September 20th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “crouch”

  1. to hide cats hide hurts to get up from a crouch when you are older, I really hate getting old, the mind doesn’t change but the body does, you don’t know this when you are younger, I have learned that I respect the older people who go about life as if nothing hurts when I know it does.

    By soda on 09.21.2011

  2. I was crouching low behind a wall that was already half blown away. I looked over to my battle buddy and yelled, “cover me while I prep my grenade!” He responded, “I got you covered!”

    By Catherine URL on 09.21.2011

  3. I watched her crouch in fear at seeing him loom over her.
    I watched her struggle for breath as he pressed his body into hers.
    I watched her try to scream as he touched her, groped her,
    robbed her of her innocence.

    I watched him destroy me.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 09.21.2011

  4. when you crouch you bend down. people crouch when they are in the army and a bullet uis coming towards them. other people crouch when they feel they are in danger and haver to hide or protect themselves.

    By plooploo on 09.21.2011

  5. Like a tiger he waited in ambush for the docile creature. The jungle reeds were perfect camouflage. He waited. He pounced. It was over.

    By Dave on 09.21.2011

  6. We’re at the bar, laughing at all the stupid dancing and flushed faces. Because alcohol never tasted this good, not with weed – no, of course not. And it’s not me that’s crouching down on the floor in search of golden beetles. And it’s not you that’s shouting obscenities at the lamp post. No, not us.

    We’re not drunk. The streetlights just look a little brighter, and everything’s electric blue for some reason.

    By Circinus URL on 09.21.2011

  7. Crouch is different than couch it

    By Dan Spencer on 09.21.2011

  8. I crouched once, and I farted. Peter crouch did crouch one day too , but he dint fart, still he s called crouch.. Why!? I think it has something to do with his name, Crouch.

    By spice3boy on 09.21.2011

  9. Abandon all hope, all that’s left is despare. Fall to the ground. Have nothing to say. Subtract an r and you’ll fall to a comfortable abyss of sleep and warmth.

    By oxymoron on 09.21.2011

  10. We crouched behind the bushes. “do you think this will work?” I asked, hoping that he didn’t, and that we could call the whole thing off. “It had better, because there’s no going back now,” he grinned. He leaped up before I could respond, and my stomach dropped- he had already loaded his crossbow.

    By Christine E. URL on 09.21.2011

  11. At first I thought it said couch. Hmm. I crouch when need to pick up something on the floor. I think. This is a hard word!

    By Damaris URL on 09.21.2011

  12. Paprika goes into a crouch whenever she sees my cat Scout at the top of the basemet stairs. Her front paws and head go down low, and her but raises in the air, wiggling back and forth as if on springs. It’s a joy to see this silly golden retriever, so obviously in love with a cat.

    By Andie on 09.21.2011

  13. This is what I do when I hear my father come home from a long day at work behind the door that he enters the house from and once he walks past me, I jump out and scream and scare the living hell out of him, thereby shaving at least a few hours from his life and thus securing my place as the head of the family once he passes from this world.

    By Rosie on 09.21.2011

  14. Crouch is such an ugly word. It reminds me of a lot of ugly things, mainly ugly memories. It reminds me of Athletics, and the hours I spent learning the perfect crouch start, even though I had no interest in competing. It reminds me of crouching in the bushes at school camp, waiting a solid hour for the teachers to go to bed so I could sneak back into my room. It reminds me of a lot of things I’d rather forget.

    By Emily URL on 09.21.2011

  15. and bend down, think a little, and see where that take you. Understand to look under and see what you might find. Crouch to talk to the litle ones, and crouch to pet the cat, crouch to to gain more blood to the brain.

    By gretty on 09.21.2011

  16. bent
    and forward
    with a neck leaning down
    and a spine sticking out
    and covered
    with a hand reaching out
    and a heart falling down
    and beneath
    with a foot falling down
    and a shoe sticking out

    By Emma Cherry URL on 09.21.2011

  17. As I crouched down, I could see the tiny sparkly drops of dew on the grass, littered like diamonds across the yard. Each morning, I must walk on the damp lawn, fresh with the scent of a new day, and crouch down to say good morning to the bugs, the worms, the flowers that make there home here, in the green home I have created for them.

    By msannethrope URL on 09.21.2011

  18. A spy was spying on somebody and crouched beside a bush. He heard that they were going to sabatauge a theater with thousands of people in it. He got back in time to tell the rest of the agents and they stopped the bad guys before they could do anything.

