April 12th, 2010 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “curls”

  1. Her hair was straight, but it was no match for a 3 hour session in a human sized boiling pot.

    By Derek on 04.13.2010

  2. Curls of fog swam around the heavy tombstones. Wilted flowers of loved ones remained on the old graves. A lone silhouette stood under the shadow of a decaying angel. The damp earth added to the smell of decay. The figure’s long coat flapped silently in the breeze. The scent of a rose filled the air as the stranger pulled it from an inside pocket. One sweet scent in the middle of year of death seemed so out of place. The character kneeled before the old angel and placed the red flower on the only new grave for miles. “I miss you.” Were the only words that floated through the silent air.

    By Sky on 04.13.2010

  3. I like curly hair. I miss my curly hair. It was long, bouncy, and beautiful. I dream of one day having it again. And it being pulled, and played with. Oh, how I long for my curls.

    By Kay on 04.13.2010

  4. when i was in year three i fell in love (or i guess it probably wasn’t love, since i was in year three) with a girl called alexandria and she had these beautiful curls. i wrote her a love not and bought her a necklace with all my pocket money and her mother came over and told me i was creepy.

    By leo on 04.13.2010

  5. Curls, curls, curls
    That’s what I’m tryin’ to get
    Curls, curls, curls
    But it’s frizz I end up with
    Curls, curls, curls
    I wanna cry and give up on it.

    By Nancy* URL on 04.13.2010

  6. curls curly hair, my mate dan just got a perm. looks fuckin ridiculous but its awesome at the same time. grace has curls to, her hair looks mint. curly fries. tasty mothers those, ate them with my girlfriend, ex, i should say. wow im frickin sad.

    By mat on 04.13.2010

  7. Yours are locks I can’t pick. Your twisted glory is your crown.

    By on 04.13.2010

  8. curls spiraling from my head, head scpace the space beneath my curls, I am an african queen and my curls are my crown!

    By james Hulley on 04.13.2010

  9. when i was little, my mom told me that if i ate my sandwich crusts, my hair would get curly. i never understood it… grace’s hair kept getting curlier and curlier and she hated crust more than anything. that may have been the first time she lied to me.

    By Emily Ritchings on 04.13.2010

  10. I dislike curls, they should be banned from this planet. Being all curly and stuff. 8-)

    By fff on 04.13.2010

  11. Curly. The nickname a lot of guys like to give me, probably because I do happen to have curly hair. I don’t know if I’ve ever really liked that nickname. I don’t mind Curly Sue. That one’s kind of cute. The worst hair-related nickname I’ve ever gotten was “Squirrel’s Nest.” Needless to say he and I didn’t last long.

    By gbortel on 04.13.2010

  12. His hair was as curly as I had ever seen it! “I think this hair style may have been a bad choice”, Greg said with regret. Of course, I had told him that before, and a cruling iron plus hiis hair is always a bad idea, but he never listens to reason.

    By Casanova Frankenstein on 04.13.2010

  13. Her dark brunette curls hung loosely from the bun she had shoved them into. They fell in face, and she messily pushed them back, returning to the work at hand.

    By chantelle on 04.13.2010

  14. Gingery curls upon the porcelain skull, a shmaster awaited on my tempered satin sheets. It was ready and it would accept and adapt to anything, adept to the surrounding environment, regardless of its debts. Peace could be brought into the lives in every individual.. in such a fresh way….


    By xanithxculsha48 on 04.13.2010

  15. Fuck curls, especially when girls with straight hair give themselves those horrible fake curls.

    By Tom on 04.13.2010

  16. ooh, i wish i had curls. my hair has always been as straight as a board. then again, there was that time in 6th grade when i got a disastrous perm…i wouldn’t want to go back to that for anything. i guess i’ll stick to what i’ve got.

    By kb on 04.13.2010

  17. hello world, I love you.

    By mohamed URL on 04.13.2010

  18. they are red and theyu can bounce but usually only on young children of the female variety. like annie. or that other one. who sang annoying songs about animals crackers. why are they in your soup? that will make them wet. and soggy. and not as good as not wet and soggy. you just wasted some animal crackers. wow. how inconsiderate. i am no

    By Ian Kernohan on 04.13.2010

  19. I have had a cirly hair. I would love curls! to have them I have to use iron that hurts my hair! I don’t wanna do it often! Nevertheless, I lovethem

    By uusii on 04.13.2010

  20. The curls of her hair hung down in front of her face. She was upset. The boy had ditched her again. This made the third time in a week. How could he be so thoughtless? Was there someone else?

