April 24th, 2009 | 141 Entries

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141 Entries for “cutout”

  1. I need to cutout every other influence in my life and listen to my own mind for once.. and That’s what I’m doing you can’t hold sway here anymore, this is me living for me. I just need to figure out who that is….

    By Shay on 04.25.2009

  2. “Cutout of the power inside you.”
    This is how my sensi discribed the technique.
    “This technique should not be used to hurt your oponent, but rather to show your progression in the art. You should never use this technique to hurt a human.”

    By Chris on 04.25.2009

  3. there was a piece of paper sitting on the table by the window. I grabbed a pair of scissors and started to make paper cutouts, a cutout of a dog, a cutout of a girl. I amused myself for hours this way, during the snowy and rainy days of the season. There was always some way to entertain myself with these cutouts. There was always some way for me to create a story with the creations I made.

    By Lauren on 04.25.2009

  4. I once cut out a shape of a rabbit from some construction paper. My parents thought I had cut out some kind of dirty image. I was grounded for a week. I don’t remember what the dirty image was supposed to be, and I don’t know what it could be to this day.

    By Chris on 04.25.2009

  5. Cutout paper man. Dolly on the table, from a sheet of many. Part of something more, but tear me from it, lay me out and finish me. Give me my hat, my shirt, my cutout life.

    By Jack on 04.25.2009

  6. I’ve always wanted to be somebody, ya know? Not just a person but someone who is known for something, someone who makes an impact, a difference. I’m not a somebody…I’m just me.

    By Kim on 04.25.2009

  7. you cutout me out of your life, and don’t blame it on distance, difference of interest, parting with age…
    I reached out for you and you runaway.

    By liz on 04.25.2009

  8. just cutout this pain I am feeling. A part of me is missing since last night, when you left, with tears rolling down your face. Yup it is a cliché, and I anot generally a cliché girl…but oh well we all feel like a character from a movie don’t we? I urge you to get away from my mind…please

    By Joana on 04.25.2009

  9. one cuts out paper to create cute little snowflakes to hang on her college dormroom window. dormroom is not a word. oops.
    cutouts are for getting newspaper articles you want and hanging them on a wall. or other things.
    scissors cut things out.

    By Lizzy on 04.25.2009

  10. The cardboard cutouts lined the green, and the clothesline swayed with painted shirts. The women and men joined hands and marched on the courthouse, and the devils of the night ran scared from the rally. The voices raised triumphantly, and the cutouts took up their stakes and danced. Happy Take Back the Night. =)

    By ashley on 04.25.2009

  11. There’s so much I wish I could cut out.
    Flip back through the pages of my biography.
    Cut out the bad times, and remember the good.
    Because sometimes, most times, it’s too hard.
    Too hard to remember the good and forget the bad.
    I wish I could cut it all out.
    Cut out those parts of me.

    By Alice on 04.25.2009

  12. cut it out man, a cut out is a paper person, not really here. if you lay him down you can’t see him, if you turn him sideways you can’t see him. look at him straight on and you see what he was made for. but be careful, he can bend and tear easily.

    By Jacob on 04.25.2009

  13. cutout paper cutouts flat forms people with no dimension. Are you a cutout? where is the place for your heart? Has it been cut out? who did that to you? did you do it yourself? where is it now? on a simpering pink valentine? on a table top? under the bed? in the closet? where did you put it? is it sent away in the mail? is it in the trash? how can you find it? Can you make a new one? can you? cut it out, put the cutout in the cut out space where the old one was. then see if you are more than a cutout paper doll.

    By mamsie on 04.25.2009

  14. The cardboard cutout of the shape owuld later be traced repetitivly to create an pattern which would be painted an assortment of colours. Once completed the result would be spectacular.

    By sam on 04.25.2009

  15. I think I might like to have a life size cutout of George Clooney in my home. Yes, that is the perfect decorating touch to complete the look I am going for. It says, she has good taste and friends in high places!

    By Paulie on 04.25.2009

  16. a piece of a whole. to eliminate from my life (cutout pop from my diet) strange because I rarely drink pop. I love to cutout things from magazines and then I lose them…

    By Heather on 04.25.2009

  17. cutout shutout on the low down
    flow down downtown ocean town. we lived with the paper people under the waves. their hands were like sieves. they sure didn’t last long.

    By juju on 04.25.2009

  18. We are all cutouts of the same person – a never ending line of gingerbread men. We lose ourselves in the sameness. Damn commercialism. Damn ideals. Damn the same. Celebrate diversity.

    By Misty on 04.25.2009

  19. The whales are being cut out of the ocean. Yesterday my mother told me that plastic bags are giving them breast cancer. Whales shouldn’t get breast cancer. No one should, actually.

    By Jillian on 04.25.2009

  20. cutout is usually something in the art store that you can easily buy. colored paper, little kids room,s and bulletin boards are full of them.

    or it is the actino of cutting out a picture as done by little kids.

    yet maybe its something more. can we cutout thigns form our life? waht do we do with it? can we display them? maybe we should. lets display what we can get rid of in our life.

    By Steph on 04.25.2009

  21. people who are the same as everyone else, like paper cut out dolls that i used to play with when i lived with my grandma. they weren’t any fun, but i liked them anyway because it gave me something to do in that boring house that was full of dust. horrible dust. achoo!

    By em on 04.25.2009