June 28th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “crust”

  1. It was a hot summery morning. I had the oven preheating and was preparing what I hoped was my first successful loaf of bread for my new enterprise, a bakery. Would it be successful or a failure? Would I survive or would I sink? The aroma of the yeast and other ingredients made me feel hungry.

    By Helen P martin on 06.29.2012

  2. Pie has crust and it is so delicious, pb and j also has crust, but I need milk to eat that kind of crust….how long do I have left? Ummm…….I like pie. Pie is good. Yummm……Piiieeeee.

    By Maryssa on 06.29.2012

  3. on the outside surface of bread
    can be thickened or thinned depending on temperatuer bread is baked at or length of time it is steamed
    it is a little more brittle than the inner most part of the bread
    it is crunchier, darker, and my d

    By christie on 06.29.2012

  4. The pizza was semi-warm from sitting on the cabinet all day, and everyone around was steadily loosing any patience they had left for waiting on the train to arrive. They all thought, for some reason, that pizza would have been a good food to carry with them from Brooklyn to central New York City.

    By Gracie on 06.29.2012

  5. You wake up and there’s that yellowy stuff in the corners of your eyes and stuck to your eyelashes. Not entirely sure how it all got there (dried up tears and whatnot?) but it’s so irresistible to rub at and pick out of the crevices of your tear ducts. Crusty crusty eyes in the morning. Strangest thing.

    By Alicia in the Sky on 06.29.2012