing late. for a reason.. like cleaning my room or gettting ready for school….first day tomorrow i wish i could delay that and have a longer summer i had lots of fun <3 dustin

    by morgan on 09.01.2008
  9. pause and echo my fright and laughter

    the sometimes weeping gypsy-smock wearers

    ever in drab olive and cutlery

    sobbing the same song through soundsystem speakers

    by Laotree Jackson on 09.01.2008
  10. Delays are a pain in the arse when youre stuck in an airport with none of the local currencies, the ATMs are out of order and the airport authority just decided to ‘renovate’ the waiting lounges and remove ALL the couches…

    by Sasha on 09.01.2008
  11. delay i hate when people take forever to decide what they want to say. i hate when people can’t decide what they want. i think they know what they want they just are trying to decide how to say it in order to get it. they don’t want to make a mistake and then never get it. i don’t know if this really makes them dishonest, but it sure makes them annoying.

    by Emma on 09.01.2008
  12. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    by afsadf on 09.01.2008
  13. i dont like to delay any of my appointments cause they are my cause of fun!

    by triskeles on 09.01.2008
  14. This delay in what to say
    A delay in thoughts
    Like a dam on a river
    Keeps the words from flowing
    I need the dam to break

    by Rae Trigg on 09.01.2008
  15. no time delta orange i have nothing, no time to do anything flights george bush

    by tenley on 09.01.2008
  16. What it takes to do what you feel the future means and needs. When you take a second you prevent the actions of tomorrow in such a way that yesterday can mean something to today, but only with the right eyes or it turns negative and weird. And above all else weird is wrong and good. both…

    by brendan costello on 09.01.2008
  17. I’m in delay every morning… I don’t know why… my clock sounds clear and loud, but I always get late.

    by insomne on 09.01.2008
  18. I was on to a photo shoot and I was told it would be delayed. Oh no. No I have to wait in make up for hours. Oh well.

    by E on 09.01.2008
  19. hold back fear stop don’t do it don’t jump don’t cross stop stop stop it’s over already it’s gone don’t do it you can’t forget about it it’s over you can’t even try bang bang

    by ilo on 09.01.2008
  20. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..what?

    by don on 09.01.2008
  21. there was this delay in seeing this word flash before i can start writing. i cant pause for grammar. grammar is the delay of thought. i am not suposed to think, but then what is thought without de

    by rudhran on 09.01.2008
  22. i hate it when people delay me. but i think i delay people all the time. coz i am always late. but i think i like it when planes are delayed because i love airports. and i always like to prolong my stay in the airports and see people all excited for their trip or so happy from their vacations yet sad to go back to reality.

    by maita on 09.01.2008
  23. time stops ad we wait for it to start again. we delay many things in life not all of which we should. we delay for numerous reasons, most of which are illogical.

    Delaying can be damaging to us as people but it can also be calming as not everytyhing in life should be rushed.

    Delay cuases accumulation which can however cause stress and a feeling of no control.

    by funky on 09.01.2008
  24. too much time poop shit I like to pee, everybody likes boobies… Sometimes

    by Shit fuck on 09.01.2008
  25. I couldn’t help but delay in this infinite affair .
    He had me

    by Jaye on 09.01.2008
  26. crushing, squishing, disappearing. there’s no time to postpone these events. so i can’t hesitate if i want to slip from under these.

    by ok on 09.01.2008
  27. my train got delayed today. i dont like delays. you got me delayed.

    by manav on 09.01.2008
  28. Delay. What I do with my home work. Procrastinate, delay, forget. You know i shouldent be here i should get back to work. OK bye.

    by darren on 09.01.2008
  29. i had a delay in my motor car journey the other day when 2 fuckin sheep where in the road dickin about and a hay lorry wouldnt get out of the way, it also covered me in hay which was more bullshit¬ but they where rams not sheep, men sheeep i dunno if ram is like theit nickname or what

    by elmo on 09.01.2008
  30. I’m on delay. I don’t know what I should do. If I knew what I was doing, I’d write something more exciting, more eloquent, but I dom’t. So I just sit here and type, my mind is racing like a Jeff Gordan. That last line had no connection, which is my most recent affliction.

    by Tyler Jett on 09.01.2008
  31. I’ve been procrastinating all day – delaying the inevitable until I have to work. Many things to do, many for clients. I’ve been delaying writing for the blog, for reasons I know not why. I actually used to like to write, but now it all seems so forced, waiting for me to explode on paper. After the explosion comes the cleanup, which is when the magic really happens.

    by Erin on 09.01.2008
  32. We’d been having this plan for I don’t know how long: the plan to go to the prom together. I was willing to give him everything he wanted that night…but at the last minute he canceled. I cried myself to sleep. No prom for me. But my friends told me he was there…with HER. Mrs. Perfect.

    by Mikki on 09.01.2008
  33. it slows down the rate at which a process takes place or expected to take place

    by ashwin on 09.01.2008
  34. i was delayed writing my stupid e mail in the box.. i do not even like my e mail address…

    delay delay…
    my mum is often late…

    i never really had a plane delay.. i wish i had one someday-…. sometimes they give free stuff if they have long delays…

    no more delays in my development please…


    by Kalindi on 09.01.2008
  35. Delay the deluge in my heart arms
    teeth mouth
    I’m drowning in your symphony
    Deaf from your kisses
    and still you stay longer like lice

    by Sydney on 09.01.2008
  36. Wait, a problem, something went wrong, rain, games has to wait, patience, there was a problem

    by Nikki on 09.01.2008
  37. I should’ve been irritated, angry, etc., I know. Yet, the the bus was late, and it didn’t matter much to me. I saw a man whose hat blew off of his hat and he didn’t even turn to notice it taking to the wind. I smiled, said nothing.

    by P. on 09.01.2008
  38. si dejas pasar el tiempo, tal vez el tiempo acabará pasando de ti

    by josh on 09.01.2008
  39. Ugh, canna stand da delays in da airports nooadays. Dir actually no delays, dir really just there cos the pilots & staff canna b arsed tae get aff dir arses tae b on time. Now dat wis random…. British transport system sucks!!

    by Maria Irvine on 09.01.2008
  40. delay is something i never want to do in my life.. when you delay in life, you cant give the best of who you are, you delay and come to know a procastinator, a person that you cant call yourself, a person who isnt true to your being and person who isnt true to your esesnce… go big or go home, dont delay

    by Priscilla on 09.01.2008