February 9th, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “coward”

  1. I think i’m a coward because sometimes I’m afraid to
    say the things I really want to say
    And i think these things are true but
    you’ll say they’re not
    and that will make me doubt myself but
    that doesn’t make you right.

    By kmcgb URL on 02.10.2011

  2. I always knew you were a coward,
    but you never really took the time
    to realize that I’m much more than
    the worst side of you.
    Look in the mirror
    and you’ll see my reflection.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 02.10.2011

  3. I walk away and don’t facec you. I don’t face my fears. I leave the room. I exit stage left. My head in turmoil. My heart beating loudly. Surely you can hear it too.

    By carolina URL on 02.10.2011

  4. chuck bass: coward.
    how i love him so much.

    By erin on 02.10.2011

  5. you are the coward. but i love you. for always. and now i’m the coward. funny isn’t it. fuck you.

    By Jess on 02.10.2011

  6. someone who is scared. who doesn’t have a backbone. reminds me of pirates for some reason. and the lion from wizard of oz.

    someone who has the deer in headlights look and can’t stand up for themselves or someone else

    a narc



    By ashmastandrea URL on 02.10.2011

  7. your a coward if you don’t love a coward if you give up right away
    a coward for hating without cause

    By emily vankoppen on 02.10.2011

  8. you, me, the world our society what have we done to ourselves?
    I think we’ll recover. We must.
    The first thrown into hell. That’s what I think of.
    :( Sad the biblical reference I know.

    By Ana on 02.10.2011

  9. 2012 the last entries is a book not for the faint at heart.
    its a book you will like but it will scare you as you read. its at

    By judy eichstedt URL on 02.10.2011

  10. Coward is someone who is afraid to do something. We cant all be cowards because if we were there would be no risk takers or interesting people to make us laugh when we are down. We all need cowards though to see the safe side of life.

    By Courtney on 02.10.2011

  11. a coward, scared to dream scared to try scared to be bigger in every aspect. Terrified to live and will remain scared as long as the pain that will not leave there body because the lim they should be out on is occupied.

    By MyCal Roberts on 02.10.2011

  12. I tucked my tail between my legs and ran. I didn’t even chance a look behind me to see if the child was ok, it had him. It had it’s gaws encompassing both his legs; there was nothing I ocould have done. To have stayed would have just been to risk my own life.

    By Jordan Dennis on 02.10.2011

  13. the cowardly lion is in the wizard of oz. he acts mean at first but then he is nice and helps dorthy find the city of oz. it means that you are a scardy cat and are afraid to do anything.

    By Ashlee on 02.10.2011

  14. im scared i dont see anything but myself and what ppl with perceive of me. i do what others want and i forget about myself. i dont live. i die instead of rising. i do what others like. i dont live my life. i dont explore i dont laugh i think about consequences. scared and lonely. i dont eat what i dont like and i dont see what i dont invision. i live in a picture perfect vision. but its not perfect. im afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. i dont break free. i sense things and regret to fall. i care if i make typos and i revise my work. i follow the crowd and aspire whats best in todays society. however i did write what i felt in 60 seconds. i am not a coward. i am free and flying. i fall and breathe in the air thats flowing through my lungs. i rise instead of dying. there are no consequences. people are just robots in my imagination. my worls is my imagination … it doesnt exist. i live my life.. i thought time was running out to write this but im not keeping track. im not on track but it doesnt mater. perceive things that dont exist, analyze fear and thoughts but erase what you decided. dont do research, research is experience. red horns and foggy vision. blinking lights and time revision.

    By anniezack URL on 02.10.2011

  15. lafaard bang klein varkentje die niet op het ijs durft te staan omdat ie bang is om erdoor heen te zakken en dat de boer hem dan niet terug zal vinden. dat denk ik. maar dat komt vooral omdat het woord op koe lijkt en dat ik toen aan dieren dacht, dus aan een varken.

    By I on 02.10.2011

  16. fhf t kjkkhkhjkhkkhhjk

    By mrs. blake on 02.10.2011

  17. You’ve always been a coward. Always hiding behind a sneering mask, pretending to feel nothing but malice. Everything you do and say is an imitation of what your father has taught you, even though his way of life is nothing you want to share.
    Your whole life is a lie, and nobody sees it.
    You’re too afraid of feeling something positive, actually enjoying life for a moment, because you know it’ll be just that – a moment. That noone on this side of war can be happy has been proven to you enough times, and so you cower from anything that could make all this pain acceptable.

    By sl URL on 02.10.2011

  18. He feels his hands trembling, his conscience pushing him back as he takes another step forward. In the end, he runs.

    By emma URL on 02.10.2011

  19. You think you’re strong, but you are quite the opposite, sir. You are so proud that your whisper breaks the spirit of those who are weak, but I see you for what you are. You aren’t brave enough to raise your voice above a whisper. You know that in the end, you are the weak one. You’re a coward.

    By Courtney URL on 02.10.2011

  20. ‘You coward!’ Jason screamed, tears running down his face. He hated him. He hated him… how could he?
    ‘I’m not! I’m sorry Jason, but I can’t do this anymore! I…’ Kyle said, closeing his eyes. He knew he should come out of the closet but he couldn’t. He loved Jason yes, but he loved his family too, and they would be heartbroken to know that he was gay.
    ‘Then tell them,’ Jason whispered, closing his eyes. Kyle hugged him, but was pushed off.
    ‘Go away,’ Jason said, walking away.

