November 30th, 2016 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “deal”

  1. Deal or no deal? Is it like making a deal when we tell someone we love them? A deal that you’ll be there for them if they need you and vise versa. Sometimes although you make that deal with someone, they ditch you. They kill you they scream “NO DEAL” when your the one in need. Deal

    By anonymous_writer_17 on 11.30.2016

  2. So, what’s the deal with deals? Why is it so important for people to get “the deal”. That’s what Black Friday is all about right? The deals? As if the same item won’t be on sale for cheaper next week. Insane.

    By Ijeoma on 11.30.2016

  3. “I’ll give you two candy bars for one of your race cars.”

    “Three, and I’ll give you a race car and a Pokémon card.”

    Shelly wrinkled her nose. “Two Pokémon cards.”

    “Deal.” Josephine stuck our her hand to shake.

    Shelly passed her the crunchy toffee chocolate bars, which Josephine munched on happily.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.30.2016

  4. I wanted one of the candy suckers that my brother had, but he wouldn`t give me one. “I`ll give you four quarters if you give me one, is that fair?” I said”You`ve got yourself a deal” He said.

    By homeschooler on 11.30.2016

  5. There is this one deal that I love at Game Stop. The deal is buy 1 perowned and get 2 free.

    By Simon Woodard on 11.30.2016

  6. a deal is an institutional part of living. You must deal to move on. You must deal everytime you go to the grocery store. You must deal to continue to grow. Dealing is living. Just, don’t deal with the devil.

    By Dannelle Xavier Greer URL on 11.30.2016

  7. In the end I just had to. This deal was the perfect thing for me, my family, everyone! So much so that I couldn’t miss out. Almost every person I knew would be included. There was no real choice. It’s amazing, such a beauteous thing! I love it. How much more could be explained? Instead of having to scavenge and scrape we could get it automatically.

    By Elias on 11.30.2016

  8. Trembling, she extended her fingers toward the calloused hand of the grinning man. She felt every trace of her inbred neurosis leave her. All of the sudden, she felt nothing but conviction. “Deal”.

    By TheBowlerCapFairy URL on 11.30.2016

  9. What’s the deal with stupid people? Like just learn something and maybe your argument will be valid. Gah, I hate people sometimes… Then again I love many people. Heh… I hate my life right now. I am so sad. hahahahahahahha

    By [Blank} on 11.30.2016

  10. “I agree,” he nodded curtly, “So it looks like we have a deal.”
    The room was still.
    Still nothing.
    He chuckled nervously. She held out her hand to shake. He hesitated, “Did I mention, “SO IT LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE A DEAL??'”

    By Bridget Grace on 11.30.2016

  11. a deal is where u have a plan with some one and u have to diside on weather u like it or not and u can dicide about stuff like which thing do i like more

    By amarri on 11.30.2016

  12. I sealed the deal with a kiss
    A meeting at the crossroads
    With a beautiful person
    So divine
    They must be divine
    Or rather devilish
    In a roundabout way
    A way that they look
    And the things that they say
    To a girl like me
    Who just wants to see
    What the future will bring for her

    By Daisy Leason on 11.30.2016

  13. “Here’s the deal,” the eyes are serious. Wrinkles form in the corners, very fine lines, underscoring the message with micro-expressions that lead to micro-aggressions, “You don’t actually get me at all. So only in this can we be in agreement. Comprehend, stupid?”

    I mumble something back like “like blah, blah, blah” or “Bob Lob Law.” It’s stunning what she says when it cuts to the heart. I barely recover even enough to utter these trifling lines. But if I recall we wouldn’t have developed this shorthand if I didn’t somewhat understand.

    The eyes are blank. Like nothing said matters.

    “Case in point.” she says, blows a bubble, chomps it, and walks away like a blood-furious shark.

    By Chameleon on 11.30.2016

  14. I don’t know what the big deal is. I didn’t do anything wrong. Whats up with the word deal anyway. Like, do you mean a deal? If so, then please know that i don’t care about the deal. Its all fake, and we know it. You can try to pretend.

    By Sophie on 11.30.2016

  15. The process of life is never easy, and the approach that is often taken is just to “deal” with it. Maintaining this throughout life tends to suck the excitement and beauty out of it. Instead, we should find meaning in every moment that we can.

    By lukes9713 on 11.30.2016

  16. The art of the deal. Let’s make a deal. Deal me in. I’m a big deal.

    By Jose on 11.30.2016

  17. A deal can present good and bad things. It depends upon who, why, where and when.

    By Elizabeth on 11.30.2016

  18. let’s make a deal,
    a good deal,
    the new deal,
    deal with it

    By Trinity on 11.30.2016

  19. It had been a deal, a very bad deal.
    Save the world, stop the earth from swallowing everything up and you get your mother back and also her son wants your head, have fun.

    Never again would she wouldn’t fall for this again, who cares if her older half-brother did this before! She didn’t and would be quite happy to leave this deal behind her but she had swore on the River Styx and help her gods, she would do it.

    By Oliva on 11.30.2016

  20. “Alright… Ill make a deal with you. If you clean your room by the end of the day, ill give you a cookie. Got it?” “Yeah! Deal!”

