April 12th, 2010 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “curls”

  1. There is always something amazing about the way a pig tail curls. Round and round, bouncy and boingy. Or a great head of hair that curls and twists and spins. Oh, how I want hair like that! But I can never grow it out that long. Like a squirrels tail.

    By Stephanie on 04.13.2010

  2. Luscious, beautiful curls. Curls curls curls. You have to love the curls you find at Arby’s — in your fry bag, on your sandwich, in the sauce; they simply don’t care for hair nets.

    By Bridger URL on 04.13.2010

  3. They bounced as she entered the room. Well really, everything about her bounced. That’s just how she was. One of those infectious personalities. The kind you either love or hate. I loved it.

    By Trish on 04.13.2010

  4. Her curls were long a flowing. He loved to look at her in the sunlight to see the play of highlights around her face.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.13.2010

  5. curls, girls, ice cream hair. sunny sunday afternoons, at the country fair. dodgem cars, hardy hars flying through the air. curls, girls, ice cream hair.

    By Andrew Dobson on 04.13.2010

  6. cute
    make over
    taylor swift

    By tricia on 04.13.2010

  7. I did curls with weights
    as i grew stronger they grew harder
    i added more and more weight to get stronger
    this new thing i tried was late
    but it worked eventually

    By Nic Lambert on 04.13.2010

  8. so the first thing that pops into my head is hair. now im thinking about curly wurlys the bar of caramel chocolate but lets go back to hair for the moment. i dont actually think it looks that great on women. there are i suppose a handful of people that suit it but so very few. natural curls anyway. ones created by curling irons are different. so about the chocolate . its something in my childhood i guess.

    By Mess on 04.13.2010

  9. Baby curls
    are so cute
    on little boys,
    or little girls.

    By Lizzy on 04.13.2010

  10. curls are curly like bananas with wood.shavings.

    By Theo on 04.13.2010

  11. Long curls, cascading. Brown. Framing. A pretty face. Button nose. Sparkle eyes and rosebud lips. A cherry-blossom smile.

    Curling. Twisting. Falling.
    She laughs.

    By Tai on 04.13.2010

  12. Curls are the type of hair that seems to dominate; it seems to be all I see in people any more. Perhaps I have some secret, subconscious longing to have curls- they have always seems more attractive to me than my own, slightly straight, slightly wavy hair that can never quite make up its mind as to what its going to do, and yet, I think its probably just that curly haired people are more profligate in their love making, producing more curly-haired offspring.

    By Toby Reeves on 04.13.2010

  13. her curly hair danced as the rough winds swept them around. she struggled to walk against the wind coming in from the stormy sea. she did not know how this meeting would turn out, yet she kept going.

    By sophie on 04.13.2010

  14. curls on girls. my favorite is brunette. I wish to seek to find to explore more of which i am interested in. But such no luck all i am is invisible to the outside of the brunette girl.

    By Logan Wimmer on 04.13.2010

  15. Curls. Hmm. I used to have curly hair but now I don’t. Strange. What kind of whacked-out growing-up hormones would mess with someone’s hair? It just seems all kinds of wrong. Our bodies are weird.

    By toni URL on 04.14.2010