December 1st, 2016 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “crying”

  1. My world is bathed in tears. Only the crying has turned to rage. I am mourning democracy withering away, being killed by a madman and as many billionaires as he can muster up. Billionaires, as far as I can see, with a few exceptions, are very capable at one, and only, one thing. Bilking others while amassing their own huge fortunes. I suppose that eventually I’ll come to the next stage of grieving: bargaining. Perhaps I will bargain with myself that I, too, shall become a billionaire and maybe then I can accept the next four years, or eight, or on to infinity. But as a child I read the myth of King Midas. It had a huge impact upon me. Hasn’t our new president read it?

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.02.2016

  2. I couldn’t stop crying as I watched the credits roll. The movie hadn’t made me teary. Nor had her warm hands against mine caused the water to flow from my eyes, or her hot lips pressed hard against mine. In fact, I was somewhere else entirely. Somewhere darker and colder than I ever imagined. That’s why I was crying.

    To her credit, she held me close, letting me sob into her sweater. She was the first person to ever comfort me in that sort of personal crisis, and that meant the world to me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.02.2016

  3. My mom is leaving. I still can’t believe it. I mean, I had always heard them argue, but I never thought it would go this far. I’m still crying up in my room.

    By the way, this is not true…

    By Jaedon Howells URL on 12.02.2016

  4. Crying never changed a single bad thing that has ever happened. It allows an expression of grief or empathy and that in a way is therapeutic. Otherwise tears have no purpose. The practice of crying should be eradicated in future generations if possible. To cry is to be human but is to be human really something that we should strive for in the future. I think to be human is a woefully outdated concept and will end the same way the dinosaurs ended.

    By Lee on 12.02.2016

  5. I know that crying is sometimes an act of venting. Some people do more of it than others. There is nothing wrong with it as it is a way to show that you greive and care.

    By trkstr67 on 12.02.2016

  6. tears fall from my eyes when i think about crying
    feelings hurt

    By Nicole Towolawi on 12.02.2016

  7. I’m crying because I’m sad. I’m sad because I’m confused. I’m confused because you’re here and I’m still waiting for them. I’m still waiting for them because I’m desperate. I’m desperate because I have nothing else. I have nothing else because I don’t want anything else. I don’t want anything else because I had them. But now, you’re the only one here. I’m crying because I’m happy. I’m happy because now I have you.

    By NYX on 12.02.2016

  8. I could feel myself crying, could hear the sobs coming from my throat, but I couldn’t process why I was sad in the first place. I could hear the sirens surrounding me and people screaming, but my ears failed to process the sounds.

    By Caroline on 12.02.2016

  9. Ha… A lot of people crying. It’s natural thing. Many people take it as a sign of weakness. That’s why I don’r cry in front of others. They make fun of me, so I just hold it in. But I’m fine. It’s hard not to cry when you have major social anxiety and your school makes you do a presentation.

    By [Blank} on 12.02.2016

  10. Tränen fallen ungesehen.
    Unbeachtet –
    ungesehen –
    Sind sie bedeutungslos.

    Wenn niemand sieht –
    deine gebrochene Seele
    dann kann sie nicht gebrochen sein.

    By Anuri URL on 12.02.2016

  11. I sat alone on my bed, crying over everything I had done. It felt as if I had ruined everything, and there was nothing I could do to fix it now. No amount of tears could represent the amount of pain I felt, and I would just have to let them out so I could begin to heal.

    By Maddy on 12.02.2016

  12. I hate it, honestly. Salty water squeezing from my eyes is not how I would have come up with a biological healing mechanism, but I’m not God then am I? Some people do it a bit extravagantly I’d say.

    By Cat on 12.02.2016

  13. The love is gone. The laughter is gone. There is no more crying or fighting–not even talking. But they will not find the courage, or even the desire, to leave–they may have they been younger or not been given the chance to become so integral in each other’s daily living activities. Years and forever of an unspoken agreement of sharing loneliness.

    By edrianredentor on 12.02.2016

  14. I was crying crying I can’t cry and I miss it. crying was a beautiful blessed release and now everything is sad but there’s nothing to do about it. i miss tears and i miss you and i miss release good god i cant feel anything MAKE ME FEEL SOMETHING i’m sorry i sound crazy crying

    By Abby Mortensen on 12.02.2016

  15. Been doing a lot of that lately, let me tell you. For no reason at all. I’ll be sitting there reading something stupid, can’t name it right now, when I feel the tears fill my eyes and spill over onto my cheeks. I get a tissue, wipe them up and then they’re back. No reason. But of course there’s a reason. This isn’t an allergy but yes it is an allergy. To all the bullshit that’s going on; all the hate, all the anger, the blame, the fear, the lying the constant barrage of stories that aren’t true, the dead children, the lame animals, all the things they keep scrolling across screens all over the world so we come to hate it. No. That’s no why I’m crying. I’m crying because I miss people who aren’t here any more. Over time, different people from different place. People I loved, people I knew, people I worked with who I didn’t know I was seeing for the last time until someone called and said, “Hey, did you hear about: Alan, Richie, John, Jerry, Brian. More, there’s more.” Maybe you can tell me why I’m crying.