    By Mandy on 04.13.2010

  21. Curls are bouncy and whimsical when done right, or obnoxious. The word “curls” also has five letters in it. I can’t focus much on the word “curls” when things around me are moving, for example, a moving bar with colors changing in increased intensity that’s generally signifying an upcoming time limit.

    By Brittany Clark on 04.13.2010

  22. People who curl they’re hair are normally annoying and preppy, they piss me off when they walk down the hallways bouncing up and down to make their hair bounce more and so more people will notice it and tell them that they love their hair. Also it makes they’re boobs move more so more people will look at not only their hair, but their boobs, and their clothes.

    By Anonymous on 04.13.2010

  23. curls are something I was born without, had lots of as a toddler but lost the lot after my first hair cut. Now I am in my 30’s and have bits of hair that are curly and others which are straight. I find myself thinking that straight would be boring and curly would be too much but both doesnt work either so what should I do. Do I want curls….or not!

    By Abbigale Newell on 04.13.2010

  24. The chocolate peeled away from the block one curl at a time, landing softly on the buttercream, creating a smell that was unearthly. I walked toward him, took the tip of my finger across the top of the cake, and brought it to his mouth.

    By Peter on 04.13.2010

  25. I always liked her curls, her silky red hair. It looked great in the sun, like strawberries. I know I’m being ridiculous, but I just don’t know what to write. Today I curled my hair, I like how it looks.

    By dani on 04.13.2010

  26. Curls played around her bare shoulders, and she looked up to him from the mess of blankets on the bed. “That was.”

    By DP on 04.13.2010

  27. are

    By dsndf on 04.13.2010


    By FELICIA WELLS on 04.13.2010

  29. The snake curls around its victim until all life is expelled.

    By John on 04.13.2010

  30. Oh my fucking god. this girl that just came over from denton with a friend of mine is staying at another mutual friends house and she is the cutest girl in the world. her wake up face is beautiful.

    By Carlyle Champion on 04.13.2010

  31. She had incredibly curly hair. I was slightly envious, but that’s how life goes. One of these days I will figure out a way to find some curls of my own by my own doing. A hairdresser could help I guess, but I don’t like asking for help. It’s the easy way out.

    By jessie on 04.13.2010

  32. Curls are interesting.

    They were usually used in advertisements in the 1950’s, and were the fashion back then.

    Usually connected with nostagia about the 50’s. Interesting, huh?

    By Fniff on 04.13.2010

  33. Curls are amazing as a hair style. Though preferably better on women than men, they tend to put anyone who looks at them at ease. this of course, is a fucking trap. People with curls lure you into a false sense of security then STRIKE without warning.

    By Robb McLaughlin on 04.13.2010

  34. She sighed and tossed her head. The mass of red hair bounced about her shoulders, curls gleaming in the July sun.

    From across the park he thought she was beautiful. Her fiery spark against the green of the trees singled her out.

    By Rebecca Webber on 04.13.2010

  35. I have always had curls. They have always been a part of me . But they are gone now. Not the worst thing. Although they hold meaning. Like the rest of me. Firts my curls. Then my muscles.

    By fellinifan on 04.13.2010

  36. itinerant

    By Sruly on 04.13.2010

  37. Curls, I suppose, like my hair. My hair curls, indefinitely, supposedly, and it cascades, supposedly, to my waist. Well, more like five inches above my waist, but when I pull the ringlet out, and I let all the gremlins and secrets fall through, then the straight hair reaches my waist.

    By Emma King on 04.13.2010

  38. I love my curly hair! I always have. Some many girls with curls complain about their hair and spend too much time straightening it, but I love them and put my effort into making them look good! Thank goodness for curls!!!

    By Heather on 04.13.2010

  39. He had them falling into his eyes…curls. She used them to get what she wanted…curls. She remembered being young and long flowing streams of them covering her back…curls…he was always teased as a soldier when his hair would grow out…curls.

    By JA on 04.13.2010

  40. he was a greaser kid back then. his hair slicked back into the perfect shape. the black hair grease he used made his blue eyes so distinguishable in his face. he was the epitome of pure beauty and an innocent heart. he wasn’t what other people thought he was but so much more. he never let his hair down in front of anyone. but he did for me. beautiful curls. you never would have seen.

    By shippedtosea on 04.13.2010