February 9th, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “coward”

  1. He climbed down. The building was three stories high – there used to be four, but that’s another storey. So he climbed down because the wind was high and the trees were bending at the ground and it was too dangerous to go higher. Was he a coward, or just more sensible than his friends?

    By richard c URL on 02.10.2011

  2. There are a lot of cowards in this country. We need to stop being cowards and stand up for what we believe in. We need to start standing up to bullies, start standing up for what is right. The bullies are the cowards but if we don’t stand up to them that is only encouraging them further.

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.10.2011

  3. Coward people are always scared of the circumstances, they can not think beyond that. Some Cows are ardent fans and known as Coward. Co-Ward is the ward shared by many patients.

    By susheel on 02.10.2011

  4. The cowardly lion was always my favorit character in the wizard of Oz. he seeme the most real, the one who wasn’t disavowing his own agency in the situation. The tinman was simply made without a heart. The lion was just a coward

    By Funkverstandnis on 02.10.2011

  5. Slumped and defeated he hid beneath the brambles as boots marched past: his heart keeping pace with their steps.

    By fi on 02.10.2011

  6. well in one simple sentence: jordan is a coward. and im trying to psychoanalise that out of him. a coward for me is someone who can’t take responsibility for his actions, finds countless excuses to not do things that may be beneficial for him and just overall misses out on life.

    By mihaela URL on 02.10.2011

  7. Too afraid to push out the words, it’s hard to be alone when you’re sick and on your birthday, something about waking up in stillness. I’m afraid to move from this bed and find no one singing for me and no one baking cakes or no one cooing over me. Sometimes all I can do is rest, not even write.

    By avery URL on 02.10.2011

  8. I am just a coward. I can’t talk to you. I can’t be myself. I am just a coward.

    By Paige URL on 02.10.2011

  9. I put the gun down. I was tired of this game. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of a nice neat death. It was cowardly of me, but I don’t want the blood on my hands.

    By Sopdet URL on 02.10.2011

  10. That’s it you’ll never succeed because you’re a yellow belly, a cowardly custard, a scaredy cat. Great way to start the day says the mirror on the wall. who is the scardiest of them all? I am and outside I can already hear the growl and sucking roar of the world charging by my front door and soon, all too soon I’ll need to step out there and join them. Coat on. Shoes. Grab bag. And stand. Stand. Put hand to door latch. Attempt to turn. Fail. Try to stop hand shaking. Fail again. Adjust shoulders, shake hair back, purse lips press them to spread the lipgloss evenly. I stare into the depths of the mirror and I’m looking back at myself not daring. Each day starts like this and sometimes I even get out there and dabble in mixing with people, become entrenched in Tesco, turn and weave down each aisle with the rest, gathering my groceries offhandedly. Other mornings I spend with the mirror in my hall and argue my way back into sanctuary.

    By ali cargill on 02.10.2011

  11. I hope this word never describes me. It seeps into the rest of my life and into other’s lives like a cold disease. It cannot be removed. I get choked up thinking I may be this way, and then I swallow and pretend I never even had that thought. I am no coward. I am no coward.

    By SEB URL on 02.10.2011

  12. idiot who do sent take in consideration others and dosen’t care about the impact of his actions can have on people. he’s is a dissrespecteful

    By ian on 02.10.2011

  13. “Coward? I’ll show you who’s a bloody coward!”
    Steve grabbed the baseball bat and beat Vinnie across the head with it.
    Blood splattered across the walls and the celing.
    Vinnie fell to the floor.
    He would never call me a coward again.

    By Hello on 02.10.2011

  14. i am a coward to your charm
    you have a hold over women like me
    you chain breaking, neck biting bitch

    i only hate you
    because i want you

    you only left me
    because i wouldn’t
    i am such a coward to your charm

    By Emma Cherry URL on 02.10.2011

  15. I don’t know what that was, or where it went. Was the thing just going to hide? How in the world was that supposed to help us? Help anyone? Help itself? How were we going to sort all this out if the bloody thing just ran and hide when someone tried to help it. Maybe aliens weren’t all that great after all…

    By Britany URL on 02.10.2011

  16. He was lying in the middle of the road. There was no one around to hear him screaming. I froze. Should I do something? Could this be my chance to turn my life around? No. I am a coward. He will die because of that word.

    By Melissa on 02.10.2011

  17. my truth is a coward…hiding behind all of the lies of society, easing it’s way toward my truth, which never was. it lies to myslef so the coward can live.