    By Eli Travis on 09.21.2011

  19. I crouched down into my hiding place, hoping not to be the first found and be it for hide-and-seek.
    Thankfully, the person it zipped right past me without even noticing :)

    By Tiffany P URL on 09.21.2011

  20. Crouching, watching carefully, I’m hunting my prey. . . . She bends over gracefully, the mighty caribou eating her lunch. Her gaurd will soon be drooped and I must catch her when she least expects. . . .I crouch, and bundle up the power in my legs and release! I am flying towards her! She turns and sees me and runs!!! But, none can out run me, for I am the even-mightier Cheetah and my lunch is being served.

    By zhana on 09.21.2011

  21. I crouch to see you.
    I crouch to feel you.
    The world sees quite.
    When I crouch to be you.
    Flower flower.

    By rebe on 09.21.2011

  22. The old man crouched before the gold coins he founds scattered along the dark alleyway. He scooped them up in his gnarled and twisted fingers glancing around nervously to see if anyone was watching. But he wasn’t looking properly and he did not see me looking as he gathered all the coins and placed the carefully into his pocket. When he shuffled away, I turned and flew down the ally in the other direction, running fast hoping to find Peter before the old mad did.

    By Angelica URL on 09.21.2011

  23. I had to crouch to walk through the tiny door. Why did I feel like Alice in Wonderland? On the other side was a very dismal room with the disarray of years of neglect.

    By Pete Parkin on 09.21.2011

  24. to stay down and get low

    By hi pie URL on 09.21.2011

  25. Crouching in a small, dark hole, waiting for the next bomb. Thinking about home, smelling the fear of the other men. It shouldn’t be like this. IIt should never have to be like this. Crouched, poised, ready to spring. Ready to attack. the next bomb comes. heavy and fatal.

    By Catherine Murphy on 09.21.2011

  26. a cat crouchs

    By Bryce on 09.21.2011

  27. A crouched animal waiting for its pray to come just a little closer. Waiting is a gift.

    By Maddy on 09.21.2011

  28. I crouched, I lept, and I grabbed the gold ring, but it didn’t come off in my hand. Oh well. Just my luck.

    By Pete Parkin on 09.21.2011

  29. As I crouched behind the curtains, i could see the car idling in front of the house. That man, those beady eyes, that night replayed over and over in my head. he was the murderer, that i knew. but how could i prove it? how could i make it known that he was the one? “someday i will get you,” i thought to myself. you bastard.

    By brian on 09.21.2011

  30. When you walk up on an animal when you are hunting you must crouch so it doesn’t see you and then stand up slowly to take a shot.

    By Colin URL on 09.21.2011

  31. this word is a weird word because it’s very similar to both couch and crotch. If you crouch, perhaps you’ll see someone’s crotch. Or you crouch on the couch and then put your crotch on it. This has become more about crotch than couch. Writing the same word so much makes the word lose meaning and makes the word sound weird. Crouch, grouch, slouch.

    By Matthew on 09.21.2011

  32. Down low in bushes – listening. Legs creaking. Yoshiko and Taiyo and so many people in the world can crouch for hours without legs breaking. Give up on crouching and sit flat on wet ground. More comfortable, still listening, wet.

    By Deborah Lee on 09.21.2011

  33. I crouch in the corner of the room. Making myself as small as possible. Reducing the target. Cowering like some beaten dog. Which is of course exactly what I was. But you know what? I cower no more

    By Newmeoldme on 09.21.2011

  34. I always have to crouch to go into type spaces. I don’t like to crouch it makes me feel really short and like a little baby. I hate to crouch.

    By Henny on 09.21.2011

  35. Even though you think everything you do is divine
    its not. You are hiding behind lies, crouching behind your
    perfect little face. Everything too deep perplexes you, for the truth is, you are crouching inside shallow waters. Full of nothing.

    By luna URL on 09.21.2011

  36. I crouched in place hiding from the people that had come to take me back as their hostage, I knew there was little hope but I hid waiting anyway. Maybe this time I would get away.

    By Casey Allen on 09.21.2011

  37. couch lounge sit spill krill feel it fill you up when your down and around we go here and there everywhere we are we go up and what goes up must come down down down crouch crouch crouch ……………………………………………………………………………

    By Zero on 09.21.2011

  38. im crouched on the floor and cant get up. im hiding from everything. scared to run from my attacker. scared to see the light of day. how can i run? one foot in front of the other. just go.

    By Jenna on 09.21.2011

  39. He sat under the dripping drain pipe and wondered what had happened. How had it all fallen to pieces? Was it only the fact that he had lost his job or the love of his life? His life, his home, his unity gone.

    By Rebecca URL on 09.21.2011

  40. i crouched in the dark ally waiting, waiting. then suddenly i saw it! I tried to scream but no sound came out. i tried to run but i couldn’t move. then it came at me

    By catherine on 09.21.2011