    By Samantha on 11.30.2016

  21. “It’s a deal then?” You shake his hand, knowing that you can’t come back from it once you do. You just made the deal of a century, of your entire lifetime, and yet you feel like a traitor for it. The words of your best friend keep echoing through your head: this deal would be made “at whose expense?”

    By Emily on 11.30.2016

  22. Nothing is ever a big deal. I could deal a deck of cards or you might get a raw deal from a friend. If you got a raw deal you need to deal with it.

    By Anne-Maree Ross on 11.30.2016

  23. The arrangement was struck easily. A simple draw of blood and the path was set. He looked down at the dot in the middle of his hand pooling with blood. And he couldn’t help but wonder if he had perhaps made a mistake hiring such a monster for such an offense.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 11.30.2016

  24. “Deal!”

    I extended my hand to his.

    It was the chance of a lifetime.

    I signed along the dotted line. Knowing that this decision I’ve made is the ultimate price for my freedom.

    The man walks away into the distant sunset.

    I stand at the crossroads and waved goodbye.

    By DF on 11.30.2016

  25. I can’t deal with the damned itching for EVEN ONE. MORE. FRICKIN. SECOND. It just won’t stop, it’s there like a persistent knock at the door of every nerve of my palm. It’s not just on my palm now either, it’s spreading across the underside of my wrist, it’s irritating the veins there. It’s creeping up and along my left arm, towards my shoulder and inevitably towards my heart as well.

    By Lee on 11.30.2016

  26. Deal is a general phrase for any compromise between humans.Deal is generally an agreement between two people.It can be used in almost any situation.

    By Daniyal on 12.01.2016

  27. Deadshot and Ghost Rider teamed up. Finally, after much bloodshed and bickering, Ghost Rider finally agreed to kill Batman. Its a deal. Duh Duh DUHHHHH

    By Jaedon Howells URL on 12.01.2016

  28. Yo escribo lo que me sale del rabo y tú a cambio me pagas 500 euros al mes, que no abonas por simpatía o por obligación sino porque en el fondo, periodista o no, puritano o santoteresista, te mola que escriba tacos junto a los concejales.

    By SkyTaster on 12.01.2016

  29. I can’t deal with it. He’s holding the full hand of cards, there must be about thirty of the damn things in those big palms, but he ain’t doing nothin’ with them but holdin’ them and that’s almost worse than anythin’ else he could be doin’. Note I said *could* be, but it ain’t, ’cause you don’t hang around this bar for long without learnin’ some creative applications fer gambling apparatus. I’m gonna have to make him a deal, else there’ll be a great deal o’ pain when he does deal the damn cards.

    By henry sawdon-smith on 12.01.2016

  30. To deal with life, you have to have the mindset of an invincible champion. Abundance is inevitable. Resistance is futile. You design your life the way you want and believe it to be so, and it shall be,….

    By trkstr67 on 12.01.2016

  31. No deal. I don’t care what you offer me. I refuse. No means no. It doesn’t mean make me a better offer. It means fuck off. It means I don’t care. Dammit why don’t these people get it. Salesman, more like salesmachine. I buy one stick of butter and they want to sell me the farm, with cows too.

    By Max Mager URL on 12.01.2016

  32. we always get through it. the framed exchange, it’s a willing compromise. deal with it, and find power in your change

    By jengel333 on 12.01.2016

  33. it was another one of those nights where all the people are hovering over the tables. cigarette smoke perfumes. and all i could think about was the next card that was going to come. it was my last chip left. deal.

    By CMA on 12.01.2016

  34. pick a case number 5 now

    By Thomas L. on 12.01.2016

  35. I said deal
    once I knew my days were going to spin busy
    like a nonstop ferris wheel
    the use of chicanery in my itinerary
    dissimenates the efficacy for making pitstop by who-wants-to-be-a-millionare wheel
    circled back around
    to place where palms trees have low branches and long leaves
    where waters are bluer than finest of cloth
    I’m a money making moth!

    By Milad URL on 12.01.2016

  36. there is a show called deal or no deal and the point is to get money. there is also deals like bad deals.

    By Kadin on 12.01.2016

  37. Let’s make a deal, I think we would be good together, but it seems you don’t agree. Let me change that. At least give me a chance. We’ve been working together for a while now, it only seems natural to move past that. What do you say? Do you want your little flirtation with the dark side? That’s what I’ve been hearing about you anyways. Is that the real you? Just give me a chance and I’ll show you my world. Or at least my version of this one we live it. It’s not what you may think.

    By Leah on 12.01.2016

  38. so what’s the deal? No tell me! Why is this happening?

    Deal ’em out, deal me a hand and then I will go from there…..I’ll play my cards — but once, only once, don’t let me get hooked on this or my life will fritter away into meaningless gambling

    By bronwen URL on 12.01.2016

  39. I’m not sure if this is working out too well. So let’s make a deal. We stay together for just one more week and throughout that week we try as hard as we can to go back to how we were before everything else happened. Let’s go back to the start.

    By NYX on 12.01.2016

  40. a deal is like an arrangement like some thing u close of on something u trust and something u can bet on

    By julie URL on 12.01.2016