November 30th, 2016 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “deal”

  1. Gib auf –
    du kriegst nicht alles was du willst.

    Gib auf –
    du kannst nicht alles haben.

    Gib auf –
    du musst immer kompromisse machen.

    Warum –
    kriege ich nicht alles was ich will?

    Warum –
    kann ich nicht alles haben?

    Warum –
    sollte ich Kompromisse machen?

    By Anuri URL on 12.01.2016

  2. hguuugygugyu

    By Ellaandlara on 12.01.2016

  3. da una a novanta

    By igor stepniewski on 12.01.2016

  4. Deal? But I still feel hesitant. I can’t think clearly, I am just anxiously living. The sound of the keyboard is somehow soothing. And there’s no deal; no negotation. Just a result. Fatídico comes from fate, right?

    By Edna Paulet on 12.01.2016

  5. Honestly? At this point, I’d make a deal with the devil. I see no reason not to. I don’t think he’d really be that bad of a guy. Just a little exchange… Wouldn’t hurt, right?

    By stranger on 12.01.2016

  6. this banana peel
    for the colors purple, red, teal
    I’ll throw in this holographic 1st Edition Seel
    if you give me half of that rotting veal
    My rusty, broken, half-eaten 1959 wagon wheel
    for your shoe – no, no, yeah! – the one with the broken heel
    a bit – just a bit! – of your frantic zeal
    to end this big long neverever ending spiel
    And I would bend, maybe even kneel
    to at last find a joy I could feel
    oh! how I long fo- what? NO DEAL?!

    By omqwat on 12.01.2016

  7. I saw a flash in his eyes as the cards folded and folded between his hands. I responded with a brilliant smile, molten and sparkling. The cards were dealt, and we looked at our hands. Over my fingertips, I watched as a dozen micro-expressions flitted across his features. I let myself smile again, and reached to the ruby-encrusted jewel at my throat. I pulled it free with such vigor that the chain snapped free, leaving a red bite-mark in my skin. I threw the necklace onto the table, and it skidded to rest before him.
    “I raise you this trinket,” I said, “And its full worth of ten thousand.”

    By Archanza on 12.01.2016

  8. “Let’s make a deal.” She gave me an eerie smile. I couldn’t show her that she scared me though; weakness meant she was going to play the deal however she wanted.
    “Who are you, Howie Mandell?” I decided to pass with a little snark. A little bit never hurt anybody, did it?
    Her forked tongue reached out and licked her lower lip as the left corner of her mouth tilted up.
    “Something like that.”

    By Paige B on 12.01.2016

  9. Something or nothing from nothing, I guess. It exists in ourselves only so temporary, tenuous. How I wish we would have stricken more tangible terms.

    By K. Johnson on 12.01.2016