    By rubyluby on 12.02.2016

  16. She blinked hard, trying to dismiss the tears as she would rowdy students at the end of the summer, joyfully and with a sigh of common relief. It didn’t work. She should be glad. This should be a happy occasion, but instead her eyes ran blurry and she couldn’t breathe. “Calm down, Kate, what the hell is wrong with you?”

    By Bridget Grace on 12.02.2016

  17. When she heard the news, she felt like crying. The whole world seemed turned upside down and what she would have thought was common understanding – that all people have equal rights and equal opportunities – was not a given. She got the suitcase out of the closet and started to throw clothes into it. She had to get out, go somewhere different. Finally, she wiped the tears out of her eyes and replaced the clothing in her closet and the suitcase under her bed. There was no place different, and even in a new place, there would be challenges just as difficult.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.02.2016

  18. She was crying out for attention. You could see it in the way she dressed, the way she acted, the colour of her hair. I don’t know where she had failed to get enough love, it wasn’t as if she didn’t have loving parents.

    By Alia on 12.02.2016

  19. The ultimate necessary evil. I never used to cry, but college and just life in general has pushed me further than I want to go–and the natural reaction is to cry.

    By Audrey on 12.02.2016

  20. CRYING crying lying words spitting on the ground as tears fall across the crease of my notebook listening to Santana as the guitar jams its neck down my throat as I throw up musical notes and choke on the strings that have been pulling on my chain of life for years and years and years.

    By Harris A on 12.02.2016

  21. It was just this morning that it happened. I woke up, late as usual, when my sister knocked on my door, donning black inside-out Cattlemens shirt and pants.

    “She’s dead.”

    By Joy on 12.02.2016

  22. involuntary, covering your mouth because you have been taught to hide everything in the name of strength. but that’s how you learn

    By Yasmine URL on 12.02.2016

  23. i got up this morning with this huge headache, i couldn’t stop thinking about my girl who flew away to the big city. So i had these words echoing in the poor head of mine. My baby left me, she run, she run, she drew dry my love, she flew away but i don,t care.

    By lyrics on 12.03.2016

  24. “I can’t believe it,” she whispered, fighting to contain her tears. The morning’s cold ocean breeze bit her cheeks but she couldn’t be bothered to care. She looked down at the man in the sand in front of her, the man she knew in her heart of hearts she wanted to marry.

    “Yes,” she said finally, the moment a cruel echo of what was yesterday the happiest yes of her life. Yesterday, her yes made the man she loved stand up with tears in his own eyes and wrap his arms around her, promising a lifetime of friendship and happiness, confirming his identity as her one and only love.

    Today, it made a police officer she’d never seen before stand up and whisper to the coroner nearby, promising a lifetime of loneliness and heartache, confirming the drowning victim’s body as that of her one and only love.

    By Mimi on 12.03.2016

  25. I am crying inside. I wished I could tell you how much pain I am holding inside. Sometimes I feel like I have to rip my heart open just to ease the pain. How could you love someone so much and hurt at the same time? I wished you’d know how much I adore you. I don’t know why I feel the need to be around you even if my mind says stop. I have given everything. Loving you so much is the only way I know how. Though its not the same in your case and I guess I’d be crying but not for long.

    By Solitarysoul on 12.03.2016

  26. Why was she always crying? She didn’t even have anything to cry about? She wouldn’t tell me why either. I put her hand in mine and begged, “Honey, what’s wrong? Please, let me help.” She wouldn’t even look at me. Just opened her mouth and shrieked.
    I should’ve used a condom.

    By Paige B on 12.03.2016

  27. I sat there. thinking about everything, everything that was said, everything that happened. It kept coming, like waves, they kept crashing and crashing onto my red burnt cheeks. I couldn’t stop it, I didn’t want to stop it.

    By Tilley on 12.03.2016

  28. he was crying
    and although i knew i should not think it
    he was beautiful
    in his most vulnerable state
    of complete emotion
    and letting go
    of the thoughts
    complete irrationality and complete rationality
    consumed in the tears that fell

    By Daisy Leason on 12.03.2016

  29. Over spilt milk, tio vent your anger or to heal a broken heart? The last category is the only one where I would support crying. Otherwise, it’s of no use — as you will find yourself alone while you do it. On the other hand, if you laugh, the whole world will be with you.

    By Hari on 12.03.2016

  30. I am crying because this is the word we used yesterday and noone changed it. That kinda sucks because I was looking for a new challenge word. But oh well there is no such things as a coincidence so it must supposed to be this way. Alas…

    By trkstr67 on 12.03.2016

  31. Emotional release and cleansing. Letting go. Purify. Road to renewal and wholeness.
    Sadness. Frustration. Anger.
    Happiness in its fullest.
    Love unconditionally.

    By Gail Little-Osberg on 12.03.2016

  32. Endless rain of duct cloud soup
    Cleans my soul from within its coupe
    Carve the valleys and canyons below
    Endless tears, without sorrow

    By smattc URL on 12.03.2016

  33. “I was crying when I met you…I was crying just to get you…”

    The singer sings of sweet misery. I wonder if he’s the kind of guy who would sleep with the drummer’s girlfriend, that free-spirited, Cinnamon Girl type, and record her moans for the mixtape he’s gonna drop when he goes solo. She won’t last tho. The girl’s like candy, when he’s through she’ll just melt away as misery loves company for only a short while it seems.

    By Oxbow on 12.03.2016