April 11th, 2010 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “wig”

  1. The CIA agent darted out of the wig shop. Very unprofessional. Any Russian spy could have spotted him from a mile. Any Russian. Luckily, there were no Russians here in Puerto Varta, and he wasn’t really CIA, just Jimmy Unum getting ready for the school play

    By Dan on 04.12.2010

  2. Wigs hide things that people don’t want you to see. Their shame, their age, their medical history. My mom tried to wear a wig when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. it didn’t really work for her. For most people it doesn’t, baldness is humbling if you think about it.

    By Spencer O'Brien on 04.12.2010

  3. She’d head downtown and find someone to fuck, in an alley if need be, in a car, she might even take money for it. Just for fun. She hoped her wig wouldn’t slip off.

    By Mary URL on 04.12.2010

  4. wig

    By Charity on 04.12.2010

  5. Today, I saw an older woman in the grocery store that had on a gray wig with her natural hair sticking out. I wanted to go up to her and tell her that her hair was sticking out but I was afraid.

    By Ellen on 04.12.2010

  6. The secretary’s wig was outlandish at best. It reeked of hairspray and screamed “I still live in the 90’s”. Mark tried to ignore this however, and concentrated on his impending interview.

    By Audrey on 04.12.2010

  7. “Wigwams”. What a fun word. It’s just one of those words that rolls off the tip of your tongue just right and you get a little giggle in the pit of your stomach right after the “s” comes dribbling out.

    By gbortel on 04.12.2010

  8. a wig is something people wear if they don’t have hair. they must be uncomfortable with themselves in some way. I think wigs are kind of a mask people wear. Why would you not be comfortable with yourself? you are who you are, a wig does not change that. I feel bad for people who feel the need to wear a wig. hopefully i won’t get to the point where i must wear one.

    By John on 04.12.2010