June 12th, 2008 | 642 Entries

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642 Entries for “daisy”

  1. trees, beauty, happiness, anger, fate, duck, mushrooms, i went to the bathroom in canada, there were three men there. they ate a measured amount of pie. i was glad that it was only a mesured amount because I am totally into pie. I’ll bet you’re not into pie as much as I am. Daisy pie, Daisy Mae, Molly May, Mother May I? Upsy daisy upsy maisy upsy mausy.

    By Hthr on 06.16.2008

  2. A daisy is a simple things in a complicated world. A daisy, is it a weed or a beautiful life form showing off. Who knows? A daisy, like a sun, brightens up the world and makes itself seen. A daisy. So simple. So precious. So free.

    By Janie on 06.16.2008