    By Erin on 02.10.2011

  21. sometime i feel i am a complete coward because i am absolutely terrfied to be who i am.
    i scared to tell people how i fell
    scared of not fitting in if i do something wrong
    i can’t tell chris how i feel or used to feel or kinda feel
    i to scared to be honest

    By Kadee on 02.10.2011

  22. You are the one who won’t dare raise his voice above a whisper. You are the one who creeps through dark corridors and hides his face. You are the scared little boy who won’t emerge from the shadows. It’s You. You are the coward, and yet you tell me that I am afraid. You are the one who is afraid. Not me.

    By Courtney URL on 02.10.2011

  23. Coward. Absolutely nothing but.

    Honestly, there was no way to breach the topic to me earlier? Do not pretend you didn’t see this coming. I was surprised it was going the way it was. And now- now, after days of raised hopes and expectations… is this truly the best time to bring this up? You’re a coward.

    By Sydney URL on 02.10.2011

  24. haha i laugh when i see cowards. they’re afraid of a bunch of ridiculous things like cats and email.

    By Annie URL on 02.10.2011

  25. Quit acting like a coward. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. A coward is content with letting things happen to her. Be the kind of girl that makes things happen for herself. Don’t settle for anything less. BE stronger.

    By danasia URL on 02.10.2011

  26. There is a man who i know who is a coward. See, he is a gay man, but very, very closested. In fact he is supposedly married but I bet he left out the fact he is gay when he proposed. It is pathetic really. I do feel sorry for him and do wonder when he will finally admit, and accept, the fact he truely is a gay man.

    By St on 02.10.2011

  27. horrible childish leaves you out and pisses off and leaves the truth and his/ her manly/womanly hood behind.

    By jessii-lizzy URL on 02.10.2011

  28. The cowardly lion in Wizard of Oz. Strangely enough, that was the first thing to come to mind. I haven’t see that movie in a long time, though I did see a play of it, which was pretty good.

    Coward, I suppose could almost be co-ward, whatever that means. A ward of the state, maybe a co-ward is a ward of two states? That makes no sense. Maybe I’ll just stick with coward.

    By AG Stewart URL on 02.10.2011

  29. We are fools in this generation
    We refuse to sing out because we are afraid
    Like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz
    We decide to claim its because we don’t have heart
    Voyage onward lads
    Go into that dark forrest and do not shun
    Those who stand beside you

    By EllieG on 02.10.2011

  30. The sun glints off of the coward’s eye as he stares at what he has done. A crow lands and begins to tear at the monstrosity he has left in his wake. He tries not to think of how young she was, of the aspirations that she whispered silently to him at night. Her fears.

    He tried not to think of what a monster he had become.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 02.10.2011

  31. noel coward probably was really brave. I’ve notice people with adjectives for last names, usually are the opposite trait of their real name. Like Frank White, was a black man. Bod Black is white. Tyrone Power was a weakling. I wish my name was James Tiny. That way I would probably have a big dong. So anyhow, congrats to you brave Mr. Coward for your bravery!

    By James Napier URL on 02.10.2011

  32. I feel like a coward more times than I would like to admit to. Sometimes I’m even too afraid to be myself or be the person who I could be. It’s easy to be yourself around those you’re close to, but for the whole world, it’s a different case.

    By Kaitlyn on 02.10.2011

  33. yellow belly, spineless, weak, traitor, regret, dissappointment, dishonour, death before dishonour! Dishonourable discharge, to lat down one’s life for someone else, to lay down someone else’s life for you

    By Sara Mc on 02.10.2011

  34. being a coward is hiding in fear for your life. this is no way to live, because with fear, nothing positive can be done. without any positive in your life, you’ll succumb to failure and regret it through your days.

    By CD on 02.10.2011

  35. I’m scared. I’m scared and I don’t want to leave this room.
    They’re out there, and they’re probably going to destroy me, like they say they will. I shouldn’t have called him that. I shouldn’t have said anything. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

    By Boss on 02.10.2011

  36. Everyone said that she was a coward, but they didn’t know the half of it. But then again, maybe there was no cowardice involved, but hidden strength and courage. What was visible was not what people expect to typify courage.

    By Kate on 02.10.2011

  37. Cowards are said to be the ones that run and hide, the ones who can’t face anything, even if you poke fun at them. But maybe, just maybe, they can’t react fast enough, and before they can, you’ve already branded them with a label.

    By Samantha on 02.10.2011

  38. someone who is afraid to do something for help of another human being.A person who cant stand up for something they believe in.Offers no help, believance, or kindness towards someone or a subject.Someone no man could ever announce themselves to be.A disgrace.Annoyance.

    By Haley on 02.10.2011

  39. A coward
    Someone who cannot achieve their goals
    stays inside all day
    can not achieve the risks of life
    lives in fear
    of their own shadow

    By kitkat URL on 02.10.2011

  40. fear. brave. afraid of change. noel the playwright. fight or flight.

    By Lynn Esslemont on 02.10.2011