September 20th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “crouch”

  1. I can’t be seen, crouching behind the hedge. My father continues walking by and I fart. The neighbors look up and see him.

    By Prozpero on 09.21.2011

  2. I crouch down to smell the roses because sometimes it gets too hard to stand. It takes too much strength and my knees can’t help but buckle. I am drawn to beauty as most humans are. So i kneel….not to majority….not to authority…but to beauty. My pride does not dim my temptation to indulge; to crouch and smell the roses.

    By Kiannah on 09.21.2011

  3. Es drehte sich um und auf der Vorderseite war es gelb. Ein schmutziges Gelb, ein Gelb, wie Chief es noch nie gesehen hatte. Es roch förmlich nach Verfaultem, nach Schlamm, nach abgekratzten Küchenabfällen und nach Schlimmerem. Und es kam auf Chief zu. Er hatte nicht mehr viel Zeit und er traf eine fatale Entscheidung …

    By Lisa URL on 09.21.2011

  4. As I walked deeper into the forest I noticed a small movement at my feet. I crouched and saw a tiny blue bird carcass teaming with ants. Its sweet soul gone, they now devoured the sour remains.

    By Natalie URL on 09.21.2011

  5. crouch didnt even seem like a word when i first saw it. i was like, how do i write about that? thats not even a word. WTF BUT NOW I REALIZE it is a word, and i think of a person squatting behind some low brick wall of some sort.

    By talia on 09.21.2011

  6. bend down
    hiding from someone
    like a tiger
    in the brush
    guilty or innocent?
    shaking like a leaf
    did he see her
    preparing for an attack
    what will I do?
    Just keep hiding
    This is the only way

    By Kerri on 09.21.2011

  7. i see a man running for the hills with his rifle above his head. I crouch behind the bushes.

    By haikel on 09.21.2011

  8. To crouch is to me afraid. Crouch when you defend yourself. Crouch when you cry. Crouch when you feel the fear run through your body. Crouch if you have nowhere to go. If you want to hide something, crouch.

    By Claire on 09.21.2011

  9. Crouch when you are fearful. When you have something to hide. When you want to cry. When you have nowhere else to go. Crouch. Crouch to pray. To praise. To deceive. Crouch when all else fails.

    By Claire URL on 09.21.2011

  10. Crouch, feel the strain on your ankles, your knees. Hide, hide from what you fear, but does it help? Crouching hurts so stand up. Don’t be scared.

    By jamie hughes on 09.21.2011

  11. She crouched under a bush, watching her old flame smirk at the low quality meat he carried in a plastic shopping bag. She smiled to herself. He had taught her so much. He helped her realized she didn’t need money to live, like society had told her she did. She used to thrive on his perfect smile, and his soft spoken way of living. Now he only occasionally he came to her dreams infecting her mind with hopeless longing.

    By Sacha URL on 09.21.2011

  12. i crouch beneath the depths of the surface, waiting, watching, hopeing you will once again accept me in your life. I hope you will be able to see me in the depths of darkness i hide in, i will be waiting for you, however long it takes. Hopefully i will become that person that you once loved, for both our sakes. You don’t know the danger surrounding us both, at all moments, seconds of each day.

    By jackie sullie on 09.21.2011

  13. Puede sentir el calor abrasador de la lava corriendo a pocos metros de donde se encuentra. Sabe que con solo rozarle podría sufrir una grave y dolorosa quemadura, pero también sabe que no puede quedarse en esa posición por toda la eternidad. Tiene que llegar al punto seguro, solo esta a un movimiento de alcanzarlo. Traga saliva. La distancia que lo separa del otro lado del acantilado le parece la más grande que jamás haya tenido que cruzar. Y solo tiene una oportunidad. O sino, explorador frito será el resultado. Se agacha en su lugar y suelta un largo suspiro. Está listo. Puede sentir la sangre corriendo por sus piernas, el impulso recorriendo cada uno de sus músculos, y las corrientes de aire golpeando su cuerpo y elevándolo hacia su meta. Pone el primer pie en el duro suelo y esta apunto de poner el segundo cuando un grito interrumpe su concentración. Pierde el equilibrio y cae de espaldas hacia la lava, la golpea con fuerza y muere de manera agónica.

    – ¡Mamá! – se queja levantándose y mirando con mal disimulado enfado a su progenitora; esta le ignora mientras limpia las huellas de que las zapatillas del chico dejaran en el sofá.

    – Nada de quejas, Kevin – le reprende la madre, cruzándose de brazos – sabes muy bien cuanto me molesta que juegues “El piso es lava” en los muebles.

    By Julia URL on 09.21.2011