November 7th, 2008 | 297 Entries

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297 Entries for “cow”

  1. The cow is evil. Do not be fooled by it’s innocent act. If you are living in a farm with cows, escape now or you will die a most painful death

    By Rico on 11.09.2008

  2. Laughable cow goes to the park and then it stops for a cherry sundae. the cat that walks by meows graciously as the leaves come pouring down and cover the earth like a bed of roses. There are lie s that this cow does not realize, like that it is eating a dairy product and that the cat has just taken the strawberry from the top of his sundae.Also the paint is wearing thin and the cow is actually a fox in disguise.

    By Katy on 11.09.2008

  3. moo.
    my favorite animal.
    i don’t eat them.
    but i do drink milk.
    many words rhyme with cow.

    what now?

    By Paula Guinto on 11.09.2008

  4. Moo. This is a ridiculous word. I Think of beef, or milk, of a supplier of food. And I think of those terrible heavy, sagging udders. Cow and Chicken was a great show. Weird, though. Cows aren’t really cute, either. The cows are a team in South Park.

    By Ivy on 11.09.2008

  5. The cow in the field stood in the rain as it constantly lashed down on its back. It didn’t complain, it just stood there, looking ever so disappointed with life. The field in which the humble cow stood in was just muck, up past its knees it stood motionless, as if stuck like a statue on the spot.

    By ceola on 11.09.2008

  6. the cow was called Betsy and it belonged to Jonas Johnson, the son of a wealthy business man. He was tall with blonde hair. His mother had died when he was a baby and this cow was all he had left. Now the cow was dying too. It had gangarine in it’s legs and it had turned yellow. It wasn’t eating and yet it was still sadly beautiful, with big black eyes framed by long eyelashes.

    By Laurann on 11.09.2008

  7. How now brown cow. Isn’t that how the password went for the Avengers? I never saw that movie, but whenever I think about that phrase it is Uma Thurman’s voice giving the delivery. Man, I love her down to her weird looking feet. Thank god for Tarantino for allowing me to know what they look like. It’s strange really.

    By K. Tocci on 11.09.2008

  8. Sitting in the sunbathed field, she was happy. Her day was her own and food was bountiful and there was nothing to worry about. Her friend had been gone for a very long time, and that made her sad, but her despair was dissipated by eating. The cow didn’t know that she would be next to go missing, and that in a matter of months she’d have been eaten.

    By Thomas on 11.09.2008

  9. fat and milky. that’s what her mother told her the cow was. so the milkmaid trotted out to milk the fat old thing, but saw that the neighbor’s boy had already gotten to it, and was drinking from his purloined pail. she chased him around the field with a broom; but he managed to slip away to his home.

    By Caroline on 11.09.2008

  10. mooooo ! cows r sooo cute i luv them u no how i luv my mommy baloons gifts and all pies r sooooo cool hit my butt!!!

    By anna on 11.09.2008

  11. They’d been drunk for hours and now were just throwing their money to the wind. Or maybe they were just trying to finish what they started. Sometimes that’s all you can do.

    By Cecil Baird on 11.09.2008

  12. I don’t know what ‘you’ (you) expect me to write about “cows”.

    I don’t really like them.
    & they’re eyes are weird.

    Fine steak is nice, though.

    By e on 11.09.2008

  13. big, rustique, chewing the gum, flegmatic, beefsteak, emitting the gases that contribute to global warming, my mother wont have them, grazing the fields,

    By Nancy on 11.09.2008

  14. I sometimes feel like a cow, and other days like a giraffe. Both can be beautiful, but have totally different self definitions. One is fat and hte other gazelle like. I am beautiful fuck it. We are all beautiful. As cliche, after school special it is, it resonates with clarity and truth. Love yourself. Love your beauty.

    By Erika on 11.09.2008

  15. Mooing in a field waiting for someone to stumble along, perhaps driving the wrong way and hoping they would find a place to turn around. California cows are happy cows. Buffalo cows are icicles. My cat likes cows. Mostly she likes to eat them – cheese, dairy, beef, etc. Yum.

    By Lisa on 11.09.2008

  16. They’re large brown and speckled with white
    Or maybe black or tan
    they offer gifts to the cereal gods and the children of early morning
    They give more than they’d like sometimes

    By Jillian Canady on 11.09.2008

  17. The policeman looked at the scene trying his best not to laugh at the remains of the plastic cow that was now covering the fat man’s yard like a black and white shrapnel bomb. Smiling he told the fat man that he would do his best to find the culprit and bring the cow exploding person to justice, he walked off laughing.

    By Jagyl on 11.09.2008