June 8th, 2008 | 579 Entries

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579 Entries for “substance”

  1. I think that I will never play with drugs again. My brother got hauled off today, because he messed with the wrong brain stimulants. Please, I never want to see a substance abuse again. I hope that the state will take care of him, and help his addiction.

    By CLSFD KIDD on 06.12.2008

  2. Drugs, the brief escape from reality that everyone desperatly craves and few actually have the courage to commit to.

    By Kris on 06.12.2008

  3. Substance. The word substance is very peculiar. It can be any kind of thing. When i think of the word “substance” i think of Drugs and Alcohol. Drug Substances, are obviously not good for you, but i believe they make life worth living, they widen your horizon about everything in life, i believe they are what’s good for you in life. Alcohol substance, i believe, is a horrible thing, alcohol.. once it’s in your body, your guaranteed to let go some juices out of your mouth, as known as throwing up.

    By sara on 06.12.2008

  4. oh this is a gereat word – every one abd thibg should have this
    without substance we qwould all be just vapour ware – which would make us all illusions – and there would be no reality in the world
    maybe that would be

    By rima on 06.12.2008

  5. the substance of this exercise is lacking. i think the word of the day has been the same for several days now. although, my brain, the substance that lets me think is questionable and i could be substancially wrong.

    By rachel on 06.12.2008

  6. abuse. working to full potential. having gumption. being of value.

    By d on 06.12.2008

  7. Give me someone with substance, someone I can respect. Someone who can light a fire with their mind. Give me someone who means every word they say, and couldn’t give a damn about if you accept them or not. Give me someone who has never been bored, has never been idle, who will never die. Give me someone.

    By jesi on 06.12.2008

  8. one word can explain everything

    By dilan on 06.12.2008

  9. substance is what this paragraph will lack, simply because at the moment, i was required to say something about it and i can’t. however, we often, in this technologically prolific age, claim to have substance, when in actuality we really just have a new way of saying the same old thing. what we need is ideas, the real substance, and not a new spin on the old.

    By sarah on 06.12.2008

  10. the blood in my viens, the way my heart beats liquid at the sight. I’m so sick of dealing with you, like a drug, a heat, an addictive need. I’m free. I scream freedom in every waking moment. every caucasian walk and causcasian talk. I speak. I am no longer yours, so get rid of that smirk and continue walking.

    By chelsey on 06.12.2008

  11. the substance of life is sometimes unknown. I believe that there is no real answer to why we are here. You must find your own life substance or readson for life. You can not reach outside yourself to find this. You must look within. Only you can answer the question of what you will lieave behind when your time is over. If you waste your life only you can bw responsible.

    By carol on 06.12.2008

  12. what a horrible viscuous substance it was! it burned all the way the down and barely stayed where it was supposed to be. gagging and retching, i ran for the doorway.

    By cris on 06.12.2008

  13. abuse hotline liquid soft silky cold coke booze win beer alcohol ruin pineapple mixed dtrinks pqarty
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    chemistyry lab triplicate lab book
    3 hour labs did bad in chem freshman year college weed out class

    By Praveen on 06.12.2008

  14. Substance. Substance is the stuff of things. All things lacking substance lack heart, they lack soul, they lack “umph”. Without substance our lives would be grey, confusing, undefined. Substance controls our media, our entertainment, our love lives. Substance can be a spark or a laugh or a gritty detail that’s harrowing to the core.

    By Ross on 06.12.2008

  15. substance is an album by joy division, it is a substantial album of greatest hits. substance is required in order to create any worthwhile art.

    By Shakeyjoe on 06.12.2008

  16. there is a substance unknown to man that will cure cancer and give us back our lives.
    this substance, whatever it may be, is at an all time high for the risks it will encounter during it’s lifetime.
    hopefully, we will find it and save it before it’s too late.

    By darb on 06.12.2008

  17. A lot of meanings. A person who has substance is someone with a lot going for him or her. They have a lot to offer. They are interesting individuals. They have had much life experience and when sharing their stories, seem to take you there with them. I like being around people with substance. They know who they are and where they are going.

    By anne on 06.12.2008

  18. that what my body is. A lot of substance. I am a woman of substance on so many levels. I like substance in my life. I like my life to be rich and full and ever changing. I would like my body to have less substance. That is all I can think about right now and I think I still have time left :-)

    By Kari on 06.12.2008

  19. Vapid and hollow, the mirror flexed her form, bending and blurring each texture, shape, and color. The lens could not match a picture to her face, a name to her fingerprint, a social security number to her bar-code.

    By Carn on 06.12.2008