April 23rd, 2009 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “mode”

  1. I was in go mode. Ready to tackle the day. I started with ambition which quickly faded to fatigue.
    Why is it the best of intentions go to the wayside?

    By maria on 04.24.2009

  2. I am in defense mode right now – afraid – and waiting and feeling so intensely at the same time. I am also in the mode of feeling so intensely – what I want I may have already and it’s a period of protecting what I have – it’s beautiful but am afraid of getting hurt.

    By Genegirl on 04.24.2009

  3. It can mean serveral things, like the mode you are in; something like working-mode.

    By kristina on 04.24.2009

  4. mode. What can I say, but Ugly Betty. I love her braces and her goofy grin, her hidious outfits and her willingness to help anyone in a jam. I also consider fashion itself. It’s color and glam. It’s beauty and shallowness. It’s like here today, gone tommorrow.

    By Megan on 04.24.2009

  5. mode? really? how do i write anything worthwhile about a word like that? i remember mode being the name of a magazine in a movie or a tv show… but i cant remember the title. maybe just shoot me? i have a feeling it was a movie, now a show… but i could be wrong. todays word was terrible.

    By Samm on 04.24.2009

  6. Salvation a la mode, and a cup of tea. This word seems to have evolved into a purely technological term, and shed its previous meanings in the process. Now, we say “Put it in record mode.” But the other meanings of mode have been lost, and no longer will it describe the newest fashions.

    By Jonathan Lewis on 04.24.2009

  7. a version of incomparable being. A set state of enlightenment and inspiration.

    right now im in m mode.

    By kyle on 04.24.2009

  8. For some reason, all I can think about is ice cream on a pie. A la mode, right? Never actually had pie like that – sure, I’ve had ice cream with pie, but never served to me in a restaurant with a nice dollop of French. Shameful, I suppose, although I can hardly claim to be crushed. Or that ashamed.

    By Terrace on 04.24.2009

  9. I am in survival mode. I lost my job two months ago and have had a total of two job interviews since then. Unfortunately, one “interview” was actually some sort of application/aptitude test, which included 15 math questions of the word variety. What the hell? It’s an admin assistant position. Answering phones and what not. What do I have to know about how many miles Timmy went in four hours if he traveled 2.6 km.

    By chris on 04.24.2009

  10. Mode. Like mean, medium, mode. Remember? From elementary school, I think. There was a song they taught us to remember what each meant. I don’t remember now. Mode was always the one I had the most trouble with. Mean and medium are easier to figure out.

    By Lisa on 04.24.2009