    By rugu on 02.10.2011

  18. A person who backs away from certain challenges that they feel they cannot face. A person who is afraid. Perhaps I am a coward when it comes to my marriage. I’m afraid that if I dstart doing what’s right then I’ll continue to experience unhappiness or wrong treatment. I feel sorry for cowards becasue they don’t realize they really have nothing to fear but fear itself. What they’re most afraid of doesn’t really transpire the way they imagine it will be. We drum up situations in our imaginations that are just that, fancy imaginations of horribleness that may not happen.

    By Lynn King on 02.10.2011

  19. i once saw a coward walking amongst a group of taunting toughs. they jostled him and jeered. the coward walked head down until kicked ad spitted upon. he then tuned, lifted his head and stared stony eyed at his tormentors. the toughs grew quite and uncomfortable under the stare, shifting their feet, grumbling. the coward then turned and continued on his way.

    By peggy on 02.10.2011

  20. It’s easy. Much easier than being a hero. Sometimes it’s even wiser. Heroes don’t always win, or survive. And people like to make fun of cowards, but it’s only because they hate that part of themselves that runs and hides too.

    By Soft URL on 02.10.2011

  21. Im not a coward. i know some people who are and i dont like them.

    By neongreen on 02.10.2011

  22. A coward is someone who is really stupid. Or is someone who is scared to do something, or wont admit to stealing or doing a dare.

    By kuppycakekhylee URL on 02.10.2011

  23. A coward is a person who is afraid or scared. Nobody likes them. Don’t be a coward.

    By Stephanie URL on 02.10.2011

  24. Cowards. When asked for honesty, they evade it. When accused, they deny it. When proved, they just hide it… Cowards.

    By Ally URL on 02.10.2011

  25. They lady called him a coward. He left, he didn’t want to hear her nagging and her name calling any more. He was done! All he wanted was to be away from her.

    By fluffy1297 URL on 02.10.2011

  26. Some people think a coward is dad but some of the craziest people are also the smartest.

    By Stephen on 02.10.2011

  27. Scared,Afraid Alone in the dark. He coward in the corner afraid of what would come.

    By Emnm URL on 02.10.2011

  28. A coward is someone that is not happy they are angry and mad.they dont like many people at all.i dont like cowards at all.

    By peyton URL on 02.10.2011

  29. A coward is someone that dose not think about what to fesup to.

    By kami URL on 02.10.2011

  30. my friend was a coward because he did some thing and didnt want to tell his dad he was so scared that he will get introble.

    By 71angel URL on 02.10.2011

  31. No one likes cowards! Cowards are people that feel insacure about them selves. All cowards deserve to be punched in the face. They talk behind your back and talk crap about you too! All cowards deserve to be punched in the face.

    By logman URL on 02.10.2011

  32. A coward is someone who is scared to do a lot of things. Cowards are big chickens.(my opinion) I think if you aren’t brave enough to do something, you are a coward.

    By Drenna URL on 02.10.2011

  33. could be a bully. someone who is timid and shy. they don’t stand up for their beliefs. usually has no self worth. don’t believe in themselves.

    By Stephanie on 02.10.2011

  34. Coward. I am not. I stand up for myself, I say what is on my mind. I might seem like a bitch, but I’d rather be a bitch than a pushover. The fear of being a coward, my tragic flaw. I should let go sometimes, give up. But I am too afraid. Oh, the irony.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 02.10.2011

  35. when you run for too long, you will eventually run out of gas.
    If cow’s were retarded would they be Cowards?
    and if said cow were to run out of fuel, would it too be last?
    better grab your coat and grab your flowers.
    It’ll be a bumpy ride, but run not my friends, for you have found the end.

    By TP URL on 02.10.2011

  36. The coward is very stupid.

    By nevsynev on 02.10.2011

  37. Cowards get a bad rap. They may not bear the scars from facing their fears or standing up to injustice. But when they go home and look in the mirror, they have to face themselves. That can’t be easy.

    By Soft URL on 02.10.2011

  38. Someone who is scared of a lot of things. He is a coward.

    By Ellie.Lunte on 02.10.2011

  39. a half hearted human who doesnt have any balls to say things to peoples faces rather than behind their backs. A person who can be selfish and not kind. a coward is a discrace to society ok thanks bye

    By mili on 02.10.2011

  40. I always think of the lion in wizard of oz. it’s someone (or some creature) who’s afraid of the world around them, but mostly fearful of themselves. they are too unsure of the world inside that they can’t venture into the outside world. cowards have no curiosity, or if they do it’s extremely subdued.

    By eleanor on 02.10.2011